Mobile Home on Private Land

70% of all mobile homes inMobile Home on Private Land the United States are on private land.  It is no surprise that people want to sell their mobile homes on private land and have them moved.  
One of the main questions I get from sellers is can you move mobile homes from my private land and the answer is… Yes, we can move mobile homes and yes we do buy them.
Many times, sellers have purchased land and there was a mobile home on it that they need moved.  Sometimes, we have sellers who have lived in a mobile home on the private land and they are just looking for an upgrade, possibly building a stick-built home.  It is a common conversation that we have with sellers.

How to Move A Mobile Home from Private Land

When sellers call, they want to know how the process works…here is a recap of what we can do to help you in that situation.  You simply call me and tell me the year, make and model of your mobile home.  I also typically like to know the measurement of the home. Check out our article on How to Measure a Mobile Home for more information.  
It would also help to know how many beds and baths are in the home not including additions.

Mobile Home Foundation

Mobile Home on Private Land

We would also need to know if the home sits on skirting or a foundation.  If on a foundation is it just a crawl space or an actual foundation?  That will make a big difference when it comes to moving the home in terms of cost.
Most mobile homes have piers or cinder blocks that they sit on and then there is skirting like picture below that is put around the home.  This skirting will help to protect the home from animals and weather.

Moving a Mobile Home from Private Land: Accessible

Another key element to moving a home off private land is if the home is accessible to the road.  Are there trees in the way of moving this home?  Are there power lines that would cause issues?  This information is very helpful to you.

Who Pays for the Move?

Sellers always want to know whether the cost to move the home is our responsibility or theirs.  As a buyer we are responsible for the moving costs to the home.
Realize however that moving costs on homes can range anywhere from $2,500 all the way up to $8,000 roughly depending on if the home is a singlewide or doublewide and how far we are moving it.  Many times, we will get calls from sellers who are looking for retail prices on these manufactured homes and we can’t pay that if we are going to move the home but we will try to come close to what you need.

Mobile Home Private Land For Sale

There are many ways to find mobile homes on private land for sale.  If you are looking for a mobile home with land simply try your local MLS listings.  Many realtors will have mobile homes with land for sale.  
Another great resource would be Trulia or Zillow.  These listing companies have many different mobile home options as well.  
US Mobile Home Pros is another great option to try.  They have many homes listed throughout the US and you can contact the seller direct at their site.  

Sitting a Mobile Home on Private Land

If you are looking to purchase a used mobile home and set it on private land there are some things you need to check into.  First, I would recommend checking with your local building inspector.  Many inspectors require specific specifications on each mobile home that is moved to their county.  You do not want to purchase a mobile home only to find out that it does not comply with your local ordinances.  
Contact a local mobile home mover to get a quote to move the mobile home to your land.  It is expensive to move mobile homes you will want to get a rough estimate before you decide to move your home as well.  

Living in a Mobile Home on Private Land

If you own a piece of property and you are looking to move a mobile home to it this can be a great way to save money.  A used mobile home will save you thousands over a new home its simple affordable housing.  This strategy will allow you to either pay off the land that the home sits on or it will allow you to save up money to build the stick built home of your dreams.  

Title vs. Deed Mobile Home

Some sellers will not have a title to the mobile home.  When you are trying to figure out the difference between the two.  It is very important to know which one you do have.  To move mobile homes in most states you will need a physical title and that is something that we are experienced in and we can usually help point you in the right direction.

Banks and Mobile Homes 

One of the biggest hurdles sellers typically face is trying to find someone who can move the home and get funds to pay for the home as well.  Many banks / financial institutions do not want to finance a home that they know will be moving down the road, so you typically need to have a cash buyer.

How to Move a Mobile Home on Private Land

Homes will typically take anywhere from 45 to 90 days to move from a piece of land if you do have title in hand. If you don’t have title in hand in your name the process may take a few extra weeks.  It also takes a few weeks to get permits and movers lined up.

How is a Mobile Home Moved

Mobile Home on Private LandMovers will typically show up and unhook all utilities to the home and remove the skirting.  Then they will hook the axles and hitch up to the underneath of the mobile home getting it ready for the road.  If you have a doublewide mobile home these homes need to be broke into 2 pieces and separated in the middle commonly called the marriage line.
Carpet / tile needs to be cut in this area, trim will also need to be taken down, shingles will need to be removed and siding will also need to be taken down and this is all done by the moving crew. Typically, a crew will come in and prep the home and then a few days later the actual semi (toter truck) will come to hook on to the home and move it in one single piece if it’s a singlewide or piece by piece if it’s a doublewide.

Older mobile homes: 1970’s units

Now some mobile homes are older and are non livable.  These homes typically need to be demolished because nobody will buy them which is fine. There just may be a bigger expense to getting those homes removed from your land.  Many times I tell sellers to simply place and ad on Craigslist.  See if you can find someone that is interested in scraping them out if they are metal.  If they are still livable some people will take them for hunting cabins.  This is a popular choice.
Read our article Ways to Get Rid of an Old Mobile Home for more ideas. 
Before you scrap that home know that there are many people who would like to restore these older units as well.  Vintage Mobile Homes are very popular these days.  
 In conclusion
One of the key reasons to sell to a mobile home broker is the fact that we can give you time to move.  We wouldn’t need financing plus we can make the process quick and easy.  Our quotes are free and we have years and years of experience in moving mobile homes off from private land. So call or text me today at 989-233-2568

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