Mobile Home on Wheels

One of the most amazing things about mobile homes is how quickly they can be moved. Putting a mobile home on wheels is something companies are doing daily.  Transporting a mobile home has become a very common thing. I am sure if you would have told someone years ago that homes would be moving down the road at 45 – 50 mph they would have thought you were crazy.  Luckily someone had the vision and the mobile home was invented.

                              Mobile Home On Wheels

What an incredible thing to be able to hook on to your whole home and move it to a new location. Doing this process with a stick built home surely takes quite a bit more time. Its amazing how easy it is to move a mobile home now.  

A cream colored singlewide mobile home on wheels

                     How to Move a Mobile Home on Wheels

Most mobile homes sit on piers on land and have skirting around them.  The skirting is usually metal or vinyl and is easily removed. You simply pull on the skirting and it will pop out.  Be sure to pull on the top or bottom instead of the middle. You can easily bend or break this material and you may want to reuse it.


                                 Mobile Home on Wheels 

Before you decide to hire a transport company to move your mobile home you will want to see if the hitch and axles are there.  Many transport companies will want to know this.  This is important because it makes their job easier if they can show up without these items.  The transport company can just use the ones at the site that were made for the mobile home.  

To see if your home has the hitch and axles pull away the underpinning or skirting and look under the home.  

Most hitches are found at the gable end of the mobile home.  Below is a picture of a mobile home hitch and a set of axles. 

A mobile home hitch located under a mobile home
A mobile home axle under a mobile home

Have you been wondering Who Buys Used Mobile Homes Near me?  Well, if you are looking to sell your mobile home you have options.  In this article we will discuss ways to sell your used mobile home. 


                  Who Buys Used Mobile Homes on Wheels

You do have options when it comes to selling your mobile home.  An option is to sell the home yourself.  When selling a mobile home yourself you will find that it can be quite a challenge. 

A brown doublewide with a deck

One of the biggest challenges, especially if you have kids, is keeping your home clean.  You will need to keep your home in tip top shape to show the nice features. 

One way to do this is to declutter your home prior to showing it.  Start in one room and go through the whole room making a donation pile and things that you would like to sell.  Proceed through the whole house until you have sorted through your belongings. You can take your donations to Goodwill or the Salvation Army.  Both of these centers provide a great service to your local community.  

It is amazing the things you can accumulate over the years and things you probably have forgotten that you even own.  Start selling and donating as soon as you know you want to sell your home to help keep your home clean and looking tidy.


To Fix Or Not To Fix

Go around your home and look at the repairs that need to be made to your home.  If you have holes in the walls, be sure to patch those up.  If you are missing flooring, light fixtures or light and plug covers get those replaced and fixed. 

Do not spend a ton of money replacing carpet or painting walls.  You would be surprised by the number of people that want to purchase your home and rip the carpet out only to replace it with vinyl flooring.  Everyone has different tastes for how they want the inside of their home to be. 

Take a tour around the outside of your mobile home.  Make sure the underpinning mobile home or skirting is all snapped into place and there are no open holes.  


Companies That Buy Used Mobile Homes

Our company purchases mobile homes, park models and trailers.  We buy them on land and we buy them in mobile home parks.  We can give you time to move, we can give you cash down on the home and we do not need to be approved if you live in a mobile home park.  Plus, you won’t have to show your home to many people, we can buy quickly.

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              Who Buys Used Mobile Homes Near Me: Broker/Dealer

There are many reasons why mobile home owners need to sell their mobile home.  It could be that you have a new job offer, you inherited the mobile home or there was a divorce.  Whatever has brought you to the point of needing to sell your mobile home.  Mobile home buyers or dealers can purchase them quickly.

We do not need to be approved by the park.  Brokers can purchase quickly with cash and typically give you time to move.  If you have a mobile home on private land mobile home buyers are almost always experienced in moving these units as well.

Mobile Home Buyers License

Every valid mobile home buyer dealer will have a license that they operate under.  A license is appointed to mobile home buyers from the state in which they transact business.  It is best to request a copy of this license to validate the broker that you are looking to do business with. You want this copy because it is important to make sure they are valid.

Your state will typically have a website where you can also look up a license on a mobile home dealer broker, as well.  So, many mobile home broker dealers will carry this license with them when they go to meet with sellers.  This will help to insure that you are working with a legitimate business.

