Senior Mobile Home Park

There are so many benefits in living in a senior mobile home park also known as a 55+ mobile home community.

Reaching the age of 55+ may bring mixed feelings for some. 

                            Senior Mobile Home Park

You probably have raised your children by now and they are off doing their own thing.  This time frame in your life may leave you with extra time on your hands.  All your extra time use to be filled with running kids to practices or to a friends house but that time has no pass.  Your life is really just beginning and you want to make the most of it. 

A large mobile home park with a paved road

Senior Mobile Home Park: Enjoy your Senior Years

At the age of 55 your typically in good health and ready for an adventure.  Your sites aren’t set on a nursing home or even an assisted living center.  The neighborhood that you once shared raising kids together has now changed…younger families are starting to fill the homes that surround you.. So, what is it that you are longing for?  What is out there for you to have fun but to also spend one on one time with your significant other?

How about a senior mobile home park….

Senior Mobile Home Park: Staying Active

One of the biggest benefits of living in a senior mobile home park is the fact that you can stay active.  There are so many things to do in a senior mobile home park.  There are typically many activities put on by either neighbors or the mobile home park itself.  From playing cards at the clubhouse, to swimming in the pool, to working out at the health club to days full of exercises and walks around the park there really is activities for whatever your pace in life might be. 


Senior Mobile Home Park: Activities

Community get together: pot lucks, dinners and BBQ’s

Classes: cross stitching, sewing, crocheting etc

Casino trips and bus trips

Movie Nights

A group of seniors dancing together

Social hour

Pottery / Ceramic Classes

Bands / Concerts of just Music Nights

Dances & Parties

Walking Clubs

Golf Outings

And Book Clubs the list goes on and on

Senior Mobile Home Park: Traffic

The best part about a mobile home park is there isn’t a lot of traffic within the park and it typically gives you miles of paved roads to walk as well.  Most of the roads with a mobile home park are wheelchair and handicap accessible as well.    Keeping active and social in a mobile home park is a healthy life choice.  In a senior mobile home park there are so many people that can relate to your journey in life because they are at the same junction in their life. 

Extra Tip on Staying Active 

If you are looking for a unique activity to keep you moving, metal detecting has become insanely popular over the last few years with the 55+ senior crowd.  Metal detecting offers physical activity with a sense of adventure added in.  Many seniors retire to warmer climates where you can do this activity more and the beaches are a great place to start.  Be sure to check out the local rules and regulations for this sport.  Check on metal detecting groups on Facebook.  There are typically a group of people that get together to do this sport together and it is a lot of fun.


Senior Mobile Home Park: Your Part

Throughout life there is really nothing better than belonging to something.  Whether when you were little it was the boy or girls scouts or maybe it was being part of a team in your school years.  Having a relationship with others and having a sense of ownership to a community is satisfying.  As a team you are all striving for the same outcome: peace and a sense of serenity and nothing provides that better than a senior mobile home park.

In these types of communities you are familiar with your neighbors and often their families and you are just looking to create memories together. Building relationships in your community is a great way to lead you towards activities that you never might have considered before.  Many residents might be like minded but maybe they have traveled to different areas or done different activities that you might find that you are interested in. Sharing these experiences is really what makes a 55+ plus community so special.  Whether its discussing your family, friends or recent visits to your favorite restaurant this is what brings these communities together. 


Senior Mobile Home Park: Love This  

You can share ideas with like minded individuals and get involved in so many activities.  The members of the park are always looking for people to help organize these activities as well.  From bus trips, to study groups to group outings and community dinners there is so much to plan for and everyone can join in.  Once the activity is set and in place there is a sense of pride knowing that you helped make it happen especially on the day of the event. 

A group of seniors standing in a senior mobile home park

Another great idea in a senior mobile home park  is purchasing a vintage mobile home and restoring it.  What better to have such a classic piece of real estate. Check out our article on Vintage Mobile Homes today.


Senior Mobile Home Park: More to Love

Outside of the mobile home park there are so many other activities that you and area residents can get involved with as well from your local church to your YMCA to volunteering at shelters and soup kitchens.  So many businesses need extra people to help with their activities as well so don’t forget to look around to offer a helping hand.  There is nothing better for your self esteem and self worth then offering a helping hand!

Senior Mobile Home Park: Picking Out Your Park

Location, location, location: you hear this all the time when it comes to buying real estate.  However, living in a senior mobile home park might make this statement less important to you. Now, of course you need to find out what state interests you so that plays into the location aspect of things.

When choosing a senior mobile home park to live in you really want to look at the activities that they offer: do they line up with what you like to do.  You also want to look at the park layout: ponds, golf courses, accessibility to stores …What is important to you. 

Mobile home park communities are located in such fantastic areas typically.  You wouldn’t have to travel but a couple miles from any community to get your necessities each week.  So, its more important what these communities have to offer within rather than their location within a state.  Popularity in states like Florida, Nevada and Arizona have risen to an all time high. 

Senior Mobile Home Park: The Villages   

One of the best Senior Mobile Home Parks in the United States.  There are a couple 55+ communities that sit near The Villages in Florida.  The Villages in Florida has really become the main headquarters in the United States for retirement communities.  I have been to this location and I can say I am not sure why you would ever have to leave the community.   They just have everything located in one big community.  From tennis, golf, shopping centers, restaurants and care facilities this area has something to offer everyone and really is worth checking out.  


What About Your Friends and Family Under the Age of 55

Family and friends under 55+ are always welcome to come and visit their loved ones in 55+ communities.  It is always recommended to check with the park offices to see what rules and regulations are required for visitors, especially if they plan to stay for a few days.  Many times it is just normal courtesy to respect neighbors with keeping the noise level to a minimum in these types of communities and enjoying the peacefulness of the community.  

