Mobile Home Deed or Title

When it comes to mobile homes, understanding the difference between a deed and a title is crucial. Both documents play a vital role in establishing ownership rights and legal responsibilities. The deed signifies ownership of the land where the mobile home is located, while the title pertains to the home itself. Knowing the distinction between these two can prevent confusion and ensure a smooth ownership transfer process in the future. Stay tuned as we delve deeper into the significance of mobile home deeds and titles, shedding light on their importance and implications for mobile homeowners.  A mobile home title will look just like a car title (see image below).  


                  Understanding Manufactured Home Titles

Difference: Titles vs. Deeds

Manufactured home titles and deeds are often confused, but they serve different purposes. A title proves ownership of the home itself, while a deed is for the land it sits on.

Titles are issued by the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles, similar to how vehicle titles are handled. On the other hand, deeds are typically issued by local county offices.

Having a clear title for your manufactured home is crucial as it legally identifies you as the owner. Without a title, proving ownership can become complicated and may lead to issues when selling or transferring ownership.

In cases where a homeowner has paid off their mortgage, the title acts as proof of this accomplishment and secures their rights to the property.

Issuance and Information

When a manufactured home is purchased, the title is transferred from the seller to the buyer. The information contained in a title includes details about the current owner, any liens or loans on the property, and specifics about the home itself such as make, model, and identification numbers.

Titles also indicate if there are any existing liens against the property that need to be resolved before ownership can be fully transferred.


Pictured below is a title from the State of Ohio.  This title would be for an Ohio Manufactured Homes.  This will give you an idea of what they look like.  Each state will typically have different colored titles.  For instance a Manufactured Homes Michigan typically has a green title.  

A mobile home title on paper

                   Importance of Mobile Home Title Proof

Ownership Proof

Having a clear title for your mobile home is crucial as it serves as undeniable proof of ownership. This legal document not only verifies that you are the rightful owner but also provides essential information about the property.

A mobile home title contains details such as the vehicle identification number (VIN), make, model, and year of manufacture. This information is vital for establishing ownership and ensuring that the property meets all legal requirements.

Implications of Missing Title

Not having a proper title for your mobile home can lead to various implications. Without a title, you may face challenges in selling or transferring ownership of the property. It can create issues when trying to obtain financing or insurance for your mobile home.

If you are unable to provide a valid title when selling your mobile home, potential buyers may be hesitant to proceed with the transaction. This lack of documentation can raise doubts about the legitimacy of ownership, causing delays and complications in the selling process.

Furthermore, without a clear title, you may encounter difficulties in proving ownership in case of disputes or legal issues. A missing or disputed title can result in costly legal battles and uncertainties regarding the rightful owner of the mobile home.

                 Certificate of Title vs Deed Explained

Title vs Deed

A certificate of title and a deed serve as crucial documents in the realm of mobile homes. While both documents establish ownership, they differ in their legal implications and usage. The certificate of title is issued by the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and functions similarly to a car title. On the other hand, a deed is a legal document that transfers ownership of real property.

The certificate of title for a mobile home signifies ownership and serves as proof that the owner has clear rights to the property. It includes details such as the owner’s name, vehicle identification number (VIN), and any liens against the property. In contrast, a deed is used to transfer ownership from one party to another officially. It involves detailed legal descriptions of the property being transferred.

Usage in Mobile Homes

When it comes to mobile homes, a certificate of title is commonly used to establish ownership and facilitate transactions. This document is essential when selling or transferring ownership of a mobile home. Conversely, a deed may come into play if the mobile home is affixed to land owned by the same individual. In this scenario, a deed would be used to transfer both the land and the mobile home together.

County Clerk Involvement

In most cases, both certificates of title and deeds related to mobile homes are recorded with the county clerk’s office. This ensures that the transfer of ownership is legally documented and can be verified by interested parties. The county clerk plays a vital role in maintaining these records and ensuring transparency in property transactions.



