Who Buys Used Mobile Homes Near Me

           Who Buys Mobile Homes Near Me

Have you been wondering Who Buys Used Mobile Homes Near me?  Well, if you are looking to sell your mobile home you have options.  In this article we will discuss ways to sell your used mobile home. 

Who Buys Used Mobile Homes Near Me


                             Selling a Mobile Home Yourself

You do have options when it comes to selling your mobile home.  One of those options is to sell the home yourself.  When selling a mobile home yourself you will find that it can be quite a challenge. 
One of the biggest challenges, especially if you have kids, is keeping your home clean.  You will need to keep your home in tip top shape to show the nice features. 
One way to do this is to declutter your home prior to showing it.  Start in one room and go through the whole room making a donation pile and things that you would like to sell.  Proceed through the whole house until you have sorted through your belongings. You can take your donations to Goodwill or the Salvation Army.  Both of these centers provide a great service to your local community.  
It is amazing the things you can accumulate over the years and things you probably have forgotten that you even own.  Start selling and donating as soon as you know you want to sell your home to help keep your home clean and looking tidy.
Go around your home and look at the repairs that need to be made to your home.  If you have holes in the walls, be sure to patch those up.  If you are missing flooring, light fixtures or light and plug covers get those replaced and fixed. 
Do not spend a ton of money replacing carpet or painting walls.  You would be surprised by the number of people that want to purchase your home and rip the carpet out only to replace it with vinyl flooring.  Everyone has different tastes for how they want the inside of their home to be. 
Take a tour around the outside of your mobile home.  Make sure the underpinning mobile home or skirting is all snapped into place and there are no open holes.  

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            Companies That Buy Used Mobile Homes

My company purchases mobile homes, park models and trailers.  We buy them on land and we buy them in mobile home parks.  We can give you time to move, we can give you cash down on the home and we do not need to be approved if you live in a mobile home park.  Plus, you won’t have to show your home to many people, we can buy quickly.

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                            Who Buys Mobile Homes for Cash            

Look everyone needs cash at some time in their life.  Things don’t always go the way we need them to.  If you get where you have to sell your mobile home fast.  Don’t say I Regret Buying a Mobile Home.  Instead sell that mobile home fast and for cash.  We can help in almost any situation.  


                      We Buy Mobile Homes in Any Condition

We can buy mobile homes in almost any condition. The home  typically needs to be a 1985 or newer home. 
We first would ask for inside and outside pictures of your mobile home so that we can see the home.  Then, we typically schedule an appointment to come see the home and purchase it. 
We make the process very simple.  Whether the home is on land or in a park.  Even if you have back lot rent or back taxes we can help you!  Job relocation, divorce, a death in the family we have helped in many of these cases.
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                      Who Buys and Moves Mobile Homes

We can buy mobile homes on land and move them.  It is best if you do have the title to the mobile home rather than the property deed.  If you do just have a property deed we can walk you through the process of getting a title to the home as well.  We understand that you want to keep the land that the mobile home sits on. 
There are many buyers who don’t specialize in moving mobile homes off land, however we have done this process for years. 

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          Who Buys Mobile Homes Near Me: On Land

For approximately 15 years we have helped individuals who have built new homes on their land move a mobile home that is in the way.  We have also helped individuals who needed to move a mobile home to build on the same spot.  We have also helped individuals move mobile homes that were on the land that they just wanted to keep as vacant land.  Whatever your situation is we have probably been through it. 


So, whether you need to sell your mobile home tomorrow or next month I can help you.  I can buy quickly, I don’t have to be approved by the mobile home park and I can give you and your family time to move.  This will give you peace of mind and help you to focus on what matters most. 
Click here to get an offer today.  It’s a quick free offer and a representative will typically get back to you within 24 hours. Now you will no longer wonder Who Buys Mobile Homes Near Me.  

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