Mobile Home Eviction

Facing an eviction from mobile home park is a scary thing.  You need to know your rights when you get an eviction notice.

When you purchased your mobile home you probably paid cash or took out a small loan.  There are also some individuals who inherit these types of  mobile homes.

However, you obtained the mobile home if it sits in a mobile home park you have obligations and rules to abide to.  You may own the mobile home but you do not own the land underneath it and this can raise some interesting situations.  Things get even worse when you are served papers for a mobile home eviction.


                              Mobile Home Eviction

Certain obligations are that the park will require you to pay lot rent each month.  Lot rent is typically due the 1st through the 5th of each month.  When you get behind on lot rent even just missing a few days, you could receive a letter.  This would be the mobile home park attempting to evict you from the park.
A mobile home park with snow on the ground

Parks have to follow a certain guideline in this eviction process. They have to  adhere to mobile home owners rights as well.  Typically serving you with a letter giving you so much time to pay the back lot rent.  Plus don’t forget the late fees. This is just the start of the eviction process.

If you do not pay that payment you could be served papers for a court date.  After court you will have approximately 30 days to move from the home.  It really will depend on the judge.

If you do show up in court the park sometimes has the right to deny accepting rent.  It depends on how many times you have been late.  If you are facing eviction you can always check with you local county courthouse. Learn about your landlord tenant rules. You can learn how the process works and how much time you have.

Mobile Home Park Evictions

Parks can honestly evict you for a number or reasons but most commonly is owing back lot rent.  Other reasons might be:

  • Complaints about who is actually living in the home.

  • Sexual predators

  • Someone who has caused injury to another person

  • Too many warnings from the park about not following the rules

  • It could be that you have a pet that doesn’t comply with park rules…

These are just a few of the reasons parks can evict you.

                                      Mobile Home Eviction: Pets

You might be surprised to learn that your pet or pets can get you evicted from your mobile home community, Especially if your pet has shown aggressive behavior.

A golden retriever looking out a window

Parks typically have very strict rules of what pets you can have. They may have rules on how many of them you can have.  Many parks have rules of how big these pets can be. New rules can tell you what breed they can be as well.

Be sure to check with your park office if you are looking to move to a mobile home park. Especially if you are looking to acquire a pet.  Knowing the rules before you move into a park or before you purchase a pet.  This can make all the difference of staying on good terms with your park office. Check out our article on Pets in a Mobile Home Park for more information.  

Year Lease or Month to Month 

Whether you have a year lease or you are just month to month you are required to follow park rules.  An eviction can happen whether you have a month to month lease or you are under full yearly lease…that typically does not change the rules.

An advantage to being just month to month is that you can leave the park at any given time, typically with a 30 day notice given to the park office you won’t be responsible for further lot rent.

                                  Mobile Home Eviction

If you are under a lease and the park states that they will let you out of the lease make sure you get that in writing first and signed. You do not want to move out of the mobile home on a verbal agreement and then find out that they may go back on their word.

 Lot Rent Each Year

Parks are allowed to increase lot rent and usually do the first part of each year.  Lot rent typically go up approximately $10 – $20 per year.  The parks are regulated by commissioners within your states to apply certain procedures when raising lot rent.  Just know that raising lot rent is a very common thing and can cause more strain on you financially if your money situation is already tight.

Eviction Manufactured Home

So what options do you have if you are threatened with being evicted from your mobile home.  If you can’t pay the back lot rent you are really limited to what you can do.

First, you should try to find a way to make peace with the park and pay the rent.  Make sure if you do pay the back lot rent that the park will allow you to stay.  If the park has decided that you must move out by a certain date you need to find someone who can purchase your home quickly.

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Broker / Dealer Mobile Homes

Sometimes your only option is to find a broker / dealer such as us.  Mobile home brokers can purchase mobile homes quickly and give you time to move.  This might be your only option.  If you do have funds you might consider just moving your mobile home.  However the park will probably still want their back lot rent before the home is moved.  Parks can make it difficult for you to move your home from the park if they know back lot rent is due.  I have heard of parks blocking homes with vehicles and rocks to keep the home from moving until lot rent is paid in full.

Visit our article on I Want to Sell My Mobile Home Quickly for more information.

Eviction Assistance and Help 

Just remember each state should have a set of rules that you can learn about either by calling your local courthouse or setting down with an attorney.

                                   Mobile Home Renters Rights

If you do hire an attorney find one that specializes in real estate or mobile home / manufactured homes.  There are many specific rules that apply to mobile homes as opposed to an eviction of a rental house or apartment complex.

In evictions for apartments or rental houses you don’t own the land or the home.  Mobile homes are considered motor vehicles in all states and they fall under different rules when they are in mobile home parks.

 Trailer Park Eviction

You typically will have warnings from the park office or the courts prior to eviction…Only a sheriff can remove you from your home after papers have been served and a number of days has passed.  Typically, you are served with a 7 day notice and then if you don’t pay a court date is set and you have 30 days from that date to move.

What happens if you can’t sell your home in the time frame given.  You will be asked to leave your home and many times a park will refuse lot rent after so much time has passed.  Now that the clock is ticking you need to find someone to buy your home and to do it quickly.  If you own your home free and clear and you continue to let the lot rent fall behind the park can file for abandonment on your home and file for title, so know your time line.


Mobile Home Eviction: Legal Advice Mortgage

If you owe a large balance on the home to the mortgage company, this can be tricky, because now you have a home that you have to pay on, it’s not on your land but rented land and it cost anywhere from $3k to $10k to move these homes….if you do owe a large balance it might be better to consult with an attorney for legal advice…the home might be worth less than what you owe at this point and trying to do a short sale won’t be an option because of the time frame your dealing with. More about short sales later….