A group of seniors sitting at a table

Convenient Locations and Safety of a Senior Mobile Home Park 

The one benefit of a senior mobile home community that I really like is the seclusion of these parks.  Many mobile home parks are now gated and a park staff member ensures that only property owners or guests have access to the community.  This provides a great sense of security to the residents and really puts criminals at bay. 


Keeping Your Community Peaceful: Senior Mobile Home Park

Residents try hard to make sure that their neighborhood stays safe and peaceful.  After many years of living in a neighborhood of kids and families running from practices to schools it is nice to know that you will now have peace and quite in your neighborhood and a sense of safety. 

Almost all mobile home parks are located in a very convenient area and you have many stores available to you within just a short commute, many times within walking distance.  This is extremely nice if you are a person who doesn’t like to travel much. 

Typically, mobile home communities are located near:

Grocery stores


Shopping centers

Hospitals / Walk – In clinics


Restaurants / Fast food chains

Theaters / Bowling Alleys / Golf courses                                

Not having to travel far to get your daily goods and services really is a great convenience for many living in a mobile home park.

Mobility in a Senior Mobile Home Park

One of the biggest benefits of being in a senior mobile home park is the opportunity to move around.   Many of the residents are able to get around on golf carts through the park.  If you are a person who has limited mobility its hard to get around.  You probably don’t like going for long car rides.  Having a golf cart could be a big plus for you. 

Traveling around your neighborhood gets you out of your home for a while.  You can get in touch with Mother Nature.  You can also travel to and from your home.  Visiting the local park recreational centers with ease and neighbors homes is another great perk. Golf carts have really become the transportation of choice for the 55+ mobile home communities.

Parks now offer many miles of trails that are equipped to handle golf carts. Trails that can take you to scenic routes or to local stores.  You can even get to laundry mats, restaurants, or even entertainment destinations.  Traveling on a golf cart really gives you back your freedom to move around. In many warmer weather parks the golf cart have really become a hot commodity. 


Senior Mobile Home Park: Is Right For You Yet

Finally, If you still aren’t completely convinced that a senior mobile home community might be right for you. You might want to consider all of the advantages for your health.  Living in a 55+ community really gives you a reason to get up.  It gives you a reason to get moving and to stay active.  When you are active there are so many benefits to your health including:

Maintaining the ability to live independently

Improved blood pressure

Lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease,

Being active can lower risk of diabetes

 It will help lower risk of obesity

 Improved immune and digestive function

 Reduce risk of coronary heart disease

These are just to name a few …..this list goes on and on and on of how important it is to stay active. 

Senior Mobile Home Park: Some Disadvantages

Whenever you have advantages to something…I guess there will always be some downsides.  When it comes to living in a senior mobile home community here might be some disadvantages:

Do to the requirement of residents being 55+, many times this can cause a disadvantage.  Other family members may want to use your place while you are gone.  Park rules and regulations usually strictly follow the 55+ rules to keep a peaceful park.

These rules typically don’t allow for underage family / friends to stay in your home.  Check with the park office to see how long family members can stay without you present.  


Residents won’t get 24 hour care

Mobile home park communities do not offer 24/ 7 health care to the residents.  Assisted living homes do offer this type of service.  The fees that you pay for lot rent or home owner association fees only cover your lot rent.  They typically do not offer any assisted living services.  However, you can always hire someone to come in an help with the daily chores.  An assistant can help you with the cleaning of your home.  Residents will have someone mow the lawn, trim the shrubs and do handyman work.  This handyman can keep your home in tip top shape. 


When It Comes Time To Sell Your Mobile Home

Unlike a stick built home that you would purchase and the value would go up and up over time, mobile homes can lose value over time.  If you are looking at living in a senior mobile home park to make a real estate investment that will appreciate over time you might consult a realtor or someone experienced in market investments first.  

Another disadvantage might be when you go to sell your mobile home.  Finding someone who can be approved by the park can be a challenge.  When you go to sell the mobile home you will have to refer your buyers to the park.  The park office will make the final say if your buyer can qualify to rent the lot.  

You have to find someone who can obtain the financing for the home or pay cash.  Also you have to find someone who is 55+ that wants to purchase the home.  This may add to the difficulty in selling the mobile home.  That is why many 55+ sellers turn to a broker / dealer to purchase their home.  It’s quick and easy!

Have you lost someone who lived in a 55+ community see our article on Selling a Parents House.  


Senior Mobile Home Park: Conclusion

In conclusion, a senior mobile home park for 55+ has so many things to offer.  Whether you are looking for just one on one time with your significant other or you are looking to make new friends there are many possibilities.  A 55+ community can offer you a number of different things.  So get out today and check out a 55+ mobile home community near you.  You might be surprised what adventure awaits you!


                      FAQ’s: Senior Mobile Home Park

What is the best state to own a mobile home park in?

The best state to own a mobile home park can vary depending on factors like local demand, regulations, and the overall business climate. States with high population growth and a strong demand for affordable housing, such as Florida and Texas, are often considered good options.

Why do many seniors in Florida live in mobile home parks?

Many seniors choose to live in mobile home parks in Florida due to the state’s favorable climate, affordable cost of living, and the availability of mobile home communities designed for retirees. Mobile homes can provide a more cost-effective and community-oriented housing option for seniors.

How many mobile home parks are in Michigan?

There are numerous mobile home parks in Michigan, with the exact number constantly changing due to new developments and closures. As of my last knowledge update in early 2022, Michigan had hundreds of mobile home parks across the state.

Who is the largest mobile home company?

The largest mobile home company can vary depending on the criteria used, but some of the prominent manufacturers in the United States include Clayton Homes, Champion Home Builders, and Cavco Industries. The largest company may change over time due to industry dynamics and acquisitions.



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