How to Measure a Mobile Home

How to measure a mobile home might sound harder than it actually is.  I get many calls regarding selling mobile homes and when I ask the question of size many people don’t know these figures. 

                         How to Measure a Mobile Home

So, this post will help you figure out how to measure your mobile home.  It will give you some tips on how to make it easier because who doesn’t like easier.

A singlewide with arrows showing its length and width

Pictured above is a singlewide.  The shortest side marked A is always the width of the mobile home. The length of the mobile home is marked as B.

Knowing where to place the tape measure


When figuring out how to measure a mobile home be sure to measure from outside corner to outside corner. Do not include the overhang because this is not part of the square foot of the home.


Your best bet is to get a 100′ tape measure from your local hardware store, as shown below.   Most tape measures are too short to be accurate. Using a tape measure that is too small can cause the measurements to be inaccurate.


These 100′ tape measures are pretty affordable usually around $20 and do an amazing job. If you are trying to measure the home by yourself they can be very helpful.

Ship to your home


You can also order these tape measures online and have them shipped right to your doorstep and that will save you time.

a large 100 ft tape measure that is blue

Don’t have anyone to help you measure the mobile home: No problem

These tape measures feature a little claw hook at the end that you can latch on to the siding.  If you don’t have someone to hold the other side of the tape measure this little latch comes in handy.  It can help to keep the tape where you want it and that makes the process of how to measure your mobile home easier.  

Just clip the claw onto the edge of the outside corner and keep the tape measure taught as you pull it down the width of length of the mobile home.



How to Measure a Mobile Home: Shrubs Around Your Mobile Home

Give this tape measure a whirl

Another great tape measure if this one pictured below.  This tape measure allows you to roll it along the ground.  It will measure the distance you walk.  There is a small counter built into the edge of the wheel and this will measure your distance as you walk.  

If you have a mobile home that has a lot of shrubs or bushes next to the home this is a fantastic option.  This is a great tape measure because it will give you a rough estimate of the length and the width of the mobile home without having to be up close to it.  

Now, these tape measures are more on the expensive side but they do come in handy click here to order this tape measure shipped right to your door.  

A wheel tape measurement that you can walk next to

How to Measure a Mobile Home:  Frustrating Task

How are you going to measure a home that you can’t even get close to without having a wheel tape measure.  I always try to do my best.  If you have to stand a few feet away from the home and line yourself up with the corners and then start walking that is your best bet.  Just make sure you are lined  up with the outside corners the best that you can before you start walking.  



Another Quick Option

Another possibility is to get a trimmer and cut some of the branches back from the home.  That way you can get the tape measure in there and get an accurate measurement.  


How to Measure a Mobile Home: Mobile Home Width

Here are normal figures for measuring the width of a mobile home.  Singlewides normally measure 14ft to 16 ft and doublewides are typically 24ft to 28ft. 

Don’t include the roof overhang of the home because that doesn’t count into the length and width figure of the home.  Just hook the latch tight to the outside corner of the siding and pull tight. 

TIP: If your mobile home measures 56’7″ long that is usually rounded up to 57′.  Any inch measurement above 5″ would always round up to the next foot.  

 Wow you just learned how to measure your mobile home in less than 10 minutes.


                   Figuring Square Footage: 14 x 80 Mobile Home

Now that you know your width and length of your mobile home rounded up to the nearest foot.  Just multiply the two figures together.  

A drawing showing a measurement of a singlewide

Example:  If your home measures 14 ft by 76 ft. wide just multiply the two numbers:

                             14 x 76 = 1,064 sq ft.

So, your total square ft living space for a mobile home that measures 14 x 76 = 1,064 square feet. 

Now lets say you have a doublewide mobile home that measures 26 ft wide by 64 ft. long 

                                              26 x 64 = 1,664 sq. ft.  

So, in this option you have 1,664 square feet of living space.

16 x 80 Mobile Home Square Footage

Another example if your mobile home measures 16 x 80 .  If you measure your mobile home you will find that this home actually measures 16 x 76 (see fun fact down below).

To figure the square foot area of this mobile home take 16 x 76

16 x 76 = 1,216 total square living space

See how easy that is to figure out.

Mobile Home Square Foot Calculator

Better yet you can use this simple square foot calculator site and just enter in the information and it will do the figuring for you!

TIP:  The data plate for a mobile home located inside the mobile home will tell you quite a bit of information about the structure of the mobile home.  The data plate will not tell you the measurement of the mobile home.  So it is important to know how to do this.  

