Mobile Home Liquidators

If you are looking to buy a mobile home purchasing a used mobile home is always a better option, then new.   If you are trying to find a mobile home liquidator then this article will help point you in the right direction.  Used mobile homes are really the going thing nowadays but finding them can be a daunting task. In this article Mobile Home Liquidators we will point you in the right direction.  

A blue sided trailer home with white colored skirting

          Just What is a Mobile Home Liquidator?

When considering purchasing a new or used mobile home there are a few things you need to look at.  The first thing to consider is how long you plan to live in the mobile home.  If you only plan to be in the home for 5 years or less than a used mobile home is the right way to go.


A new mobile home can take at least 5 years of payments to really start paying the principal down.  New mobile homes are like new car / truck purchases. Once you drive them off the lot you will lose around 20 – 35% of the value.  Mobile homes, are after all, considered vehicles in every state.  They have a title just like a regular car / truck.

It is always better to buy a used mobile home. Just like a used car or truck you can let someone else take the first beating on the depreciation.


Buying a mobile home from a mobile home liquidator is often much more convenient than purchasing one through other channels. Because these dealers specialize in buying and selling used homes, they have streamlined the process and can help guide you through every step of the way. They also take care of transporting the home from its original location to your property using specialized trucks designed for this.


Mobile home liquidators are experts in their field and have extensive knowledge about all aspects of mobile homes. They can answer any questions you may have about the buying process and provide valuable insights into what to look for when selecting a mobile home. They can also help connect you with financing options if needed.


When working with a mobile home liquidator, there’s often more flexibility in terms of negotiating pricing and terms than with traditional dealerships or private sellers. This is because these dealers are motivated to sell quickly and may be willing to work with buyers on pricing or other factors. Additionally, because they have a larger inventory of homes to choose from, you may be able to find a mobile home that meets your exact needs and preferences.

                       Visit my About Page here to learn more about buying and selling used mobile homes today.

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                              Mobile Home Singlewides

Singlewide mobile homes are very popular.  They can be moved for approximately half of the price of a doublewide. 

They also offer just enough living space for you and a small family.  Singlewides are typically 3-bedroom 2-bath.  They can be quite spacious.  If you are looking for a more affordable option singlewides are a great start.  These homes can be set on a poured slab. You can just add skirting or you can put them on a small crawl space.


Why Choose Mobile Home Liquidators for Your Next Home Purchase?

If you’re in the market for a new home, you may have already considered purchasing a mobile home. However, finding the right one can be a daunting task. That’s where mobile home liquidators come in.

These companies specialize in buying and selling used mobile homes at affordable prices. Not only do they offer a wide selection of homes to choose from, but they also provide numerous benefits that traditional dealerships cannot match.

For starters, mobile home liquidators often have lower overhead costs than traditional dealerships. This means they can offer more competitive pricing on their homes. Additionally, because they specialize in used homes, they are able to offer unique deals and discounts that other dealerships simply cannot match.


                                   Used Mobile Homes For Sale

But it’s not just about price. Choosing a mobile home liquidator also means you’ll have access to expert knowledge and guidance throughout the entire purchasing process. These professionals understand the ins and outs of the industry and can help you find the perfect home to fit your needs and budget.

Another benefit of choosing  mobile home liquidators is their flexibility which means you have more options when it comes to securing financing for your new home.

And let’s not forget about convenience. Mobile home liquidators typically have multiple locations across various states, making it easy for you to find and tour potential homes without having to travel too far from your current location.

                                         I Love My Mobile Home

Another great option to consider is minimalist living.  Park model mobile home or tiny home models are a great place to start if you have a small family. 

These homes can easily be moved and the insides of these homes really pack a punch.  They just may have you saying I love my mobile home.  

                                       Finding a Liquidator

The internet is your best friend when looking for a used mobile home.  Sites such as Zillow, Trulia and are great but most of these homes are on land or in parks so the home cannot be moved. Look for a mobile home broker / dealer near you.  They usually have many used mobile homes for sale or can point you in the right direction.  US Mobile Home Pros also specializes in used mobile homes. If you are looking to sell your mobile home and liquidate it fast I can help.  Click my About page now to learn more.  


                                        Mobile Home Repos

Be sure to look for mobile home repos as well.  Many banks or credit unions end up with mobile homes that they need to sell quickly.  Call your local branch office and ask them if they have repos.  You might be surprised at the inventory that they do have.  


                  Mobile Home Liquidators Near Me

If you are looking to purchase a used mobile home Google used mobile home dealers near me.  Some dealers will have lots that you can view the mobile homes while others have homes scattered throughout the state you live in, so they may just have a website presence.  Don’t let the mobile home liquidators that just have a web presence scare you it typically costs anywhere from $3k up to move these homes so many times it is more economical to leave them right where the brokers purchase them.

When you find a mobile home you want to purchase you might be surprised there are ways to move a mobile home for free.  Read our article on How to Move a Mobile Home for Free for more information.  

A singlewide viewed from the front with gray siding

                        Mobile Home Liquidators Reviews              

“I recently utilized Mobile Home Liquidators for selling my outdated mobile home, and I couldn’t be more satisfied with their service. From the initial consultation to the final transaction, their team exhibited professionalism and expertise. They efficiently handled all the paperwork and logistics involved in selling a mobile home, making the process hassle-free for me. Moreover, their fair pricing and transparent communication ensured that I received a satisfactory deal. I highly recommend Mobile Home Liquidators to anyone looking to sell their mobile home quickly and effortlessly.”  Sandra, GA

              For more information on buying used mobile home visit our article on Buying a Used Mobile Home.  



Do your research whether you are looking to buy a used or new mobile home.  Either option is very affordable compared to most stick-built homes you will find out in the market.



                  FAQ’s: Mobile Home Liquidators

Do mobile homes devalue?

Mobile homes typically devalue or depreciate in value over time, unlike traditional site-built homes, which often appreciate in value.

Are mobile home liquidators repos?

Mobile home liquidators are businesses or entities that specialize in selling mobile homes, often at discounted prices. They may offer a range of mobile homes, including repo units. “Repo” is short for “repossessed,” and in the context of mobile homes, it typically refers to homes that have been repossessed by lenders due to the owner’s failure to make mortgage or loan payments.

Should you buy a liquidated mobile home?

Ultimately, the decision to buy a liquidated mobile home should align with your specific housing needs and budget. While they can offer cost savings, it’s essential to proceed with caution, conduct diligent research, and make an informed decision. Consulting with a real estate professional who specializes in mobile homes can help you navigate the process more effectively.


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