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Mobile Home Buyer Vermont is a company that specializes in buying mobile homes in Vermont.  If you’re a mobile homeowner looking to sell your property quickly and with minimal hassle, this company might be the perfect solution for you.

The team at Vermont Mobile Home Buyer is made up of experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing fair and competitive offers for mobile homes. They understand the unique challenges that come with selling a mobile home, and they work hard to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible.

One of the key benefits of working with Vermont Mobile Home Buyer is their flexible payment options. They can offer cash payments or arrange financing if needed, so you can choose the option that works best for your situation. And because they have streamlined their processes, they can often close sales within just a few days – much faster than traditional real estate transactions.

If you’re worried about the condition of your mobile home, don’t be. Vermont Mobile Home Buyer is interested in properties of all types and conditions, from fixer-uppers to move-in ready homes. They will assess your property fairly and make an offer based on its current condition and market value.


About Vermont Mobile Home Buyers

Vermont Mobile Home Buyer is a company that specializes in buying manufactured homes in Vermont.

As one of the leading US Mobile Home Buyers, Vermont Mobile Home Buyer offers a hassle-free and convenient way for homeowners to sell their mobile homes.

With years of experience in the industry, Vermont Mobile Home Buyer has established a reputation for providing fair and competitive offers to homeowners looking to sell their mobile homes.

Vermont Mobile Home Buyer’s team of experts is committed to making the selling process as smooth and stress-free as possible for homeowners.

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We Buy Mobile Homes in Any Condition, Any Price, Anywhere: Vermont Mobile Home Buyer

Assessing the Market Value of Mobile Homes

One of the biggest concerns for sellers is getting a fair price for their property. With our team’s years of experience in assessing the market value of mobile homes, sellers can rest assured that they are receiving a fair price. We take into account various factors such as the age and condition of the mobile home, any necessary repairs or upgrades, and comparable sales in the area.

Repairs Can Be Costly and Time-Consuming

One major advantage of working with us is that we buy mobile homes in any condition. Repairs can be costly and time-consuming, but with us, sellers don’t have to worry about fixing up their mobile homes before selling. Whether it’s brand new or decades old, we’ll make an offer on it. This saves sellers both time and money by eliminating the need for expensive repairs or renovations before putting their home on the market.

We Buy Mobile Homes Anywhere in Vermont

Another benefit of working with us is that we don’t limit our services to certain areas or neighborhoods. We buy mobile homes anywhere in Vermont. Whether you’re located in a bustling city or a rural area, we’re interested in purchasing your property. This offers sellers more flexibility when it comes to choosing where they want to live next without having to worry about finding a buyer for their current home.

Open Houses Are Not Necessary

Traditionally, selling a home involves hosting open houses and showings for potential buyers. However, this process can be stressful and inconvenient for many homeowners – especially those who are still living in their homes while trying to sell them. When working with us, there’s no need to host open houses or showings since we make offers directly on properties based on our own assessments.

Look No Further Than Vermont Mobile Home Buyers!!

Selling Your Mobile Home As-Is: Vermont Mobile Home Buyer

There are a few different options available. One of these options is to sell your mobile home as-is, meaning that you are selling the property in its current condition without making any repairs or cleaning. This can save you time and money.  With Mobile Home Buyers Vermont you can do just that.  Sell your mobile home as is today.  

Sell My Mobile Manufactured Home Vermont

                                            QUICK SALE:

Mobile homes in Vermont can be closed up quickly.  Simply have your title ready and we can do the rest.  No need for expensive closing costs or realtor fees.  

                                             FAST CASH:

We can purchase your home quick.  If you are behind on lot rent, taxes or house payments we will work with you to get the job done quickly!

                                        TIME TO MOVE:

We can purchase your Vermont mobile home and give you and your family time to move.  Even if you need 30 to 60 days to move we can help!

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We Mobile Homes With or Without Land

We can purchase mobile homes with or without land.  If you have a spot where you would like to build a new home and you need the current mobile home moved we can do that.  Just click the get offer button below. 