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Mobile Home Buyer Agreements

It is important that you have a physical purchase agreement with the mobile home buyer.  You will want to make sure that you are on the same page on all details of the purchase.  The sale of your mobile home is very important and it should be handled professionally.

Too many times sellers want to do a hand shake to sell their mobile homes.  This can really cost you in the end.


A cream colored singlewide with a tree out front



       Who Buys Used Mobile Homes Near Me: Checklist

Here are some things you should have in your purchase agreement:

1.   Address of the mobile home

2.  Serial number of the mobile home

3.  Appliances that will be included in the sale

4.  Deposit paid and what balance is due on the home. (make sure to get a deposit on your mobile home to make this a valid agreement)

5.  What date you are responsible for the lot rent to and when the dealer is responsible

6.  If the home is on private land you will want to include a date that the mobile home must be moved by.

By having a purchase agreement you know what to expect.  You will know the dates you are expected to move and when.  There will be no surprises.

Decks and Carports

Another item you will want to check into is the deck and the carport.  Brokers and dealers typically do not want large decks or carports.  These items can also be worth money to you as a seller.

Add this to your list when you are working through the details or your purchase agreement.  It may just give you some extra moving money.

Mobile Home Titles

It is important to have your mobile mobile home title when you meet with a broker dealer.

In all states, mobile homes are treated as a vehicle.  They have titles just like your vehicle and they are bought and sold almost the same way. The titles are typically a colored piece of paper.

Before you meet with the broker dealer make sure that the title is in your name and it is not in the previous owners name.

Also you should know whether you have a clear title to the home.  For more information visit our blog on Clear Title Meaning.  

Possible Problems with the Title

If there is a problem with the title or you feel there is ask the broker / dealer about it before meeting with them.  Broker dealers are use to dealing with almost every scenario when it comes to titles.  They can help you to figure out the best solution.

TIP:  You can always text or email a copy of the title in question to the broker / dealer.  Many times just by looking at the title the broker can help you along the way.  If there is a problem with the title it can take weeks to fix so you want to be proactive in getting a good clean title to work with.

A person can’t do anything with a copy of a title.  If it does make you feel better you can take a copy of the title and write the words COPY on it when you send it.

Parks and On Land 

Mobile Home Buyers are  licensed to purchase mobile homes from land and also from mobile home parks.

70% of all mobile homes sit on private land.  If you have a mobile home  and it sits on private land check to see if you have the title to the mobile home.

Again a mobile home deed or title will look like a car title and will not just be a piece of paper. If you have a piece of paper you could just have a property deed.

Missing Title

If you only have a property deed you will want to check with your local courthouse about reinstating the title.  Each state has a different process for mobile home titles.

Some states have bonds that you can file to get a title back.  The process to get a title reinstated can take weeks.  There are almost always costs to reinstate a title as well.

Some states will require that a police officer visit your home.  They do this to verify that the numbers on the home are correct with the title, so don’t be surprised if this happens.

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                             Mobile Home Buyer Moving Home

I get many mobile home sellers looking to move mobile homes off private land.  The mobile home buyer / dealer is always responsible for the cost associated with moving the mobile home from your land or your park.  So, this is a question that I do get asked often.  Unless you agree to something different in your purchase agreement this is almost always the case.

Moving a mobile home costs thousands of dollars so be sure to cover this expense off before signing on the dotted line.

Realtor vs. Mobile Home Broker

Some realtors are licensed to handle mobile homes sales.  Realtors will market and show your home for you.  This process does take time.  It can sometimes take weeks or months to sell your home using a realtor.

A broker / dealer can purchase your mobile home quickly.  It would be the broker / dealer themselves typically purchasing the home so you only have to show your home once.

So, if the home is out of the price range for the broker / dealer they typically have buyers looking or JUST mobile homes.

Realtors tend to have many buyers who are looking to purchase stick built homes not mobile homes.

So, you might be surprised to learn that when it comes to buying mobile homes and selling them you have to be licensed.  It’s important to be insured and follow a set of rules because you want to ensure the process is handled correctly.

This stops people from buying and selling these types of homes when they really don’t know the ropes of how to do it correctly and it protects you. 

Mobile Home Buyers: Sheds

Many mobile home buyers and brokers do not want to purchase sheds with the mobile home.  Your mobile home shed can be worth money!

These sheds can sell anywhere from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars.  It really depends on the quality of the shed and the ease of moving it.