                        Mobile Home Deed or Title: Title Services

If you are missing your mobile home title.  You will need to go down to your nearest Bureau of Motor Vehicle or your Secretary of State.  Wherever you would normally get your car title is the office that you want to go to.  A mobile home is considered a motor vehicle in every state.  At these offices you can give your name to have the title looked up.  If you find that the title isn’t pulling up under your name then you will need to find the serial number of the mobile home.  

If you are in Texas then scroll to the bottom of this article to learn about that state.  There you can learn more about a Texas mobile home title.  

                                 Mobile Home Title Transfer

Transferring a mobile home title is quite easy.  If the title is currently in your name you will want to look for an area that says sellers signature.  There you will sign your name just as it appears on the title.  If your middle name is included be sure to sign with that name included.  

Next you will see an area that says sellers name print.  Again print your name just as it appears.  

If there is more than one seller on the title, usually a husband and wife, and only one seller signature area.  One person needs to sign and then leave room for the next person to sign on the same boxed area or the same line.  

                                  Loan on Mobile Home Title

If you have a loan on your mobile home your title will probably state your banks name. Under lien holder on the title is where you would find this information.  In some states the bank will hold your title until you have paid the loan off in full so you won’t have the original title the bank will.

Check out our article on Clear Title Meaning for more information on this subject.  


Mobile Home Title: Won’t Tell You

Many people are surprised to learn that their mobile home title doesn’t tell the length and width of their mobile home.  Measuring a mobile home is easy especially if you have a 100 ft tape which you can get at your local hardware stores.


Do Mobile Homes Have Deeds? 

If you have a property deed and it mentions the mobile home on it there may be no title to the mobile home.  A deed looks just like a regular piece of paper. It will mention the owners name at the top and the address to the property.  It will also give a legal description of the property (see image below).

A deed to a piece of property

 Mobile Home Title Loans 


If you have a loan against the home and land a bank will require that you dispose or abolish the title to the mobile home. Banks require this so that they can finance the home like a regular stick built home. Banks don’t want to give you a loan on the land and mobile home only to have you sell the mobile home to someone else and have it moved. This is the way banks fix that by destroying the title.    

There are ways to get a title reinstated, in most states, but it can be a process.


Will A Mobile Home Ever Have More Than One Title


A singlewide mobile home will typically just have one title. If you have a doublewide there may be two titles: one for each side of the home.  Triplewides will sometimes have three titles.  Having multiple titles is the case in just specific states.  Again, it is important to refer to your local Bureau of Motor Vehicles for the most up to date information.


                   Buying a Mobile Home Without Title

If someone offers to sell you a mobile home without title don’t purchase the home.  Without a mobile home title someone else could own the home that is being sold to you.  A bill of sale for a mobile home is no good typically you will want a title to the home.  You typically need an actual title to transfer the ownership of this home.  


Mobile Home Titles in the State of Texas

In the state of Texas many times you are not given a title to a mobile home. Texas has its own database known as the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs that you can search.  Titles in this state are commonly referred to as SOL’s.  On this website you can transfer ownership.  You can also find out a bunch of great information about your mobile home.  


Mobile home titles are important.  It is important that you keep them in a safe place such as a fireproof box or a safety deposit box in case of a fire.  You will need your title to transfer ownership or to prove that you own the mobile home.  So keep it safe! I hope this helps to distinguish between a mobile home deed or title. 



                           FAQ’s: Mobile Home Deed or Title

Are mobile homes always titled?

Yes, a mobile home should always have a title. This is the only true way you can transfer ownership of the home.  However, if the mobile home sits on land it may be attached to the land and part of the deed.  The deed should state this.  

Can I put a mobile home on my property?

You will want to check with your local building offices in your county to verify.  Some lands are restricted from mobile homes.  

How to sell a mobile home?

There are many ways to sell a mobile home from marketing it yourself, to using a realtor, to selling to a broker / dealer. 

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