Cash Offer For My Mobile Home in Vermont

                                                    Selling Your Mobile Home:

Selling your mobile home doesn’t have to be stressful.  Finding someone such as Vermont Mobile Home Buyers that doesn’t need to be approved by the park can save you time and worry.  Even if you mobile home in on private land Vermont Mobile Home Buyers can purchase quickly.  

                           Easy Home Sale: Vermont Mobile Home Buyer

With just a click of a button you could have an offer on your mobile home and be on your way to your new home.  Working with a Vermont Mobile Home Cash Buyer means you get to bypass the lengthy sales process and go straight to the closing.  No more headaches from showing your home and finding unqualified buyers.  

Factors to Consider Before Selling Your Manufactured Home for Cash in Vermont

Condition of the Manufactured Home

Selling a manufactured home for cash in Vermont can be a daunting task, especially if you are not aware of the factors that determine its value. One of the most important factors to consider is the condition of your mobile home. If your manufactured home is in good condition, it will fetch a higher price than one that needs repairs or renovations.
Before putting your mobile home on the market, take some time to assess its condition. Check for any signs of wear and tear, such as cracks in the walls or ceiling, leaks in the roof, or damage to the flooring. If you find any issues, consider fixing them before selling your mobile home. This will not only increase its value but also make it more attractive to potential buyers.

Age of the Manufactured Home

Another factor that affects the value of your manufactured home is its age. Generally speaking, newer homes are worth more than older ones. However, this is not always true as there are many factors at play when determining a fair price for a mobile home.
If your manufactured home is relatively new and well-maintained, it will likely fetch a higher price than an older model that has seen better days. However, if you have taken good care of your older mobile home and made upgrades over time, it may still be valuable on the market.

Location of the Manufactured Home

The location of your manufactured home also plays a significant role in determining its value. If your mobile home is situated in an area with high demand and limited supply, it will likely sell for more money than one located in an area with low demand and plenty of inventory.
When considering where to sell your mobile home for cash in Vermont, research local real estate trends and speak with experts who know about current market conditions. This information can help you determine whether selling now makes sense or waiting until conditions improve might be more profitable.

Market Demand for Manufactured Homes in the Area: Vermont Mobile Home Buyer

The market demand for manufactured homes in your area is another important factor to consider when selling your mobile home for cash. If there is high demand for mobile homes in your area, you may be able to sell your home quickly and at a good price.
On the other hand, if there is low demand for mobile homes in your area, it may take longer to sell your home and you may need to lower your asking price. Researching local real estate trends can help you determine whether now is a good time to sell or if waiting until conditions improve might be more profitable.

Reputation and Experience of the Vermont Mobile Home Buyer

Finally, when selling your manufactured home for cash in Vermont, it’s essential to work with a reputable and experienced mobile home buyer. A trustworthy buyer will offer fair prices, provide clear communication throughout the process, and ensure that all paperwork is handled correctly.
Before selecting a buyer, do some research online and read reviews from past clients. You can also ask potential buyers for references or speak with others who have sold their manufactured homes recently.

Vermont Mobile Home Buyers Near Me

Another benefit of working with us is that we don’t limit our services to certain areas or neighborhoods. We buy mobile homes anywhere in Vermont.
Whether you’re located in a bustling city or a rural area, we’re interested in purchasing your property. This offers sellers more flexibility when it comes to choosing where they want to live next without having to worry about finding a buyer for their current home.
A brown doublewide with red shutters and white skirting

                          Vermont Cities We Serve: Vermont Mobile Home Buyer


Burlington: A Growing City with a Booming Mobile Home Market

Burlington is one of the cities that Vermont Mobile Home Buyer serves. This city has been experiencing significant growth over the years, making it an attractive location for mobile home buyers. The booming economy, excellent schools, and affordable housing make Burlington a desirable place to live.
Vermont Mobile Home Buyer understands the unique requirements for selling mobile homes in Burlington. They have extensive knowledge of the local market and can provide clients with accurate information about pricing and regulations. With their branch office located in Vermont, they are always available to answer any questions or concerns that clients may have.

