Mobile Home Skylight

A mobile home skylight helps to add natural light to your home.  Whether its in a kitchen, bathroom or living room they are beautiful. 

A kitchen with a skylight in the ceiling

These glass panels in your mobile home roof can be a great thing until they start to leak.  Here we will explore the advantages and disadvantages to mobile home skylights and how you can fix problems with them.


                     Mobile Home Skylight: How to Fix

Once you notice a leak around a skylight you should act quickly to get it fixed.  Rainwater can leak down into the space between your roof and the ceiling and cause mold.  If mold isn’t treated quickly this can become a health issue for you and your family.  Here are some ideas to help you fix this quickly.

Grab a water house and get up on the roof.  Have someone turn on the water and slowly run it around the edges of the skylight.  Have someone in the house to tell you when it starts to leak.  This will help to pinpoint the trouble area and give you an idea of where the leak is at.

A mobile home skylight looking up at it

Once you have pinpointed the area go to your local hardware store.  There you can get tar to put around the skylight.  Take the tar with a brush and cover the area that you suspect is leaking generously.  Let the tar dry and then try your water house again.  Keep repeating this process until you have the leak fixed.

Another great product you can use to stop the leak is Flex Seal.  This product comes in a spray can and can be purchased online or in your local hardware store.  Spray this product on the area that is leaking.  This product is just like tar in a spray bottle form.  You may want to purchase a couple cans and keep them handy for future leaks.


                      Mobile Home Skylight: Leaks in Heavy Rain

You may notice that the skylight doesn’t leak at all when you run a hose on it.  It may be that the skylight only leaks in rare occasions.  This can be very frustrating when you are trying to find the exact area to fix your skylight.  You may try to spray or tar the area around the full skylight just to see if this helps. 

It could however be that a shingle is popping up when there are heavy winds or downpours, and this is letting water in.   Try to pick up on the shingles around the skylight as well.  You want to make sure that they seal down so water doesn’t trickle in along a loose shingle. 

Heavy downpours can cause problems for a  mobile home roof .  Be sure to check your roof a couple times a year to make sure the shingles are secure.  

While you are up on the roof it won’t hurt to check your Mobile Home Gutters are well.  When gutters fill up ice and snow can pack up on the roof causing a lot of damage to the roof.  

                        Mobile Home Skylight: Replacements

If you have an older skylight that is in bad condition you may consider a mobile home skylight replacement.  This is a great option when the skylight you have continues to leak.  If you have tried to stop the leak more than 4 plus times it is probably time to consider replacing your mobile home skylight.

You can replace the skylight yourself if you are handy with repairs or you can hire someone to come in and do the job.

This is typically a big job and quite detailed because you must take out the whole skylight, replace it and seal it back up.  It typically pays to have someone do this job because they warranty their work.


          Hiring a Professional to Fix Your Mobile Home Skylight

When hiring a professional to come in and do the job make sure you get referrals.  You should hire someone that is known locally and that you won’t have to pay the full balance to up front.  Be sure to get a couple different quotes as the price for this job can vary depending on the contractor. 

You also want to make sure to hire someone who is insured.  When you have someone doing work on your roof they could fall and injure themselves.  You don’t want to be paying for medical bills that could mount up to more than the job to replace the skylight could cost. 

                            Removing the Mobile Home Skylight

Another option to fixing your mobile home skylight would be to remove them completely.  This is not a popular option typically because you will miss the natural light.  However, sometimes skylights are a bigger problem than they are a benefit to your home. 

Many times, contractors will rip them out and simply sheet over the hole in the ceiling.  This will leave a hole in the ceiling in your kitchen, living room or bathroom area where the skylight was located.  Matching the drywall is a tough job on a ceiling.  This may not look great inside your mobile home however it will stop the leak and that is the main issue. You can always hire someone to do drywall work and fix or patch this area to conceal the old skylight. 

                                       Buying Mobile Home Skylights

The best option to purchase a mobile home skylight is to order right here and have it shipped.  They can save you money and have the skylight shipped direct to your doorstep.

