How to Remodel a Mobile Home to Look Like a House

There are many ways that you can make a mobile home look like a regular home, also known as stick-built or a site-built home.  From outside to inside remodeling there are quite a few tricks to adding curb appeal to your mobile home.   Do you want to know How to Remodel a Mobile Home to Look Like a House? Here we will walk you through the options.

Remodeling your mobile home will also help to add value to your home.  The best way to make your mobile home look like a regular home is to start on the outside.  The outside of the home is what everyone will see so it’s the best place to start.  Let’s explore some of these ideas now.

      How to Remodel a Mobile Home to Look Like a House: Outside

Adding a porch to the front of your mobile home can really do the trick to making your mobile home look like a house.  Porches help to block the front of the home and they add dimension to the rectangle look of a mobile home.  Covered porches with a roof give the home more angles and take away from the mobile home look. 

A brown doublewide with dark shutters and green bushes

                          Remodel Mobile Home Ideas

Adding a deck to the mobile home will also give you added living space.  There is nothing better than sitting on your deck and watching wildlife.  If you live in a mobile home park look into attracting hummingbirds to enjoy your deck even more.

Visit our articles on Mobile Home Back Porch Ideas and also Mobile Home Deck Plans for more ideas.  

                                         Roofs on Your Mobile Home

Many mobile homes come with a standard 3 in 1 tab shingle roof.  These types of roofs create a very flat surface.  If you are looking to remodel a mobile home to look like a house, try dimensional shingles.  These shingles are very thick and give a more elegant appearance to a mobile home roof. 

Another roofing material you might try is a metal roof.  Metal roofs have really become popular over the last few years.  Metal roofs will protect your mobile home roof for years to come.  The metal is available in numerous colors and can add a great appearance to your mobile home roof.


Foundation: Poured Wall, Cinder Blocks or a Full Basement

One of the biggest upgrades you can do to your mobile home is to set it on a cement foundation.  Whether you choose to use cinderblocks or a poured foundation, this trick adds great curb appeal to your mobile home.  Mobile homes on cement foundations really make the home look more like a regular home. 

Mobile homes can even be set on full basements.  This gives you more living space and can help protect your mobile home underneath from weather conditions.  It can also give you a safe place to shelter during bad storms. 

Poured wall or cinder block foundations add protection to the underneath of your mobile home.  Plus, they are great to keep rodents out from under your mobile home. 

If you find that this option is too expensive, and you currently have metal skirting around your mobile home consider upgrading that.  A fresh skirting will also help spruce up the look of your mobile home. 

How To Remodel a Mobile Home to Look Like a House: Upgrading the Siding

If you have an older mobile home with dingy siding or old metal siding replace the siding.  Replacing the siding with vinyl siding will help the look of your home significantly.   Nothing says older mobile home like a home with wood or metal siding. 

Many times, you can remove the metal siding and take it to the scrap yard and get money for it.  This will help you to be able to purchase vinyl siding that you can update your mobile home with.   

New vinyl siding comes in many different colors.  Be sure to choose a neutral light color.  Light colors make the home like clean and bigger.  A neutral color such as white, cream or a light gray is always a good choice.  You do not want to put harsh looking colors on your home it may affect the resell value of your mobile home. 

Read our article on Mobile Home Siding for more information.  

                      Add a Garage to the Mobile Home

Adding an attached garage to the gable end of your mobile home is always a popular and smart idea.  This works great if you can match the siding on the garage to the mobile home.  It will make your mobile home appear longer and create the illusion of a bigger home. 

Attached garages are amazing when weather isn’t ideal.  You can pull your vehicle into the home and enter your mobile home without being exposed to the weather.  The convenience of having an attached garage on your mobile home is worth the time and money.

     How to Remodel a Mobile Home To Look Like a House: Landscaping

If you have a green thumb another great idea is to add landscaping to your front yard.  Clean, beautiful landscaping can add value to your mobile home instantly.  People love to pull up to homes that have lush green grass and beautiful flowers.  First appearances are everything now a days and having great landscaping can really help to show off your home.

Make sure to keep your yard mowed and weed wacked.  Yards that are mowed and maintained help to make the whole home look nicer. 

                            Keeping the Yard Clean: Less Clutter

Keeping a tidy yard is super important to making your home look presentable.  Make sure any toys, yard items and figurines are kept to a minimal in the front yard.  Most people like a clean clear yard.  You can always keep this stuff in the back yard if it is something that you can not live without. 