Other Cities in that Vermont Mobile Homes Buyers Serve

Apart from Burlington, Vermont Mobile Home Buyer also serves other cities in Vermont. These include:
  • Essex
  • South Burlington
  • Colchester
  • Rutland City
  • Bennington
  • Brattleboro
Regardless of where you are located in Vermont, Vermont Mobile Home Buyer can help you sell your mobile home quickly and efficiently. They understand that selling a mobile home can be stressful and time-consuming, which is why they offer a hassle-free process that takes care of everything from start to finish.
Selling Your Mobile Home from Other States? No Problem!
Vermont Mobile Home Buyer doesn’t just cater to clients within Vermont; they also work with clients from other states who want to sell their mobile homes in Vermont. Their team is well-equipped to handle all the necessary paperwork and legal requirements involved in cross-state transactions.

• Burlington
• Essex
• South Burlington
• Colchester
• Rutland City
• Bennington
• Brattleboro
• Essex Junction
• Hartford
• Milton
•  Williston
• Middlebury
• Springfield
• Barre City
• Winooski
• Montpelier
• Barre Town
• Shelburne
• St. Johnsbury
• St. Albans town
• St. Albans City
• Swanton City
• Northfield
• Morristown
• Lyndon
• Waterbury
• Stowe
• Fairfax

• Jericho
• Georgia
• Randolph
• Rockingham

• Hinesburg
• Derby
• Manchester Town
• Castleton
• Newport City
• Richmond
• Brandon
• Rutland Town
• Charlotte
• Bristol
• Cambridge Town
• Norwich
• Shaftsbury
• Williamstown
• Windsor
• Highgate
• Hartland
• Johnson Town
• Pownal
• Underhill
• Woodstock Town
• Chester
• Poultney Town
• Hyde Park Town
• Westminster Town


• Hardwick
• Berlin
• Pittsford
• Weathersfield
• Thetford
• Bradford
• Barton Town
• Enosburgh
• Bellows Falls
• Royalton
• Fair Haven
• Ferrisburgh
• Putney
• East Monpelier
• Vergennes
• Arlington
• Clarendon
• Swanton Village
• Danville
• Newbury Town
• Richford
• Morrisville
• Wilmington
• West Rutland
• Vernon
• Ludlow Town
• Sheldon


Common Questions About Selling To Cash Buyers:

What Documents Are Needed to Sell a Mobile Home in Vermont?

Selling a mobile home in Vermont requires certain documents to be prepared. These include the original title, bill of sale, and transfer tax form. The original title is necessary for transferring ownership of the mobile home to the buyer. It is important to ensure that there are no liens on the property before selling it. A lien release form may also be required if there were any previous liens on the property.
The bill of sale serves as proof of purchase and outlines the terms and conditions of the sale. It includes details such as the purchase price, payment method, and date of sale. The transfer tax form is used for calculating taxes owed on the sale of a mobile home in Vermont.
It is recommended to have these documents ready before listing your mobile home for sale. This will help expedite the process and ensure a smooth transaction.

Selling Your Mobile Home If It Is Not Paid Off Yet

If you still owe money on your mobile home loan, you can still sell it but will need to pay off any outstanding balance before transferring ownership to the new owner.

Alternatively, you can work out an arrangement with your lender where they agree to accept less than what you owe them (short sale). This allows you to sell your mobile home quickly and avoid foreclosure.


Hiring a Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Mobile Home in Vermont

While it is not necessary to hire a real estate agent to sell your mobile home in Vermont, it can be beneficial. Real estate agents have access to resources and tools that can help market your property effectively. They also have experience negotiating deals and handling paperwork.
When choosing a real estate agent, look for one who specializes in selling manufactured homes. They will have the knowledge and expertise needed to sell your mobile home quickly and at the right price.

