Selling My Doublewide Mobile Home

The following blog post is written for anyone who has an interest in selling their doublewide mobile manufactured home. As a result, the author will give you some helpful tips on how to sell your doublewide mobile manufactured home so that it sells quickly and at the best price possible.

                   Selling My Doublewide Mobile Home

Selling a doublewide mobile home is different then selling a singlewide so there is more to take into account. A singlewide mobile home is in one piece and originally known as a trailer home. It is easier to move a singlewide than a doublewide mobile home. Furthermore, singlewides do not offer the comfort of living that comes with a doublewide. Doublewide mobile homes feel like a stick built home but this makes doublewides more desirable sometimes.

A white doublewide mobile home with dark brown skirting

        Selling My Doublewide Mobile Home: Private Land

A doublewide mobile home has to be broken into 2 pieces to be moved therefore the seam that holds the doublewide mobile home together is called the marriage line.

When a doublewide mobile home is moved there is pieces of trim and paneling that needs to be removed to split the home apart.


A shiny wood floor in a doublewide mobile home

Carpet or tile also needs to be cut if it runs across the marriage line of a mobile home. It is important if you are looking to do improvements to a doublewide mobile home that you consider this.

If you are looking to move your mobile home, in the future, wood flooring across this seam can cause issues. Moreover, you can not simply cut wood flooring down a seam and put it back together like you could carpeting.  Most of the time this does ruin the wood flooring if you need to move the home.  You can take the time to pull up the wood piece by piece and then place it back once the home.  Besides, this can be a tedious process.  It is hard to get the pieces to fit back together in the right order.

Lets not forget the roof because the roof also has to come apart. The very top layer of roofing also known as the cap is taken off and this exposes the seem to the home. Once the mobile home is placed in its new location a new cap will be replaced.


             Doublewides Can Be Expensive to Move

When it comes time to move the mobile home you sometimes need a crane on site. Crane companies charge by the hour and they are not cheap. Just getting the crane to your site can sometimes cost $10k or more. Cranes are typically used if you have a full basement under your mobile home.  Therefore, they are also generally used if the home sits on a hill. This is mainly for mobile homes that are on private land not in mobile home parks.

TIP: Many broker / dealers will pay to have the home removed.  In addition, this will save you the cost if you sell your mobile home to a dealer.

Many times sellers will give their mobile home to a dealer / broker in exchange for the move. This is an easy way to achieve Selling My Doublewide Mobile Home.  

The one thing you will want to make sure is that you have a clear title in hand to the home. 

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          Selling My Doublewide Mobile Home: In a Park

A doublewide mobile home in a park with blue sky

A doublewide mobile home in a park setting usually does not require the seller to move the home. Usually you are looking for someone to occupy the home within the park. Here are some issues you could run into:

The park does not want to approve anyone you bring to live in the mobile home. Finding someone who can pay you full for the mobile home can be a challenge.  They also need to be approved by the park. This process can take up to 2 weeks to a few months. Each time you bring someone to the park office for approval the process will start again.

You could end up having to wait for your time frame to sell it.

            Finding a Buyer for Your Doublewide Mobile Home

Sometimes you have trouble finding a buyer for a mobile home. You will need to find someone with cash, someone who can be approved, someone who wants the area you are selling in and who can afford the lot rent. On top of that you have to consider your mobile time frame. Does it match up with the potential buyer? You may need to be out now while your potential buyer can not move until their home sells.  The potential buyer may be waiting to start a new job and that involves timing as well.

There are so many factors that have to fall into perfect line to sell a home it can be exhausting.


                Selling My Doublewide Mobile Home – Hassle Free

If you are going through a divorce, job relocation, loss of employment or a death and you need to sell quickly try contacting a dealer / broker to help you with your home. They are professional, they don’t need to be approved by the park and they can buy quickly with cash.

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It is true that you won’t typically get top dollar from your mobile home with a dealer / broker but many our quite competitive. If you figure the time it takes for a park office to approve a regular buyer you have already racked up a couple months lot rent, utility bills, insurance and heat on the home. Figure in these costs and sometimes it is just better to sell your doublewide quickly.

              Repairing Your Doublewide Mobile Home

Many doublewide mobile homes need some work. Investing in the repairs may not be worth it to you if your time is valuable. If the doublewide mobile home needs fresh paint be sure to choose a neutral clay / cream color throughout the home. These neutral colors make the home look clean and really open up the room.

Don’t waste your time replacing carpet and tile in a mobile home. While it may make the doublewide mobile home look better the next person may want tile floor only and will only change it to their preference.

          Selling My Doublewide Mobile Home: Dealer / Broker

Better yet, let a dealer / broker handle all these issues for you so that you can focus on moving forward with your life more quickly. Spend your time packing your goods, you will be shocked how long it actually takes to just move.


                          Getting Rid of An Older Doublewide

If your home was built in the 70’s you might be better off demolishing the home.  Visit our article on Ways to Get Rid of an Old Mobile Home for more help here. 


                       Selling My Doublewide Mobile Home: Conclusion

Finally, you should have no issues getting rid of your doublewide mobile home.  There are many options to selling these and moving these homes.  Hopefully this article helped to point you in the right direction.  

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             FAQ’s:  Selling My Doublewide Mobile Home

Where is the best place to sell a mobile home?

The best place to sell a mobile home is often through online platforms like mobile home listing websites, real estate websites, or local classified ads. You can also explore local real estate agents or brokers with experience in mobile home sales.

Do you need a title to sell a manufactured home?

Yes, you typically need a title to sell a manufactured home. The title serves as proof of ownership, and transferring it to the new owner is part of the selling process.

What is the process for selling a mobile home?

The process for selling a mobile home involves steps like preparing the home, setting a competitive price, creating an attractive listing, marketing the property, negotiating with potential buyers, and completing the necessary paperwork, including the transfer of the title to the new owner.

Can a realtor sell a mobile home?

Yes, a realtor can sell a mobile home. Some real estate agents specialize in mobile home sales and can help you with pricing, marketing, and completing the transaction in compliance with local real estate regulations.

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