Hail Damage to a Roof

When a storm does damage to your home this can cause issues right away, especially on your roof. When you have Hail Damage Roof this is an issue to take care of ASAP.  Roof damage from hail or wind can cause water to get inside and this can cause mold and many other issues.  Roof damage is something you want to address right away. 

A ceiling with wet spots on it from the roof leaking

                Inspecting Hail Damage to a Roof

The first thing you want to do after a storm is to get a ladder and inspect your roof.  If you notice a lot of small holes in the shingles of your home this is referred to as hail damage.  These small holes can let the weather into your home and cause issues. 

If you find that you cannot get up on the roof to examine it for damage, you might hire a professional.  Make sure you hire someone who is insured to come and look at the home. Hiring someone who is insured is important because they are getting up high on your roof and you do not want anyone to get injured and sue you. 

Many companies will do inspections for free.  They simply come to your home, look at your roof and give you a quote to replace the shingles on the roof. You can then use this quote to give to your insurance company.  This will give you and your insurance company an idea of what the cost would be to repair the roof.

                  What Does Hail Damage Look Like on a Roof

Pictured below are some examples of hail damage to the shingles on a mobile home.  These small little circles in the roof are what you want to look for. 

A 3 in 1 shingle roof with spots on it from hail

Hail damage on a roof can appear as dents or bruises not just holes.  It can also look like granule loss to the shingles.  In very severe cases you may have shingles missing from your roof or they can be lying there broken. 


               Insurance Claim for Roof Hail Damage

If you have insurance, you should take pictures of the hail damage as soon as you can.  Call your insurance company and discuss the issues of the damage.  Tell them you have pictures of the damage to your home and that you can email them to their company.  They will probably send out an adjuster anyways, but this will at least get the ball rolling.

The adjuster will come and take pictures of the damage to the home and then discuss that damage with his / her higher ups.  They will then come to an estimate that they believe will be the cost to repair the shingles.

Be sure to get your own quote on the cost of repairing the shingles before you agree to the cost given from the adjuster.  You can negotiate the repair costs with your insurance company, and you are allowed to ask questions.    


                                 Hail Damage Roof Repair

Hail damage can be difficult to repair.  If only part of your roof is damaged you will have to try to find shingles that will match the shingles that are already on your roof.  This can be difficult if the shingles have been on your roof for a while.  The weather fades shingles and they can be difficult to match. 

It’s especially difficult to replace shingles if you are just fixing a small portion of the roof.  Shingles come in all shapes and sizes and if you do not know where they were originally purchased from this can make this task very difficult.

Depending on how many layers of shingles you have on your mobile home roof this can be a big job. 

If you have more than 2 layers it is recommended to pull the shingles off and replace it down to the wood.  Otherwise if there is only 1 layer you could go over top of the shingles that are already there.  

                                  What Size Hail Will Damage a Roof

Hail comes in all sizes, from the size of a small pea to the size of softballs.  It is very unpredictable.  Hail usually comes with Spring and Summer temperatures.  The warm air and cold air collide causing massive air disturbances. 

Sometimes the damage is so small you can barely see it.  The size of hail required to cause damage to a roof can vary depending on the type of roofing material and the age of the roof.  

Generally speaking, hail with a diameter of at least 1 inch (2.5 cm) has the potential to cause damage.

For Asphalt shingles, it only takes hail with a diameter of 1 inch or more to cause damage. For metal roofs, it takes a diameter of 1.25 inches or more to cause damage.

However, it is important to note that the number of impacts, the angle of impact, and the location of the impacts on the roof can also play a role in determining the extent of the damage. 

If you do get a powerful storm this can cause damage you can see on your roof from ground level. 

A shingled roof with missing shingles

An inspection by a professional is the best way to determine the extent of hail damage to a roof.

Watching the weather channel for adverse weather conditions is always a good idea.  This is a great way to protect yourself from bad weather but not your home.  

                   Insurance Claim for Hail Damage to Roof

If you have hail damage to one side of your roof many times insurance companies will look to just replace that small section.  If your roof is older this may make your roof look bad because you are only replacing a small section.  Sun faded shingles will stick out so it is best if you can replace the full section or side of your home where the damage occurred. 

A close up of a hail damage roof

                                Hail Damage to a Roof: Metal

Hail damage on a metal roof can be easier to replace, however the costs can add up quickly.  Metal roofs dent quite easily.  Yes, they are meant to stand for long periods of time, but weather can wreak havoc on them. 

If the hail damaged only a couple sheets of the metal you can easily replace those.  However, if the whole roof has been damaged you might be looking at some major repairs. 

Be sure to check your Mobile Home Gutters for damage as well.  


                 Hail Damage to a Roof: Conclusion

In conclusion, any type of damage to your roof can spell disaster for your home.  The roof is what protects the whole home from rain, snow and sleet.  When your roof gets damaged be sure to get it repaired as soon as possible.  If you are a handy person you can do the repairs yourself otherwise you will need to hire a professional to help you.  If you have insurance always check with your insurance company first.  This is what you have insurance for is to protect your home from major losses. 


                        FAQ’s: Hail Damage Roof

What does hail damage to shingles look like?

Hail damage to shingles typically appears as random spots or bruises on the shingle surface, often with missing granules. This can weaken the shingles and lead to leaks if not addressed.

How do you negotiate hail damage claim?

To negotiate a hail damage claim, document the damage with photos, get multiple repair estimates, and work with your insurance company to ensure a fair settlement that covers the necessary repairs or replacement.

What size hail does it take to damage a roof?

Hailstones as small as 1 inch in diameter can cause roof damage, but the severity of the damage depends on various factors, including the type and age of your roofing material.

When should I replace my roof?

You should consider replacing your roof if it’s more than 20-25 years old, shows signs of extensive damage or leaks, or if a professional inspection recommends replacement due to structural issues or wear and tear.


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