A new mobile home skylight

When you are considering purchasing a skylight be sure to check around at local hardware stores.  You may also have local window companies that can help you.  Some buyers do purchase these online and have them shipped to their homes.  This option is becoming more and more popular.  Skylights can be difficult to find especially in different sizes.


                               Skylight Mobile Home

Finding a skylight to a mobile home might be even more difficult.  Many hardware box stores may not carry them.  That is why it is important to check out your options online as well.  Typically, you can have these shipped to your home within a few days. 

                              How Long Do Skylights Last

This is a great question, “How long do skylights last?”.  The answer to this question really comes down to the quality of the skylight and how it was installed.  Most skylights will last 8 to 15 years which is a big difference. A number of things come into effect when figuring out the exact number of years your skylight will last. 

 Has the skylight has leaked in the past, how quickly was it fixed?  Did it get damaged by severe weather?  Make sure to check your skylight annually for small leaks and to make sure the tar around the skylight is not cracking.  These are signs that your skylight could need some attention. 

            How to Measure a Skylight on a Mobile Home

 If you discover that you need to replace a skylight in your mobile home or you need to have it repaired, then you may need to know the measurement of the skylight. To measure your skylight, you need to get on the roof and take the actual measurement of the outside edge of your skylight.  This will give you a full measurement to provide to the contractor or to your local hardware store.

Mobile home skylights are very similar to mobile home windows when it comes to measuring them and replacing them.   

                                      Mobile Home Skylight Domes

A newer way to protect your mobile home skylight that has gained some popularity over the last few years is mobile home skylight domes.   These domes are plastic pieces that go over the outside of your mobile home skylight.  They make a dome over the skylight to help protect the glass on the skylight from limbs, debris and hail or other materials that may fly around during severe weather.  These domes are quite affordable and can also provide some shading to high temperatures during summer months. 

A mobile home skylight dome

Shower Skylight

There are different types of skylights. Shower skylights are very similar to normal skylights that you would see in a kitchen area.  These skylights just help to provide natural sunlight to a bathroom or shower area.   They can provide the same great benefit of a regular skylight and can also need the same type of repairs. 

                               Keep Sun Out of Mobile Home Skylight

For the most part skylights provide wonderful natural sunlight to the inside of your home.  They provide such nice light that you typically do not need to have a light on during the day.  However, when temperatures climb above 90 degrees in the dog days of Summer this may create another issue, heat. 

There are quite a few options that work amazing for skylight areas now.  Most consist of a vinyl or cloth type blind or shade that slides across the opening to keep the heat out.  These shades have really grown in popularity of the years. 

These blinds can help to significantly lower the amount of sun that comes beaming into your mobile home.  Check out these blinds here.

A mobile home kitchen with natural light


                                        Mobile Home Skylight Covers

Another popular way to block off a mobile home skylight is with a mobile home skylight cover.  These covers are also referred to as shades.  Rather than being installed on the inside of the mobile home they are used to cover the outside of the mobile home.  These covers simply slip or snap over the outside of the skylight.  Many homeowners are using these skylight covers when they know bad weather is headed their way.


                                   Mobile Home Skylight: Conclusion

In conclusion, sky lights are beautiful and can add great natural light to your home.  They can also cause major headaches if they start to leak.  If you do run into this problem just get it fixed as soon as possible.  This will save your ceiling.

                                FAQ’s: Mobile Home Skylights

What is the life expectancy of a skylight?

The life expectancy of a skylight can vary depending on factors like the quality of materials and installation. On average, well-maintained skylights can last 20 to 25 years or more.

What are the pros and cons of skylights?

Pros of skylights include increased natural light, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal. However, cons may include potential leaks, heat gain, and the need for proper maintenance to prevent issues.

Is it worth having a skylight?

Whether a skylight is worth having depends on your preferences and needs. If you value more natural light and are willing to manage potential downsides like maintenance and occasional glare, a skylight can be a valuable addition to your home.

What are the disadvantages of skylights in houses?

Disadvantages of skylights can include the risk of leaks, heat gain in hot climates, and the need for regular cleaning and maintenance. Improper installation or lack of appropriate shading can also lead to issues like excessive glare and energy inefficiency.

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