How to Move a Mobile Home for Free

So, you are looking to move your mobile home.  You could spend a lot of money moving your mobile home or you could find out how to move a mobile home for free.  There are ways and, in this article, we will discuss the ways to do just that.  Plus, we will discuss ways of getting your mobile home ready to move.


                       Moving a Mobile Home For Free

In most cases sellers have land and they may want to build on the land and just remove the mobile home.  Mobile homes are a great steppingstone for building your dream home. 

Do you have a mobile home on land and you are currently living in it? However, you want to build that dream home these are steps that you should take to get prepared. 

Building a home is not for the faint of heart.  This process takes months.   You will need to make sure you have a contractor that you are confident in.  Afterall, you are going to be working hand in hand over the next few months. 


a semi hauling a mobile home down a road

                                   The First Steps to Moving Your Home       

Your first step will be to check with your county building office.  Here you will obtain a permit to start your building process.  The building office will also be able to tell you how long the mobile home can remain on your property.  After your dream home is built you will have so many days to remove it.  Many building offices do have regulations on this. So, make sure to include this when discussing your plans with the building inspector.  Never assume that the building inspector knows that there is already a mobile home on that land.  Building inspectors deal with hundreds of cases each day. It would be impossible for him / her to know your land better than you do. 

Building your Dream Home

Once you have the permit squared away start looking for a builder / contractor.  Be sure you find a contractor that is trustworthy.  Find one that comes with references to get the job done.  Only release parts of your payments to him once you feel the work is complete. 

While your dream home is being built it is time to get your mobile home ready to move.  The first thing you will want to do is make sure you have a title to the mobile home. You will need this rather than just the property deed. 


       How to Move a Mobile Home When You Have a Deed to Land

If you find that you only have a deed to the land you are going to want to start to do some digging. It is time to figure out where the title went.  You will need a title for the home.  This looks just like a car (vehicle) title.  First, check with your bank if you have a loan.  If you do not have a loan the second place to check will be your local courthouse where you will find the register of deeds.  If your mobile home is attached to your land they will have a record of it and be able to point you in the direction of how to obtain the title. 

The process to obtain your title can take months to accomplish.  So, before you start even building your dream home you might want to start looking for the title.  Many times, an officer will have to come out to your mobile home to verify information, this isn’t unheard of so, don’t be surprised if they ask. 

Once you have the title in hand you are ready to start finding out how to move a mobile home for free. 

A blue doublewide being moved down the highway

           How to Move a Mobile Home for Free: Broker


Contact a broker / dealer in your area that moves mobile homes.  These can be found under Google just try Who Buys Used Mobile Homes Near Me.  A broker / dealer will typically ask for the year of the home, the size of the home, whether it is a single-wide or double-wide mobile home and finally how much you are asking for the home. 

First you should note that mobile homes are very expensive to move.  It can cost anywhere from $8k+ to move these homes, depending on several circumstances. Most sellers are glad to just give the home away free in exchange for having it moved.  If your mobile home sits on a foundation such as a basement many broker / dealers will not purchase the home but again each scenario is different.  Be sure to have pictures of the inside and the outside ready to share because this will help to show what type of situation you are in. 

Most broker / dealers will put together a purchase agreement so you are both on the same page and you should be all set.  Now your mobile home is sold and you didn’t have to pay a dime to move it. 

          How to Move a Mobile Home for Free: In a Park

So we have learned ways to move a mobile home on private land but what if your home is located in a park.  If you have a mobile home in a park and you are being evicted or you just need to relocate quickly this can be a problem.  In a mobile home park lot rent can mount up quickly.  Each month that passes is a few more hundred dollars.  When you are looking to move a mobile home quickly this can be a major problem.  Let’s face it, these homes don’t move quickly.  It can take weeks to get permits and get everything in line to get these homes moving down the road. 

If you find you need to move your mobile home from a park setting quickly and you don’t owe much on the loan or nothing at all you could be in luck.  A mobile home broker / dealer does not need to be approved by the park and can purchase your mobile home quickly and agree to move it for free with no added expense to you.  They can get you an offer quickly.  


                           Can I Move a Mobile Home Myself?

I think we first need to clarify what it is meant to move a mobile home by yourself.  If you are talking about moving the home a few feet on your own land, then yes you can.  However, if you are talking about hooking onto the home and moving it down the road that is a BIG NO NO.  Your state requires that you have permits, toter vehicles and the correct insurance to move these types of homes.  There is a huge risk when moving these homes.  Not only can the home get damaged but you could also hurt someone if you do not know how to properly move the home.  