                                      Overgrown Trees

Take a drive around any mobile home park or city streets and you will notice some homes with overgrown trees.  Overgrown trees dwarf your mobile home and can cause damage.   You can either have these bushes or trees removed or you can go to your nearest hardware store and get clippers.  Just cutting back the extensive brush will help make your mobile home look like a million bucks.


         How to Remodel a Mobile Home to Look Like a House: Inside

                                              Remove the Batten or Wall Strips

A mobile home is put together quite quickly.  Sheets of drywall are placed on the wall and instead of mudding the seams batten strips are added.  These strips are also known as wall strips.  Removing these strips from the wall can give a seamless appearance to the inside of your mobile home.  Here is more information on wall batten strips.  

  How to Remodel a Mobile Home To Look Like a House

A kitchen is typically the most valuable room in a home.  Keeping your kitchen in tip top shape is very important.  If you have cupboard doors that have fallen off or drawers that have lost their face be sure to replace them. 

Kitchen cupboards in mobile homes can peel quickly.  These cupboards are typically made with pressed board and a paper like surface that peels up when it is put in contact with moisture.  Either replacing these doors or painting them will help to spruce up your home.  Pinterest is a great asset for finding ideas on how to spruce up cupboards in your home. 

If you have the budget getting new cupboards, countertops, sinks, and fixtures is a great option as well.  Although a pricy option nothing makes a home look better on the inside then upgrading a kitchen.  Installing a backsplash will also add a nice appearance to your kitchen area. 

Just look at this kitchen below.  These are RTA Cabinets which are much more affordable than cabinets you would order from a designer.  This company can save you hundreds on your cupboards.  They also carry backsplashes and more.  

A beautiful white kitchen

Replacing Bathroom Cabinets

If your cabinets in your bathrooms are starting to show wear and tear replace them.  Your local hardware stores carry a vast selection of bathroom cabinets that you can quickly swap out for new ones.  Upgrading the sink fixture and medicine cabinets will also add a nice-looking addition to your mobile home. 

RTA Cabinets also carries a huge line of cabinets for the bathroom that will save you hundreds over normal box store special orders.  Check out there site today.

A fully remodeled bathroom with new cabinets

        Upgrade Flooring with Tile – Vinyl Plank

The flooring in a mobile home can have a major impact on the appearance of your mobile home.  When you are trying to make your mobile home look like a house its important to not look over the flooring.  Ripping out old carpet and replacing it with new will help to spruce up the home as well.

A large living room with yellow walls and a wood floor

Another popular choice is adding vinyl plank flooring through the home.  Vinyl plank flooring is very easy to clean up.  If you have animals or small children vinyl flooring is a must have.  This flooring is super easy to install and can give the appearance of a true hard wood floor. 

TIP:  Make sure if you add vinyl flooring in the kitchen or bathroom area that you do not use the flooring with cardboard backing.  Be sure to grab a flooring with a rubber backing.  There is nothing worse than laying down flooring only to have it heave from exposure to water.

                        Mobile Home Remodels Before and After

No matter what project you take on to make your mobile home look like a home be sure to take before and after pictures.  You might be surprised at how shocking the change is to your home.  Having pictures is a great way to decide before hand if you even want to make the change.  There are many editing programs online where you can do the changes and decide if you like them.  


          How To Remodel a Mobile Home To Look Like a House: Conclusion

There are many ways to remodel your mobile home to look like a house.  Starting at the outside is always a smart idea during warmer months.  Then start on the inside projects when the weather starts to cool down.  Just picking one or two ideas from the list above will drastically change the look of your mobile home right away.   Just get started today you might just amaze yourself on how cool your project turns out. 


       FAQ’s: How to Remodel a Mobile Home To Look Like a House

How can I make my mobile home look more like a house?

To make your mobile home look more like a house, you can add siding, skirting, and exterior paint to match traditional house styles. Landscaping, porch additions, and architectural features can further enhance the house-like appearance.

How can I make my mobile home exterior look better?

To improve the appearance of your mobile home’s exterior, consider repainting or adding siding, upgrading windows and doors, and enhancing the landscaping. Installing a porch, adding decorative elements, and proper maintenance can also make your home more appealing.

Can you make a mobile home look like a cabin?

You can give your mobile home a cabin-like appearance by using rustic materials for siding, adding log accents, and choosing a cabin-inspired color scheme. The interior can be decorated with wood paneling, cabin-style furnishings, and cozy, rustic decor.

Can you make mobile home walls look like drywall?

Yes, you can make mobile home walls look like drywall by covering them with drywall panels, mudding, taping, and sanding the seams, and then painting or finishing the walls as desired. This process can help achieve a more traditional and polished interior appearance.

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