Be sure to ask the broker / dealer if this is an item he / she would like to keep.  If the broker does not want the shed check with your neighbors to see if they are interested.

TIP:  Another great way to sell the shed is to list it on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist.


         Who Buys Used Mobile Homes Near Me: Cash 

Look everyone needs cash at some time in their life.  Things don’t always go the way we need them to.  If you get where you have to sell your mobile home fast.  Don’t say I Regret Buying a Mobile Home.  Instead sell that mobile home fast and for cash.  We can help in almost any situation.  

We Buy Mobile Homes in Any Condition

I can buy mobile homes in almost any condition. The home typically needs to be a 1985 or newer home. 

We first would ask for inside and outside pictures of your mobile home so that we can see the home.  Then, we typically schedule an appointment to come see the home and purchase it. 

We make the process very simple.  Whether the home is on land or in a park.  Even if you have back lot rent or back taxes we can help you!  Job relocation, divorce, a death in the family we have helped in many of these cases.

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Who Buys Mobile Homes and Moves Them

We can buy mobile homes on land and move them.  It is best if you do have the title to the mobile home rather than the property deed.  If you do just have a property deed we can walk you through the process of getting a title to the home as well.  We understand that you want to keep the land that the mobile home sits on. 

There are many buyers who don’t specialize in moving mobile homes off land, however we have done this process for years. 


    Who Buys Used Mobile Homes Near Me: On Land

For approximately 15 years we have helped individuals who have built new homes on their land move a mobile home that is in the way.  We have also helped individuals who needed to move a mobile home to build on the same spot.  We have also helped individuals move mobile homes that were on the land that they just wanted to keep as vacant land.  Whatever your situation is we have probably been through it. 

We Buy Ugly Mobile Home

One man’s trash is another mans treasure.  We want to see your mobile home pictures.  If you have a mobile home for sale and you think its too trashy to sell let us take a look.  Its free and it doesn’t hurt to see if we would be interested in buying the home.  Simply fill out the form below and we will get back to you ASAP.

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 Second Hand Mobile Home Buyers

A used mobile home is considered second hand.  Yes, we purchase 2nd hand mobile homes.  We can buy in almost any state and we can help you no matter what situation you find yourself in.  Visit the link below, fill out your information and we can contact you to discuss the mobile home.  We can text, call or email you whichever you prefer.  

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Closing Costs Home Buyers

When it comes to selling your mobile home to a mobile home buyer there will be no closing costs.  Typically you just transfer the title and get paid for the home.  Unless you owe back lot rent or back taxes.  Still a mobile home broker can walk you through how to take care of those fees as well.  Its really very simple.  


Cash Mobile Home Buyers MI, IN, OH, GA, TX, FL

It doesn’t matter which state you live in we can help you get your home sold and put your worries away.  Visit the link below to sell your mobile home today.  Singlewides, doublewides, trailers, tiny homes and park models we can buy it all.  


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    Who Buys Used Mobile Homes Near Me: Conclusion 

So, whether you need to sell your mobile home tomorrow or next month we can help you.  We can buy quickly, we don’t have to be approved by the mobile home park and we can give you and your family time to move.  This will give you peace of mind and help you to focus on what matters most. 

Hopefully this gives you an idea of Who Buys Used Mobile Homes Near Me.

Click here to get an offer today.  It’s a quick free offer and a representative will typically get back to you within 24 hours. Now you will no longer wonder Who Buys Mobile Homes Near Me.


                         FAQ’s: Mobile Home on Wheels

What is a home on wheels called?

A home on wheels is commonly referred to as a “recreational vehicle” or “RV.” RVs are vehicles equipped with living quarters, amenities, and facilities that allow people to travel and live in them. They come in various forms, including motorhomes, campervans, travel trailers, fifth-wheel trailers, and mobile homes. 

What is the smallest mobile home you can buy?

The smallest mobile homes, also known as tiny homes or tiny houses, can vary in size, but they are typically compact and space-efficient. These small mobile homes are often designed to be portable and offer a minimalist lifestyle. The smallest mobile homes you can buy are usually between 100 to 400 square feet in size.

Are tiny homes easy to tow?

The ease of towing a tiny home depends on various factors, including the size and weight of the tiny home, the towing vehicle, and the driver’s experience. Many things effect the overall tow of the home such as:  Size, weight, towing vehicle and trailer type.  




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