Mobile Home Liquidators

If you are looking to buy a mobile home purchasing a used mobile home is always a better option, then new.   If you are trying to find a mobile home liquidator then this article will help point you in the right direction.  Used mobile homes are really the going thing nowadays but finding them can be a daunting task.

Used Mobile Home Liquidators

                   Used Mobile Home Liquidators

When considering purchasing a new or used mobile home there are a few things you need to look at.  The first thing to consider is how long you plan to live in the mobile home.  If you only plan to be in the home for 5 years or less than a used mobile home is the right way to go.

A new mobile home can take at least 5 years of payments to really start paying the principal down.  New mobile homes are like new car / truck purchases. Once you drive them off the lot you will lose around 20 – 35% of the value.  Mobile homes, are after all, considered vehicles in every state.  They have a title just like a regular car / truck.

It is always better to buy a used mobile home. Just like a used car or truck you can let someone else take the first beating on the deprecation.

              Singlewide Mobile Home Liquidators

Singlewide Mobile Homes

Singlewide mobile homes are very popular.  They can be moved for approximately half of the price of a doublewide.  They also offer just enough living space for you and a small family.  Singlewides are typically 3-bedroom 2-bath.  They can be quite spacious.  If you are looking for a more affordable option singlewides are a great start.  These homes can be set on a poured slab. You can just add skirting or you can put them on a small crawl space.

                                            Finding a Liquidator

The internet is your best friend when looking for a used mobile home.  Sites such as Zillow, Trulia and are great but most of these homes are on land or in parks so the home cannot be moved. Look for a mobile home broker / dealer near you.  They usually have many used mobile homes for sale or can point you in the right direction. also specializes in used mobile homes.


                  Mobile Home Liquidators Near Me

If you are looking to purchase a used mobile home Google used mobile home dealers near me.  Some dealers will have lots that you can view the mobile homes while others have homes scattered throughout the state you live in, so they may just have a website presence.  Don’t let the mobile home liquidators that just have a web presence scare you it typically costs anywhere from $3k up to move these homes so many times it is more economical to leave them right where the brokers purchase them.

Used Mobile Home Liquidators


                                                 In Conclusion

Do your research whether you are looking to buy a used or new mobile home.  Either option is very affordable compared to most stick-built homes you will find out in the market.

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