How to Measure a Mobile Home: Singlewide , Doublewide and Triplewide

                                                            How to know the difference.  A few times a week, I will talk to sellers who are confused if they have a single, double or triplewide mobile home.  Singlewide mobile homes tend to look narrow and long from the road while doublewide mobile homes are more wide and typically shorter.  The average length for doublewide mobile homes is approximately 56ft. long.  Singlewides average length is 60 to 75 ft. long.  


How to Measure a Mobile Home: Triplewide Square Footage

Triplewide mobile homes are more rare to see but they are very easy to spot.  A triplewide will consist of 3 sections. Typically these sections are not all the same size so measuring these units does get a bit more techinical.

With a triplewide you will want to measure its section separately and then add all 3 figures together.  Lets say you have 2 parts that measure 14 x 60 =

14 x 60 = 840   now times that by 2 = 1,680

Then you have another section that measures 14 x 56 = 784  now simply add the 784 number to the 1680 + 784 = 2,464 total square foot living for your triplewide mobile home.

Figuring the Square Foot Area of a Mobile Home with additions

Its very common for mobile homes to have additions built on to them.  With the limited space inside mobile homes this is a great way to add space.  It is a little more complicated to figure out the square foot area of a mobile home with an addition.  If you have a calculator handy grab that and a sheet of paper.  You can figure out the square foot of your mobile home with addition with some simple math.  See the illustration below for more information.

A diagram showing how to measure a mobile home

How to Measure a Mobile Home: Breaking Measurements Down

The gray area is the mobile home itself and the blue area would be a typical addition.  Again simply take the width x length which will equal the square foot of the mobile home.  Then figure the square foot of the addition.  Once you have these 2 figures you simply add them together.

Mobile Homes with more than one addition

One question that I do get quite often is what is considered an addition that can be added to the square footage of my home.  Can a deck be considered into the square foot figures.  You can’t add a deck but any addition that is completely closed in with 4 walls and a roof should account for the total square foot of your mobile home.

If you have more than 1 addition just figure out the length and width of the additional addition and add it in.  Remember its also length times width of the outside corners of the addition.

What counts for square foot area

I get this question a lot from sellers.  What can I count when figuring my square foot. Can I count my deck, my shed, my stairs, my carport.  The answer to this is no.  These are considered outside options to a mobile home and do not factor into the living space of a mobile home.  The best case rule of thumb is if it has 4 walls and a roof you can count that into the square foot measurement.

Attached garages: breaking the rule of thumb

Now, while attached garages play an important part in the value of your mobile home property they are not considered into the living space.  You will still want to know how many square foot your garage is and you can figure it the same way as the mobile home.  However, garages are typically figured at 1/4 to 1/2 of the value of the square foot of the home.

Living space above my garage

Lets say you have a garage that has a large living space above the garage.  This however could be counted towards the living space of your home.  Though it is rare to see living space above a mobile home garage it is not unheard of.

2 Story Mobile Homes Square Foot Living Space

Lets say you have a 2 story mobile home and you need to figure the square living space of that home.  If the outside corners of the upstairs are the same dimensions as the downstairs its pretty simple.

These tall square homes are sometimes referred to as salt box homes because of there square appearance.   To figure the square foot on these homes you just need to do a bit more math.

A 2 story doublewide mobile home on land

Example of this home pictured above

Lets say this mobile home measures 28 x 56 on the and the top  bottom level and the top level.

28 x 56 = 1,568 square feet  now just times that figure by 2

1568 x 2 = 3,136 total square living space

Now if you upstairs doesn’t line up with the downstairs you will have to find a way to get an accurate measurement of the outside corners of the upstairs.

How Wide is a Singlewide Trailer

Just keep in mind one of the biggest mobile homes when it comes to singlewides is typically a 16 x 80.  These singlewides are also referred to as super singles. Singlewide mobile homes tend to cost less than doublewide mobile homes but that is just because they have less square foot living space.

How to Measure a Mobile Home: Doublewide Square Footage

The largest doublewide single story tends to be the 28 x 76 also referred to as the 28 x 80 with the hitch. While these homes are more expensive then singlewides they tend to provide a very roomy atmosphere.

FUN FACT that most people don’t know about mobile homes

Now some people experienced with mobile homes will ask you if that includes the hitch to the mobile home.  If you are measuring outside corner to outside corner than no that doesn’t include the hitch.

The hitch to the mobile home always adds roughly 4 ft to the length of the home…So if your home measures 64 ft long technically it’s considered 68 ft. long.  Most people will just want to know the measurements of the home itself!! When adding the hitch in it always gets added to the length and not the width of the mobile home.

Looking to purchase a mobile home know your square footage

If you are looking to purchase a mobile home square footage is important. You have to pick out a mobile home that is right for you and your family.  How many beds and baths will you need?  Will you need an extra bedroom for an office or supply area?  If you are looking to move into a mobile home park having extra storage is important. Many times all your belongings will not fit into the sheds that are provided and having an extra room really can help.

