Stains on Ceilings 9+ Ways to Fix This

Discovering a water stain, smoke stain or mold stain on your ceiling is frustrating.  There are steps you should follow to fix this type of repair to your home.  In this article we will discuss the ins and outs of stains on ceilings and 9+ ways to fix them. 

                               Water Stain on Ceiling

Finding a water stain on your ceiling is an immediate concern.  Whether you discover this stain after a small sprinkle or a down pour you will want to act quickly.  First you need to find out where the water is coming from. 

Water Stains Ceiling how to fix this?


                                    Water Spots on Ceiling

Stopping the cause of the water spots on the ceiling will be the first thing you need to focus on.  Once you have discovered where the water is coming from be sure to fix it ASAP.  Water coming into a home can lead to major problems that can be very expensive to fix. Water can also break a hole into the ceiling and cause more damage than just a stain see picture below.  

Water Damage Ceiling this breaks a hole in the ceiling

This issue can cause mold, mildew and other problems that can be harmful to you and your family.   

                                            Kilz Ceiling Paint

Once you have stopped water from coming into the home now is the time to fix the stain.  It is recommended that you wait until the stain is fully dry.  Waiting a couple days or putting a fan on the stain should do the trick.  After it is dry you can pick up a can of Kilz Ceiling Paint.  Kilz is amazing because it has odor and mold fighting properties.  Just coat the stain with a coat of this amazing product and you will be ready to paint. 


                           Condensation Stains on Ceiling

Condensation stains are mainly found in damp areas of your home.  Mainly these types of stains form in a bathroom, laundry area or even a basement ceiling.  Moisture is tough on any interior surface, and it can build up and cause staining issues.  If you do discover a moisture stain, there are things you can do to get rid of the problem. 
First you will want to wait until the area has dried.  Giving the stain a couple days to dry or pointing a fan at the condensation area should help to speed up the process. 

Condensation on Ceiling in Bathroom Area.

Once the stain is dry then you will want to treat the area with a primer.  The primer helps to get rid of any dark colors on the ceiling and prepare it for painting.  Primer will also help to protect the ceiling from moisture. 
If you find that the moisture stain continues to come back another option would be to install an exhaust fan.  This fan will help to keep moisture out of your room and move it away from your ceiling areas. 

                       Paint To Cover Water Stains

Most paint brands carry a paint that is to be used specifically for ceilings. It may seem that all paint is the same but that is not the case at all.  Ceiling paints tend to be thicker, and this will help so the paint does not drip down or splatter.  They also have a flat finish that helps to hide imperfections in the ceiling.  Ceiling paints also tend to minimize glare giving the ceiling a nice even tone. 
Both ceiling and wall paints can be used on ceilings however when is going to go the extra mile. 

Stains on ceiling from water leaking in through skylight

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                                Brown Spots on Ceiling

Brown spots on ceilings are typically caused by water damage.  It’s important to address these spots immediately so they don’t turn into a bigger problem.  Again, you will want to see if you have a possible mobile home roof leak or if something else is causing the water damage.
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Once you have spotted what is causing the brown spots on the ceiling then you will want to proceed.  Use a primer such as Kilz to cover the spots and then once that dries use paint to cover the stains up.  It is possible that you will have to paint the whole ceiling to get the area to match correctly. 
Brown spots on the ceiling can also be caused by flies laying eggs.  Flies are dirty insects, and you need to get rid of them quickly.  They can lay eggs that leave little brown spots all over your ceiling.  Fly tape works great for getting rid of these little pests.

                              Water Marks on Ceiling

                                  Stain Blocking Ceiling Paint

It is always recommended to use stain blocking ceiling paint if you are looking to repaint your ceiling.  Kilz primer has stain blocking additives already in its mixture, but you can also get paints with this added in.  Stain blocking ceiling paint will help to prevent any small stains from forming on the ceiling.  However, if you have a large water leak or water spray onto the ceiling you will still end up with some staining. 
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                                     Black Spots on Ceiling

Black stains on ceilings will be one of the toughest to remove but probably one of the most important.  These stains typically form when water has pooled above the ceiling a few times.  Black stains usually indicate a mold issue.  Mold is very bad to breathe in and can cause several health issues.  It is best to treat this type of stain with a mask.

Mold on ceiling this needs to be treated ASAP.

Once you are 100 percent positive you have stopped the leak then you can start to treat the area.  It is recommended to cover the area a couple of times with a product like Kilz that treats the area.  Then cover it with stain resistant paint. 
If you just use paint on this type of area you are bound to have issues with it.  Black mold will come back through the painted area, and it will once again be visible.  Don’t skip a step when it comes to treating this area.  Always start with a primer and then finish with paint.  This will prevent the stain from coming back. 


                                   Yellow Stain on Ceiling

Yellow stains on the ceiling are most often caused by smoke from a candle, someone smoking or some type of burner.  Smoke damage can happen quickly in small, confined areas. It is best to use a primer over the area and then follow up with a stain preventative paint as well.  Yellow stains can come back through paint after a while.  Treating the stain with primer than paint will help to prevent this from happening.
Stains on Ceiling how to treat this the right way 
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If you are looking to remove water stains from ceilings hopefully this article will give you some ideas.  Stains on ceilings can make your whole room look bad.  It’s best to find out why they are there and fix them as soon as possible. 
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