Mobile Home Eviction

Facing an eviction from mobile home park is a scary thing.  You need to know your rights when you get an eviction notice. When you purchased your mobile home you probably paid cash or took out a small loan.  There are also some individuals who inherit these types of  mobile homes. However, you obtained the […]

Senior Mobile Home Park

There are so many benefits in living in a senior mobile home park also known as a 55+ mobile home community. Reaching the age of 55+ may bring mixed feelings for some.  You probably have raised your children by now and they are off doing their own thing.  This time frame in your life may […]

Mobile Home on Wheels

One of the most amazing things about mobile homes is how quickly they can be moved. Putting a mobile home on wheels is something companies are doing daily. Transporting a mobile home has become a very common thing. I am sure if you would have told someone years ago that homes would be moving down the […]

Mobile Home on Private Land

70% of all mobile homes in the United States are on private land.  It is no surprise that people want to sell their mobile homes on private land and have them moved.   One of the main questions I get from sellers is can you move mobile homes from my private land and the answer is… […]

Mobile Home Buyer Dealers

I grew up in the central part of the state of Michigan and often traveled to the states of Indiana and Ohio. So, this area is well known for mobile homes on private land and in parks.  It is a great area for mobile home buyer dealers because of the many homes in these states.   […]

Mobile Home Deed or Title

This article whether you have a  mobile home deed or title.  Mobile home titles are legal pieces of paper giving you ownership of your mobile home and that is why it is important to have them in your name and in a safe place.    A mobile home title will look just like a car title […]

Data Plate for a Mobile Home

Finding the VIN number or data plate information on a manufactured mobile home can sometimes be tricky.   So, when you think data plate you probably think of a piece of metal with numbers hooked to the outside of your mobile home.  There are small plates hooked to the outside of mobile homes near the back.  […]

How to Measure a Mobile Home

How to measure a mobile home might sound harder than it actually is.  I get many calls regarding selling mobile homes and when I ask the question of size many people don’t know these figures.                           How to Measure a Mobile Home So, this […]

I Want to Sell My Mobile Home Quickly

You may be saying I need to sell my mobile home quickly ..we understand it …. divorce, job relocation, death in the family however, selling a mobile home can take months, it may take years and you probably don’t have that kind of time.      You need a solution now.  Here are some advantages […]