Average Price of a Mobile Home in Vermont

The average price of a mobile home in Vermont varies depending on various factors such as location, size, age, condition, and amenities. According to Zillow, the median home value in Vermont is $384,000 as of August 2021.
Mobile homes tend to be more affordable than traditional homes and can range from under $10,000 for older models to over $100,000 for newer models with modern amenities.

Taxes and Fees When Selling Your Mobile Home in Vermont

There are typically no closing costs when selling your mobile home. If you owe back lot rent, back taxes, or back payments to the bank you may need to clear that up before you can obtain clear title. Mobile Home Buyers of  Vermont is experienced in dealing with these situations and can help you through this process quickly. 

How to Find a Company that Buys Mobile Homes in Vermont

Are you looking to sell your mobile home quickly and conveniently? Companies that buy mobile homes can be a great option for those looking to sell their used mobile homes. These specialized companies often offer cash payments and can complete the transaction in a timely manner. Some may even provide additional services such as transporting the home to a new location or handling repairs and renovations.

To find companies that buy mobile homes, there are several options available. One way is to search online directories for local companies in your area. Another option is to check classified ads both online and offline. You can also ask friends or family members who have sold their mobile homes in the past for recommendations.

It’s important to do research before choosing a company to work with. Compare different companies’ offers and services to ensure that you get the best deal possible. Make sure that any company you choose has a good reputation and is licensed, bonded, and insured.

When selling your mobile home, it’s important to have all of the necessary paperwork ready beforehand. This includes documents such as the title, bill of sale, registration, and any warranties or service records.

Why Is A Cash Offer Better?

Receiving a cash offer for your mobile home may not always be the most suitable option since each mobile homeowner has different objectives for their property sale. 

 For certain mobile homeowners, a cash buyer is the preferred choice due to the speed it offers: Cash buyers are investors who are willing to pay cash for a property, including mobile homes.

Selling to a cash buyer can be a quicker process than selling to potential buyers who need to secure financing.

A cash offer may not always be the highest offer, but it can provide a sense of security and certainty in the transaction.

How Do I Sell My Mobile Home Quickly To A Home Buyer In Vermont?

Selling a house within days is a challenging task, even for experienced house buyers in Vermont. At Vermont Mobile Home Buyers, our home buying experts typically estimate a minimum of 3 days to close, even with a cash offer.

This timeframe allows us the time to inspect the home and make a quick cash offer.  It also allows us time to handle and back lot rent or back taxes that may be due on the mobile home. 

In certain situations, such as foreclosure, time is of the essence. To ensure a timely sale, it’s advisable to request a quick cash offer from a reputable mobile home buying company with experience in dealing with foreclosures.

If a real estate lender is involved, such as in a traditional home sale with a real estate agent, selling a house within 3 days is not realistic. To avoid delays and ensure a fast mobile home sale, it’s recommended to work with a trustworthy we buy mobile homes company in Vermont. As cash buyers, we provide free cash offers and can close within 2 to 3 days, ensuring a quick and hassle-free mobile home sale.

What Is the Definition of a Mobile Home Cash Buyer?

A cash buyer refers to an individual or organization that purchases homes without relying on bank financing, unlike a real estate agent in Vermont. Cash buyers expedite the real estate closing process, reducing the likelihood of closing delays, especially for properties that are difficult to sell on the open market. Selling a mobile home quickly is best achieved through a cash sale, regardless of the market conditions.

At Vermont Mobile Home Buyers, we offer fair cash proposals for mobile homes. Over the years, we have purchased countless properties, providing assistance to sellers in challenging real estate situations. By choosing us to buy your mobile home, there is no need for real estate appraisals or home inspections that might cause the sale to fall through. Additionally, unlike most other companies, we do not impose a fee for our service. To find out how much we can offer for your home, complete our form and sell your mobile home fast for cash off the real estate market.