Mobile homes come in many sizes, shapes and stories now a days.  You can custom order mobile homes to fit your every need.  If you are looking for something specific and you can’t find a mobile home that fits your needs set down with a new mobile home specialist and let them help you.

Why should you know the exact measurements of your mobile home 

No matter if you are purchasing a stick built home or a mobile manufactured home you should always know the square foot of the mobile home.  Each square foot has a value to it.  This is what appraisers use to tell you what the home is typically worth.  Using this information they can give you a ballpark of what others homes are going for in the area and what you should ask for your home.

Why you shouldn’t trust anyone else on your measurements

Treasurers offices:  Many times I will contact the treasurers office to learn more about a mobile home.  Treasurers office will almost always have the measurements of the mobile home on file.  Beware however they are not typically correct.

How does your treasurer office get the measurements of the mobile home.  They may have obtained these records from the person who was transporting the mobile home onto the lot.

Here’s the Problem

The trouble with this is many times mobile homes are referred to with the hitch attached, which is not actual living space.  This can throw off the living space by 4 ft on the length.  Remember length times width is how you figure out your square foot. a 4 ft. discrepancy would be vital to know.  4 ft x 28 ft width =  112 = That would cause your square foot to be off nearly 112 square foot with just a bad measurement.

Real estate agents and mobile home parks

Real estate agents or mobile home parks:  These businesses may have sold you the mobile home based on factory paperwork.  They may also have just went by insurance papers or old real estate papers.  Again it is important that you double check these figures.  This may give you negotiating power if you are looking to purchase a mobile home only to find out that it has 100 – 200 square foot less than the listing states.

How Wide is a Double Wide Trailer

On another note it would be important to know the square footage of your mobile home in case of repairs.  Remember doublewides are much wider than singlewides and typical repairs will cost more on doublewides. 

                             How Big is a Double Wide Trailer

Doublewides are divided into 2 sections and they are double the size typically of a singlewide.  Knowing which unit you have when you visit your local hardware for repairs will help you out.

Moving your Mobile Home

If you ever decide to move your mobile home you will need to get a quote to do just that.  The first thing a mover will ask is the dimensions of your mobile home.  Know that this will be vitally important to the mover.  If your measurements are off then this can cause issues when the mover shows up to pull the home.

Permits and Your Mobile Home

Mobile home movers are required by law to obtain permits to move mobile homes.  It is important that this information be correct.  Traffic enforcement officials want the paperwork to match the mobile home that is moving down the road. If you paperwork is incorrect this can cause details and possible fines.  Again know the details about your home beforehand and keep your mobile home move going smooth.

Contractors and Mobile Homes

If you decide to move your mobile home from a park or from one piece of property to the next.  You must know how to measure your mobile home when hiring a contractor to set your mobile home.  Especially when you are setting the mobile home on a foundation.  Do your foot work before the home gets moved because a foundation that ends up being 5 foot to short can cause major delays and be pricey.

When Selling Your Mobile Home

Be careful when selling your mobile home to a buyer who is looking to move it.  The buyers will have to prep the site of where the mobile home will set.  Be sure to provide correct information to your buyer.  Pouring a pad or setting up pillars for one size home only to find out it is wrong can lead to an expensive mistake.

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How to Measure a Mobile Home: Final Thoughts

In conclusion, how to measure your mobile home in quite simple.  It’s important to know the square footage of your mobile home when selling it.  Each square foot will make your mobile home worth more money.  The more room you have the more they are worth.  Whether you purchase a new or used mobile home load up your tape measure and do some figuring.  Its that simple. 

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                 FAQ’s: How to Measure a Mobile Home

How do I find out the length of my mobile home?

There are a few ways you can do this.  First would be to consult the mobile home documentation that came with your home, you could also check the sales documents that came with your home.  An easier way might be to pull out a 100 ft tape measure and simply measure from outside corner to outside corner on the long end of your home.  As a last resort you may also check with the register of deeds or treasurer office.  

Does the length of a mobile home include the tongue or hitch?

The length of a mobile home typically does not include the tongue or hitch. When measuring the length of a mobile home, you should measure from the back of the mobile home to the farthest point at the front (usually the hitch or tongue) but excluding the hitch itself. The hitch is not considered part of the living space or structure of the mobile home and is not included in its official length measurement.

How many square foot is a mobile home?

The exact square footage of a mobile home can be found in the manufacturer’s documentation, which includes a floor plan and specifications for that specific model. It’s essential to know the square footage when determining how to use and design the interior space of a mobile home. Another way to figure this out is to multiply the length times the width of the mobile home.  





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