                 Behind on Lot Rent or Can’t Pay: Mobile Home Eviction

Listen everyone at some time falls into hard times.  Your vehicle breaks down unexpectedly, a hospital visit / doctor visit pops up out of the blue or maybe you face a layoff or termination at work.  Whatever the case live still goes on and the day your lot rent is still due on the same day.  It makes for a difficult predicament, here are some things you can do to try to make some money fast to keep your lot rent current.

Mobile Home Eviction: How to Make Money Fast


  • 1.  If you know your going to be late with lot rent first try talking with the park.  They have been through this with other tenants and they may have some options for you.  It really comes down to the park management which is different per location and possibly how long you have been a tenant.   If that step doesn’t work.

  • 2.  Your quickest option might be to sell something: maybe you have an extra vehicle or utility vehicle that isn’t as important as you having a place to live, maybe a boat or some type of piece of machinery.  Let’s not forget any set of collections that you might be able to part with as well.   If your grandmother or a family member left you something of value and it’s just collecting dust now might be the time to sell it.  After all, I am sure they would rather see you stay in your home rather than face eviction.

Try listing it online.  I have found Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace is a great place to start.  Simply snap a picture, tell a little bit about the item and you have yourself a listing. If your not sure how much to ask do some research…look for other items online that are similar to yours.  I find that EBAY is a great place to start. Use this website to find out the value of whatever you are looking to sell.

Bonus Tip: To Stop Eviction and Earn Quick Money

BONUS TIP:  Learn how to look at completed listings on EBAY rather than what someone is just asking for an item. Completed listings will tell you what a person actually paid for an item. Rather than what they asked for it and that is great information for you.

Potential buyers will contact you regarding the ads that you place and want to come see the item.  Ask that they pay you in cash if possible.  You don’t have to wait for a check to clear or worry about a bad check. That way you will have the money quicker.

Odd Jobs Bring Fast Cash

  • 3.  Try doing odd jobs to make some extra money fast whether its babysitting, shoveling a driveway, helping someone with a handyman job or possibly picking up another temporary job…if you need cash fast due what it takes

  • 4.  Cash advance places are popping up all over the place…the reason…people have unexpected things pop up just like you … remember your not the only one this has ever happened to…but your going to find a solution you just have to think outside the box.  Cash advance places are one of my least favorite options. The rates can be so high but check out different ones in your area and ask don’t have to go with the first one you stumble upon..remember your just trying to find a way to make some cash to keep your home.

  • 5.  You might have a family or friend that will let you borrow the money.  It’s possible that you have helped others out in tough times and now it’s time to return the favor.  Don’t be afraid to put the money exchange on paper..when dealing with cash its always a good idea to make sure you are both on the same page.  It will help protect you and the person lending you the funds.

Here’s an Example: How to Earn Quick Cash

Example: Bill Smith gave me $500 on January 1st 2019.  This is a loan and I have agreed to pay him back in increments of $20 for the next 3 months at which time the full balance will become due.  (Just be sure to lay out whatever the terms may be).  Maybe Bill gives you the money in exchange for fixing his deck.  Get it on paper have both of you sign it and get a copy.

  • 6. If you have a job… you might have a 401k.  I am not a big fan of tapping into 401ks early because of the large percentages you are charged to pull money from them.  However, if you are facing eviction from your mobile home park and have come to an agreement with the park where they will let you stay in exchange for funds…then you have to do what you have to do.  Just make sure you get it in writing from the park that they will agree to the said terms.

  • 7 Bonus Strategy:  You can donate plasma typically twice a week.  You can typically get paid $20 – $50 per donation of plasma.  Check with your local plasma donation center.  If you and your significant other can donate its a quick way to make money. You can help someone in need!!

Eviction Lawyer / Attorney

If all else fails google a local eviction lawyer or attorney that can help you.  Find someone you can sit down with an explain your situation.  Lawyers can at least point you in the right direction and give you some options that you might not have already thought about.

                               Mobile Home Eviction: Conclusion

In conclusion, before you move to a mobile home park community I would research reviews online or the park.  You may even talk with other community members within the park to see how they like the environment of the community.  Usually community members will give you a close up view of how they feel about the park. They can also inform you if there are things like an eviction from mobile home park. 

When picking the park that you want to reside within it really comes down to communication between you and the park office…pick up the phone or stop by and know the rules before you purchase your mobile home.

                         FAQ’s: Mobile Home Eviction

What happens to your mobile home if you get evicted?

If you are evicted from a mobile home, the specific outcome for the home can vary depending on local laws and circumstances, but typically, you would need to vacate the mobile home from the property, leaving it behind, and it may become the property of the landlord or property owner, who can then take steps to sell, rent, or dispose of it according to local regulations.

What are the rights of a mobile home tenant?

It’s important for mobile home tenants to be aware of their specific rights and obligations as outlined in the lease agreement, as well as the laws and regulations that apply in their jurisdiction. Local and state laws can vary significantly, so consulting with a legal expert or tenant advocacy organization can provide guidance on tenant rights specific to your area.

Can a mobile home park take your mobile home?

In general, a mobile home park typically cannot take ownership of your mobile home unless certain specific legal conditions are met. Your mobile home is considered your personal property, and it remains your property even if it is located within a mobile home park. However there are circumstances in which a park can gain possession by failure to pay lot rent, abandonment, violations of park rules and condemnation just to name a few. 

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