When it comes to homes and living the minimalist lifestyle, there are many innovations happening in the world of tiny homes. Did you ever think you could live in just 400 square feet? With a space like that, size doesn’t really matter. That is why Park Model Mobile Homes are becoming the new rave!

Park Model Mobile Home

There’s a newish trend happening within the world of mobile homes, and so many people who love owning RV’s or mobile homes can’t stop buying up these stylish and innovative little homes. Park model mobile homes, or sometimes as they’re called, park mobile homes, sounds like something you’d find, well, in a park, doesn’t it?

                        Unique Tiny Park Models

But these tiny, unique little traveling homes on wheels have become quite the sensation. You may have even seen them when you were booking your last stay air bnb and other type of accommodation searches. They can be a great to have temporary housing—it’s what they were designed for really.

Park Model Home

Today, we want to explore with you what exactly are park mobile homes, a little about their history, some of the benefits of them, and maybe, if we have time, some fun things you can do with their unique designs.

What are park model mobile homes exactly? Are they tiny homes?


Well, in short, yes. That is what they were designed for. Park model mobile homes are not meant to be the RV type homes with wheels. They are built as small, minimalist type homes that give you all the luxuries of the bigger homes, but expertly designed and laid out within 400 square feet or less.

Unlike some of the tiny homes that people looking to downsize their lifestyles build on their own, park model mobile homes are designed to be efficient. Giving you a space that has everything you need and more without the need to constantly store or hide one element of your home away so you can make room for another. Remember those RV camping trips where the “kitchen table” folded down and became the bed your parents made you sleep on? These aren’t that.

Park Model Mobile Home

Park model mobile homes are designed to not be mobile. Built in a factory then put on wheels to transport the final product to its final location, then park mobile homes are removed from their axles and tongue creating a completely stationary “mobile” home.

To be considered a park model, these tiny little homes need to not be longer than 10 to 12 feet in width, and range from anywhere between 313 to 399 square feet. A true park model rarely goes above the 399 mark in regards to square footage.

These homes have two stories to them, with the bedrooms elevated giving your tiny home more room to host your dinner guests in the living room, or den, depending on the park model size you choose.

                  Park Model Mobile Home History

If you’re a purveyor of all things mobile homes, then you may be fascinated to know that the park models, some consider, to be an upgraded, revision, if you will, of the less commonly known two-story mobile home that was created in the 1950’s, known as the Pacemaker Bi-Levels.

Just think… bi-level RV traveling down the highways and byways of the 1950’s, oh what fun that must have been!


                                      Park Model Styles 

Well one of the biggest benefits is the fact that you’re saving space and keeping your carbon footprint low, especially if that’s something that’s important to you.

Park model mobile homes are designed to give you all of the benefits of a full-sized, large home and the amenities that come with those, all packed into one small 399 square foot space. To do that, the designers and engineers of these architectural feats had to learn how to innovate and get truly creative with their layouts.

Many of the park models you can buy, feel more like small cottages than they do mobile homes. When you buy one of these homes, you’ll typically find a living area, kitchen or kitchenette, a bathroom, and a rear bedroom. On some of the available floor plans you can even find an elevated loft, meant just for sleeping, because of the ceiling height, you’re not exactly going to have your family or friends up there to sit and hang out.

These unique and generously designed homes are truly revolutionary when it comes to the style and aesthetics built into their design.

One of the even bigger benefits of the park model mobile homes, is that you’re getting comfortable, aesthetically pleasing and efficiently designed living at an affordable price.


                      Buying a Park Model Mobile Home

If you search the internet, you can find there are actual park mobile home communities where you can buy already built and functioning park model homes. They range in prices for purchase but a good number to figure is around $68,000 for a new home.

Park mobile homes have become very popular for older couples and even those looking to downsize their lifestyles as a second home. Whether you’re wanting to have a cozy little cabin in the woods for those snowy months, or the summer cottage by the beach, park model homes were invented so you could do just that without needing to sell the home you already have.


                                   Park Model Home Options

So, when you think about it, the park model mobile homes aren’t just manufactured homes, tiny homes, or mobile even… they’re truly your home. With many different layouts and floorplans to choose from, and the ability to really choose the amenities you want in your custom home, all the way down to the drawer handles, you can truly make these the home of your dreams.

Tiny, small, or not, these mobile homes aren’t mobile at all once they’re set on the land from the factory, but they pack quite the punch once you step inside. And if you’re putting your park model home on property by the beach, don’t forget to build the screen porch addition so you can wake up and enjoy your coffee with the fresh ocean air!

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