                          Why is it so Expensive to Move a Mobile Home

There is a lot that goes into moving a mobile home.  These units are very heavy, and they require a lot of expert attention to be moved.  Not only do you have to have a good driver to move them down the road, you need a toter vehicle to follow and lead the home down the road with flashers so other drivers are aware of the oversized load. 

You also need someone who knows how to elevate the home and to hook the tires, axles and hitches on to these homes securely.  This doesn’t even include the time to pull permits and to pay the fees for those.  So, this is a long process and not something that can happen within a couple days. 


           Question: Can Mobile Homes Be Moved Around Easily?

Yes, mobile homes can be moved, but the process is not as simple as relocating a vehicle. Moving a mobile home requires specialized equipment, permits, and professional assistance. Typically, mobile homes are moved only a few times in their lifespan, and the process involves disconnecting utilities, securing the structure, and coordinating transportation.

A doublewide mobile home being moved

Job relocations, divorce, death of a family member…there are a number of reasons why you might need to move your mobile home.  Again, we have covered why this process can be so expensive.  If you enjoy living in a mobile home park and you really do like your home there may be a way to move your mobile home for free to another park.  Simply, call a park near the area where you want to relocate.  See if they have any empty lots in their park.  If they do ask them How to move your mobile home for free.  Many parks have toter trucks available and they will move your mobile home to their park if you sign a year lease with them.

                          How to Get Your Mobile Home Ready to Move

Your first step will be to clear the area around your mobile home.  If you and the dealer agreed that you would keep the deck / porches move those away from the home.  This way the home can move freely, and the decks will not get damaged.  If you have any major shrubs cut those down and pull them out of the way. 

The broker will typically have the items necessary to unhook an ac unit and also to be able to unhook the utilities from the home.  Again this is something that you will want to discuss with them so that you are both on the same page. 

                                  Moving a Mobile Home Items Inside

Be sure to check all closets, inside cabinets and above the cabinets.  You will want to make sure that you have got all your items out of the mobile home.  It is very dangerous to travel down the road with any type of item left inside a mobile home.  Just one quick hit of the brakes and any item can sling shot across the home leaving damage.  So, be sure to doublecheck the single-wide or double-wide for any type of items that might get left behind.  You do not want someone taking off with your mobile home only to realize you forgot to check an area in your home. 

If you find that you have many items that you don’t have a place for yet consider getting a pod storage container to place your items.  These are great because many times you can store them on your land and you can easily access them when you are ready to move. 


                       Free Mobile Home Must Move

 Lets say you have a mobile home on land that you just want to get rid of.  This is a very common issue.  Find a broker / dealer in your area that purchases mobile homes.  Tell them you want it moved and have them come take a look at it.  Many times broker /dealers will move these homes for free in exchange for the home.  Just make sure if the home is on private land that you do have a clear clean title to the home.  


       Junk Mobile Home Removal: How to Remove a Mobile Home For Free

If you have a mobile home that is 1979 or older and it is in bad condition you might read our article Ways to Get Rid of An Old Mobile Home.  Sometimes mobile homes are in such bad shape that they just need to be torn down or disposed of.  Disposing of these homes can cost in the thousands.  This may have you saying, I Regret Buying a Mobile Home however, there are ways around the cost to remove it.

TIP:  If your home is a 1987 or newer be sure to check with your local dealer / brokers to see if they want the home.  Remember one mans trash is another mans treasure.  Many times brokers will take these homes or give you some cash for them.  This can save you thousands in fees of disposing the home.  Check out our article on Sell My Mobile Home for more details



In conclusion, moving a mobile home is a tough job.  Hopefully you have learned how to move a mobile home for free in this article.  If you find that moving your home for free isn’t going to work for you be sure to get a few different quotes as prices can vary greatly when it comes to moving a mobile home.  We wish you safe travels either way for you and your home!


          FAQ’s:  How to Move a Mobile Home For Free

What is the oldest you can move a mobile home?

The age at which you can move a mobile home can vary depending on several factors, including local regulations, the condition of the mobile home, and the capabilities of the transportation equipment.

What does it cost to move a mobile home?

The cost of moving a mobile home can vary widely depending on several factors, including the distance of the move, the size and weight of the mobile home, local regulations, and additional services required.

Can mobile homes be moved more than once?

Yes, mobile homes can be moved more than once. In fact, the term “mobile” home implies that they are designed to be relocated.

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