Sell My Mobile Home

If you want to sell your mobile home, you can do it and you can do it quickly.  Mobile homes are considered motor vehicles in all states.  Mobile homes are so affordable, this makes them easy to sell.  So if you are saying, “I want to sell my mobile home.” You have come to the right place.  Here are some tips and information to sell your mobile home.

A brown mobile home with a bright red door

  Sell My Mobile Home 

You’re in luck when it comes to selling your mobile home quickly.  If priced right mobile homes tend to sell much quicker than stick built homes. There are thousands of buyers looking for homes each day.  You must know how to sell your mobile home quickly and the options that you have available.

When selling your mobile home, you simply need to sign off from the title and this transfers ownership to the home.  If you aren’t sure of the Clear Title Meaning click here.  

With regular stick-built homes you must go through purchase agreements, title work and mortgage appraisals, typically.  This all takes time and I still recommend a purchase agreement with your mobile home, which is easy!

How to Sell My Mobile Home

One of the fastest ways that you can sell your mobile home is with a mobile home broker / dealer.  It is true that brokers purchase these homes at wholesale prices.  However, when you consider the amount of money you pay in lot rent each month, utilities, repairs and your monthly bank payment, sometimes it makes sense just to sell.  If you let these bills rack up month after month, they can cost thousands. 

Broker / dealers will typically only purchase 1986 and newer mobile homes so you might want to check around if you have an older mobile home. 

I Want to Sell My Mobile Home For Cash

One of the best parts of selling to a broker / dealer is they typically can buy with cash.  You won’t have to wait for someone to get financing and appraisals on your home.  If you need to move quickly because of a divorce, a job relocation or some other type of emergency broker dealers can help you sell quickly. 

One thing you will need to now when selling your mobile home is if you have a singlewide or doublewide mobile home.  Visit our article How to Measure a Mobile Home.  

How Much Can I Sell My Home For?

This is a question I get asked a lot.  What is my mobile home worth.  The value of your mobile home will really come down to how soon you need to sell the home.  Just like any other situation in life.  How badly do you need the money and how soon do you need to relocate.  If you have time to move then you can ask closer to a retail value for the mobile home.  If you are looking to move quickly you will need to cut your loses and move on. 

When mobile homeowners owe more on the mobile home than it is worth it is best to discuss this with your attorney.  Attorney’s can guide you in the best direction on what do to with your mobile home when you owe more than it is worth

Sell My Mobile Home in a Mobile Home Park

A few mobile homes in a mobile home park setting

When you have a mobile home in a mobile home park you must follow by the park rules.  Be sure to check with the park office before putting a for sale sign up in your window.  Some parks have rules about the types of advertising that you can do to sell your mobile home.    


I Want to Sell My Mobile Home on Private Land

Selling your mobile home on private land may take longer.  If you plan to sell your mobile home with the land it will really comes down to pricing.  If you have longer to sell the mobile home you can ask closer to a retail price for the home.  However, if you are looking to sell quickly you will want to put it out there at a price range that is hard to pass up. 

You can use a realtor to list the home or you can put it up for sale by owner.  Just realize when you sell a mobile home with land it is treated as real estate.  You will need to provide your buyer with title insurance and a purchase agreement.  Title insurance typically takes anywhere from 10 to 14 days to prepare.

TIP:  If you are looking to sell the mobile home with land contact your title insurance company and have a policy prepared before you have a buyer.  This will save you time in the long run.  Title insurance companies can do a lot of the work prior to the date of sale.

Sell My Mobile Home: Doublewide

Let’s say you have a doublewide on private land on a foundation and you have a title.  If you want your potential buyer to qualify for a loan the bank is going to require that the title be abolished.  If you do not want to move this home you can have it legally attached to the foundation.  These papers are available at your local courthouse or it is possible that they could be online. 


I Want to Sell My Used Mobile Home: Moving My Home

When you want to sell your used mobile home and keep the land your best bet is a broker / dealer.  Broker / Dealers tend to cover the cost of the move from the land and they give you something towards the home.  The amount of money that you would make on the home would really come down to year and condition. 

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I Need to Sell My Mobile Home

When you need to sell your mobile home you can either sell it yourself or you can sell it to a broker / dealer.  Selling a home is a major decision and you should take the time to weigh your options. 

Realtors are more experienced in dealing with stick built homes and you will want someone who is experienced in dealing with every situation when it comes to your mobile home. 

                        How Can I Sell My Mobile Home Fast?

The fastest way to sell a mobile home is typically to a broker / dealer.  Broker dealers do not need to be approved by the park.  They have cash to purchase quickly and they can typically give you time to move from your mobile home.  Again you might not get top dollar for your mobile home but if you are going through a divorce, have a job change or just need to relocate fast a broker / dealer can help.  

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                             Sell My Mobile Home: Where

There are listing sites out there were you can list your mobile home such as  You have to realize when you list your mobile home that people are going to naturally want to come and see it so you are going to want to get it prepared to show.  This means fixing up odds and ends and doing those little repairs that you have put off.  I would not put new carpet and do any major remodeling.  Most buyers want to make a mobile home their own. 

Sell My Mobile Home:  Without a Title

There are a few sellers who cannot locate the title to their mobile home.  A title shows the ownership of the mobile home.  I would not recommend selling a mobile home without a title.  There is almost always a way to locate the title to a mobile home. 

If you sell a mobile home without a title someone could come forward and state they are the owners to the mobile home.  You will want to do your research and figure out where the title is.  Check with your park office, your local courthouse or the person who originally sold you the home, just to start. 

A mobile home up on blocks with a small deck

 What Paperwork Do I Need ?

