I Regret Buying A Mobile Home

There is nothing worse than buying something and regretting it later.  When you are saying the words, “I Regret Buying a Mobile Home “that can be an expensive regret.  In this article we will discuss some solutions to sell your mobile home and moving on. Some of the options might work for you. 

                                              Buyer’s Remorse

Yes, this is a fancy word for I regret buying that item.  If you spend a couple dollars buying something and later on regret, it can be one thing.  However, when you spend thousands of dollars or better yet take a loan out and instantly regret it that can be an awful feeling.

I Regret Buying a Mobile Home

There can be a million reasons why you face regret.  Many homeowners purchase a home and then their job changes.  Some homeowners face health issues while others just discover living in a mobile home isn’t for them. 

                                                   Never Buy a Mobile Home

You should never buy a mobile home especially in a park setting if you have only been at your current job for less than 1 year.  Jobs can change quickly and so can management.  Living in a park you are paying lot rent month to month and you’re responsible for that payment.  If something were to happen to your job, you could have paid for a mobile home sitting on a lot that you can no longer afford.  This can put you in a bad situation quickly.  Mobile homes are extremely expensive to move to.  If you are looking for a quick sale of your mobile home.  Contact us, we are Mobile Home Buyer Dealers


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                               Nothing to Be Sorry About

In the end feeling sorry about the purchase of the mobile home won’t get you anywhere, trust me I have been there.  However, there are different things you can do to get yourself out of the predicament.  First, figure out exactly what you owe on the mobile home if anything.  If the mobile home sits in a mobile home park talk with the park manager to see if you have a lease and how long that is good.  These are great first steps to putting the wheel in motion to get you out of this situation.



                             I Signed a Year Lease with the Park Office

If you discover that you did sign a year’s lease or longer with the park, see how many months you have left.  Set an appointment to discuss the lease with the park manager. If you have lost your job or if you have a sick family member there may be a chance that you can get out of the lease agreement.  Talking it over with the park is a great first step to resolving this issue.
In some states there is a clause if you are considered a senior citizen that can get you out of a lease agreement.  You might just check with a local lawyer’s office to find out what your options are.  This way if you must move you will know what your options are.
Another option is to find someone to take over your lease that can get qualified to live in the park.  Your best bet would be to talk with the park manager to see if this is a possibility. 


                   How to Sell My Mobile Home with a Mortgage

I owe more than the home is worth.  This is a common problem with mobile homes especially if you are looking to sell the mobile home within the first year of buying it.  Again, there are solutions to this problem.  If you are behind on payments with the mortgage company contact them. 
Don’t talk with the first person that answers the phone, ask for a manager.  Managers at the bank locations have more pull.  Explain your situation and see if they have any resolutions.  Some banks will let you do a short sale on a mobile home depending on what is owed and the reason you are looking to get out of the loan.

Mortgage Mobile Home Regrets

If you find that you owe quite a bit on your mobile home you might be able to sell the home for less than you owe and put some of the balance on a credit card.  You want to be happy and if living in the mobile home isn’t working out for you then find a way to get out.  Here’s a breakdown of this scenario:
Let’s say you have a buyer willing to pay you $20k for the mobile home but you owe $25k for the mobile home.  If the mortgage company isn’t willing to let you sell it for less you could put the $5k on a credit card and slowly pay the balance off over time.  This would at least get you out of the mobile home and moving on. 

    How Do I Sell the Mobile Home That I Regret Buying

This is a good question and there are quite a few answers.  We will cover off a few of the popular ones.  Once you know your situation with the lease and how much you owe on the mobile home you will know all your numbers. 
Put an ad on Facebook Marketplace to see if you can find a buyer asking a bit more than you owe on the home.  People are always looking to negotiate and this will give you some room to move the price on the home.
Place flyers around town with a picture of the mobile home on it.  Someone may pass the flyer that knows someone who is looking for a home in the area.  The best places to hang flyers are in local grocery stores, gas stations or local churches.

I Regret Buying a Mobile Home

Make sure to put a for sale sign in the window of the mobile home.  Many people who drive by drive through the parks to find a home for sale.  It is a great way to find your buyer.  Also be sure to also put a sign in your front yard. You want to make sure anyone looking for a mobile home can see that you are selling. 
Neighbors also have friends and family looking for homes to buy.  They may know someone and tell them about your home as well. 
You may also try listing your home on Trulia or even Realtor.com.  These are great sites and can give you instant exposure to buyers. 

                 How Expensive is it to Move the Mobile Home

Moving a mobile home can be more expensive than the purchase of the mobile home.  So much goes into moving a mobile home.  Moving these homes isn’t just hooking on to it and pulling it down the road.  There are expensive permits that need to be pulled.  There are toter vehicles that follow the home that are very expensive.  All these fees add up and moving these homes costs thousands of dollars.  So, if you find these words true, I Regret Buying a Mobile Home the answer to it isn’t moving the mobile home.   

                     Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Mobile Home

If you are strapped for cash and you haven’t been at your job long don’t buy a mobile home.  A park will typically make you sign a yearly lease and again you are responsible for that payment for one year.  Save up your money and look into purchasing an RV that you can live in until you have enough to live comfortably. 
There is nothing worse than getting in over your head.  A mobile home typically comes with a mortgage payment, insurance, taxes and lot rent expenses.  This all adds up very quickly.


                           Disadvantages of Living in a Mobile Home

Sometimes you don’t realize the disadvantages of living in a mobile home until you have pulled the trigger and moved into one.  You may find that park life isn’t for you at all.  Living near others can have its challenges.  That statement can be especially true if you have small children or cats and dogs.  It doesn’t take much to make others mad nowadays.  It’s a real shame that we all just can’t get along, but it happens.

                       Can I Sell My Mobile Home Myself

Yes, you can sell your mobile home yourself.  Unlike stick-built homes that require a ton of paperwork, mobile homes just have a title to transfer ownership.  If you want to know what a mobile home title looks like visit this article Mobile Home Title vs. Deed.  Here you will see the difference between a deed and a mobile home title. 

                          I Regret Buying a Mobile Home UK

 It doesn’t just happen in the United States.  People make mistakes all over the world.  It’s called life. Mobile homes are located all over the world.  Although they really gained popularity in the United States these units provide Affordable Housing.  Whether you are in the United States, the UK or Africa these tips and tricks can help to get you out a mobile home that you regret purchasing. 

                                                      In Conclusion

I regret buying a mobile home doesn’t have to be a bad thing.  There are ways out of every situation.  Just get your ducks in a row and figure out a game plan to get out of the mobile home.  Life’s too short not to be happy.

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