Any Tips for Finding Companies That Buy Mobile Homes?

One of the best ways to ensure a faster and smoother transaction when selling your mobile home is to look for mobile home buyers or companies that specialize in buying mobile homes. These companies are experts in the process and can help you navigate any potential roadblocks that may arise during the sale.

Mobile home buyers will typically have experience with all types of mobile homes, including older models and those that require repairs. They will be able to offer you a fair price for your property based on its condition, location, and other factors.

Lastly Always Consider Mobile
Home Investors Who Pay Cash

If you need to sell your mobile home quickly, consider working with a mobile home investor who is willing to pay cash for your property. These investors can often close the deal much faster than traditional buyers because they don’t need to wait for financing approval.

Mobile home investors are also more likely to buy properties as-is, which means you won’t have to spend time or money making repairs before selling. This can save you both time and money in the long run.

A brown singlewide mobile home with red shutters

Vermont Mobile Home Buyer and You:

 Case Study: John’s Experience Selling His Mobile Home

John had been trying to sell his mobile home for months without success when he came across Vermont Mobile Home Buyer. He was hesitant at first, but after reading some of their reviews and speaking with a representative, he decided to give them a try.

The process was straightforward and hassle-free for John. He filled out the address autofill feature on their website and received a call from a representative within 24 hours. They made him an offer that was fair based on current market conditions, and he accepted.

Vermont Mobile Home Buyer took care of all the paperwork and closing costs associated with the sale, which meant less stress for John. He was able to sell his mobile home quickly and move on to his next adventure without any hassle.

Read more on our testimonials


                                            We Buy Mobile Homes in All Situations

Mobile homes have been a popular housing option for many people due to their affordability and flexibility. However, selling a mobile home can be challenging, especially when trying to sell it through traditional real estate markets. This is where Vermont Mobile Home Buyers come in. They specialize in purchasing mobile homes in all situations, regardless of the condition or location.


Sell Your Mobile Home Without an Agent?

Mobile homes have become increasingly popular in recent years, with many people opting for the convenience and affordability they offer. However, you may be wondering if you need to hire a real estate agent. The truth is that selling your manufactured home fast without an agent is possible and can save you money on commissions. In this section, we will discuss some tips on how to sell your mobile home fast without an agent.

Research the Market

Before putting your mobile home up for sale, it’s important to research the market thoroughly. This means looking at comparable sales in your area and determining a fair price for your property. You can use online resources such as Zillow or Redfin to get an idea of what similar homes are selling for in your area. It’s also a good idea to check local classified ads and talk to other mobile homeowners in your community.

Prepare Your Home

Once you’ve determined a fair price for your mobile home, it’s time to prepare it for sale. This means cleaning and decluttering the interior and exterior of the property. You want potential buyers to see themselves living in the space, so it’s essential that it looks clean and inviting. Consider making any necessary repairs or upgrades before putting your home on the market.

Market Your Home

Marketing plays a crucial role in selling any property, including mobile homes. There are several ways you can market your manufactured home fast without an agent:

  • Use online classifieds: Websites like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace allow you to list your property for free.

  • Create flyers: Design flyers advertising your mobile home and distribute them throughout local businesses.

  • Utilize social media: Share photos of your property on social media platforms like Instagram or Twitter.

  • Attend open houses: If there are any open houses in your area, attend them with flyers advertising your property.

By marketing effectively, you increase the chances of finding a buyer quickly.


One key point when selling the home yourself is that you need to find someone the park will approve, you need to find someone who can get approved by the bank to buy the home and you need to find someone who can give you time to move.  At Mobile Home Buyers we can do all of those, instantly!

Why Choose a Company that Buys Mobile Homes?

Choosing a company that buys mobile homes can be a great option for selling your home quickly and efficiently. These companies typically offer cash purchases and can close on the sale much faster than a traditional real estate transaction. This can be especially beneficial if you need to sell your mobile home quickly due to financial or personal reasons.