The first thing you need to sell your mobile home is the title.  The title looks just like a vehicle title and typically is a colored piece of paper.  Mobile home titles will have the owners name, the year of the mobile home and also will show if there is a lien against the mobile home. 

The second item you should have when selling your mobile home is a purchase agreement between you and the seller.  Do not just sell your mobile home with a handshake. 

There are many items you need to discuss. Some of those items are: do the appliances come with the home, are there other items you are going to leave behind such as furniture or even the shed, who is responsible for lot rent once I leave my home.  Make sure you have some type of agreement even if it is hand written.  Some buyers will even request a power of attorney paper that just gives them the right to sign your name on the title or other documents that pertain to the mobile home in the event there is problems.  Sometimes when broker dealers go to file titles at the title offices there are special requests regarding the paperwork and it is much easier to clear that up this way.


                      Selling My Mobile Home: Divorce 

Divorce is one of the most stressful situations you can go through in life.  Followed closely by the number one most stressful in the world, the death of a loved one.  Add in the fact that this isn’t a quick fix, that it can take months to go through and it can really take it toll on you.

If you and your spouse have been together for quite a few years you may have a lot of goods that need to be divided up.  This can take time to figure out.  When you have an asset like a mobile or manufactured home there is decisions that you will need to make.  Moving on top of a divorce is just going to add to the stress.


Attorney / Lawyer Consultation

Lawyers or attorneys do charge by the hour and their services are not cheap. There is a reason for that.  Lawyers are the liaison between you and the courts.  They help to walk you through complicated court proceedings.  Attorneys can guide you along the way so that you come out with the best possible scenario to your current situation.

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If you and your significant other are still on speaking terms its best to try to schedule a time to sit down and go over the assets that you have accumulated.  Even if you have only been married one year you will still have things you would own jointly and that you will have to divide up.  Rather than doing this part in front of a lawyer it is best if you can work these out prior to your initial meeting

Divorce: Mobile Manufactured Home in a Park

If you have a mobile manufactured home in mobile home park, then it is not considered real estate.  You will have a physical title that will have the owners name printed on it that will look just like a vehicle title. Many people are surprised that in all states a mobile home is considered a motor vehicle.  This is because they have wheels and travel down the road.

Although a mobile home is not considered a piece of real estate in a mobile home park it is considered an asset.  During a divorce you must decide what you want to do with this asset and there are a few factors that will come into play.

Divorce and Loans

Your mobile manufactured home might have a loan on it.  When you owe against the mobile home and you are going through a divorce there are a few more things you will need to check into.

First, if you or your spouse want to keep the mobile home and live in it after the divorce you need to decide how the mortgage will be paid.  Can the spouse pay the mortgage by themselves?  If yes, they need to contact the mortgage company and apply for a loan.

You will need to decide if you are going to let the mobile home go for what is owed or if there is equity in the home.  If there is equity this amount of money will need to be split up.  You could decide to give more of your cash to your spouse in exchange for the equity in the home or negotiate another asset into the mix.

Should I Sell My House Divorce

If one of you decide you want to keep the mobile home, and this is the avenue that you want to take it is best to contact a manager or loan specialist at the bank as soon as possible.    It could take up to 45 days to get the full loan processed.  If you want to get things squared away quickly this should be the first thing you get in order.

When there is a loan against the mobile manufactured home the home can be sold off and the mortgage balance would then need to be satisfied.  This way you and your spouse can move on and get a fresh start.   This is sometimes a good idea if there was bad feelings between you and your spouse.  Many homes hold memories both good and bad.

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Divorce and Leases

When your mobile home sits in a mobile home park you probably signed a lease for the land that it sits on.  You will want to review your lease agreement to see whose name is on the lease.  If you do plan to keep the mobile home in the park and you or your spouse want to live in the home you will need to make sure the person retaining the home is on the lease.  After the divorce is finalized you do not want to be responsible for a lease that your ex is living in or vice versa.

Sell My Mobile Home AS-IS

You can sell your mobile home as is.  There is no rule book that states that you need to do anything to your mobile home to sell it.  Many broker / dealers will purchase mobile homes with holes in the walls, bare stud walls, with plumbing issues, flood damage etc.  If you are looking to sell your mobile home AS IS a good buyer would be a broker / dealer.  They are familiar with doing repairs to mobile homes. 


                      Sell My Mobile Home: Conclusion

In conclusion, if you need to sell your mobile home.  Whether you are back on taxes, lot rent, payments whatever the case I can help you sell your home.  If you want to sell your mobile home quickly, I have resources and I also have resources available if you just want to sell it and you aren’t in a hurry. Contact me today!

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                             FAQ’s:  Sell My Mobile Home

Where is the best place to sell a mobile home?

The best place to sell a mobile home may vary, but options include online platforms like mobile home listing websites, real estate websites, or local classified ads. You can also consider working with a real estate agent experienced in mobile home sales for guidance.

How to sell a mobile home?

To sell a mobile home, start by preparing the home, determining a competitive price, and creating an appealing listing. Advertise online, in local newspapers, and consider working with a real estate agent. Ensure all required paperwork and legal obligations are met.

Do mobile homes have good resale value?

Mobile homes generally have lower resale values compared to traditional houses. Their value can vary based on factors like location, age, condition, and the local real estate market. While some well-maintained mobile homes can retain value, it’s essential to be realistic about resale prospects.

Why do mobile homes lose value?

Mobile homes tend to lose value over time due to factors like depreciation, wear and tear, changing building standards, and limited appreciation in value. Additionally, the location of the mobile home, local housing market conditions, and the overall condition of the home can affect its resale value.

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