Additionally, working with a company that buys houses eliminates the need for a real estate agent, which can save you money on commissions and fees. These companies also often purchase homes as-is, which means you don’t have to spend time or money on repairs or renovations. Overall, choosing a company that buys mobile homes can be a convenient and stress-free option for selling your home. Even if you owe back lot rent, back taxes or you are back on house payments.  


Are Those We Buy Houses Companies Legitimate?

Yes, companies that buy mobile homes can be legitimate. There are many reputable companies that operate in the real estate industry and have a track record of providing fair offers to homeowners and closing deals quickly.

However, as with any industry, there are also unscrupulous companies that engage in unethical practices, such as making lowball offers or using high-pressure tactics to force homeowners into a sale.

It’s important to do your research and only work with a reputable company that has a proven track record of success and a positive reputation in the industry. You can check reviews and ratings online, as well as ask for references from the company before deciding to work with them.

A very large white doublewide on a grass lot

Is This The Simplest Way To Sell Your Mobile Home in Vermont?

Fair Cash Offer for Your Mobile Home

Selling a mobile home can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t have the time or resources to make necessary repairs and renovations. Fortunately,  Vermont Mobile Home Buyer offers a simple and hassle-free solution to sell your mobile home in Vermont. They provide a fair cash offer for your mobile home, regardless of its condition or location.

Unlike traditional real estate agents who require you to make costly repairs and renovations before selling your property, Vermont Mobile Home Buyer takes care of everything for you. This means that you don’t have to worry about dealing with contractors or spending money on expensive repairs.

Quick and Efficient Process: Vermont Mobile Home Buyers

One of the biggest advantages of selling your mobile home to Vermont Mobile Home Buyers is their quick and efficient process. They understand that time is of the essence which is why they strive to complete each transaction as quickly as possible.

In fact, with their streamlined process, you can sell your mobile home in as little as 7 days. This means that you can get cash in hand quickly without having to wait weeks or even months for a buyer to come along.

No Hidden Fees or Commissions

Another benefit of working with Vermont Mobile Home Buyer is that there are no hidden fees or commissions involved in the sale. Unlike traditional real estate agents who charge hefty commissions for their services, Vermont Mobile Home Buyer operates on a no-fee basis.

This means that you won’t have to worry about paying any additional fees or commissions beyond the agreed-upon price for your mobile home. This makes it easier for you to plan ahead and budget accordingly without having to worry about unexpected costs popping up at the last minute.

Conclusion: Vermont Mobile Home Buyer and You

Selling your mobile home in Vermont can be a daunting task, but with the right buyer, it doesn’t have to be. That’s where Vermont Mobile Home Buyer comes in. As a company that specializes in buying mobile homes in any condition, any price, and anywhere in the state of Vermont, we are here to help you through every step of the process.

Our goal is to make selling your mobile home as easy and stress-free as possible. We understand that every situation is unique, which is why we offer personalized advice tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re looking to sell quickly or need more time to close, we work with you to find the best solution for your situation.

As experienced buyers, we know what documents and title information are needed for closing day. We will guide you through the entire process from start to finish so that you can rest assured that everything is taken care of correctly. Our company offers validation purposes on all transactions.


                Tiny Homes and Park Model Mobile Home Buyers Vermont

Yes we even purchase tiny homes and park model mobile homes in Vermont.  No matter what type of mobile home you have singlewide, doublewide, manufactured, trailer, park model or tiny home we can help.  Click the get an offer button below for more details.  

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Vermont Mobile Home Buyer is one of the reputable companies that buy houses for cash in Vermont, and we have a proven track record of helping numerous sellers with our fair cash offers. As Vermont Mobile Home Buyers, we have immediate access to the necessary funds to purchase your home quickly. To begin the process, simply fill out our short form or give us a call to receive an offer for your home today. Contact us at (989) 233-2568 to get started.

For more information be sure to visit our blog: Sell My Mobile Home