Are Mobile Homes Safe?

When you are shopping for a new home, you might consider mobile homes.  However, your top priority when deciding where to live should be your family’s safety.  In this article we will discuss the pros and cons of mobile homes and we will help to figure out are mobile homes safe. 

Are Mobile Homes Safe

                         How Safe Are Mobile Homes

Vintage mobile homes were built differently.  They weren’t built like they are today.  Mobile homes’ standards have really improved over the years.  They are now regulated by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Authority better known as HUD.  This authority sets standards for the construction of mobile homes including safety and quality requirements. 
These standards are set specifically to different regions throughout the United States.  HUD put these regulations into effect because different regions through the United States experience different weather patterns.  Whether it is a large amount of snow or high winds you need to factor this in when it comes to the construction of your mobile home. 
These standards that are set by HUD help to alleviate this problem and they help to keep your family safe.  HUD recognized that homes in the Southern areas do not need to be built to withstand high snow loads, but they do need to be able to withstand higher wind speeds.  This is why these standards were put into place. 

Are Mobile Homes Safe to Live In?

                   Are Manufactured Homes Safe

This is very important information if you are moving a mobile home.  Your local building inspector will want to know the specifics of the mobile home. Clearing the mobile home with your inspector before moving it to a different location will be vitally important. 
Mobile homes are constructed differently based on snow loads and wind speeds.  This is especially important in areas prone to severe weather, such as tornados and hurricane areas.  Mobile homes in this area are built to withstand different windspeeds.  They are tested and regulated by HUD.  If you look at your data plate you will see an area called Wind Zones and Roof PSF. 

                         Are Mobile Homes Worth Buying

If you decide to purchase a mobile home really comes down to several different circumstances.  There are many pros and cons to owning a mobile home and you don’t want to be saying I Regret Buying a Mobile Home.
One of the biggest advantages to purchasing a mobile home is the affordability of the home.  If you are on a budget, you won’t be able to beat the price of a mobile home. This is the number one reason most people decide to purchase a mobile home. 

Are mobile homes safe in a mobile home park?

Another advantage to purchasing a mobile home is the fact that you can relocate the unit quickly and affordably.  Stick built homes do not offer the mobility of a mobile home.  Check out our article How to Move a Mobile Home for Free.    
However, there are some drawbacks to living in a mobile home.  Mobile homes tend to depreciate over time.  They tend to show wear and tear quickly compared to a stick-built home.  Due to this factor, you could spend more time maintaining your mobile home than you would a stick-built home. 
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               Are Mobile Homes Safe on a Foundation

Placing a mobile home on piers and skirting is safer if you have the mobile home anchored down.  Another option that makes a mobile home safer is placing it on a foundation.  On a mobile home foundation wind has a harder time getting under the mobile home.  This is only the case if the foundation is designed properly and maintained. 
The foundation needs to be designed to support the weight and to provide a stable area for the mobile home.  Even if you have a foundation there are anchors that should also be placed to secure the home to the foundation. 
The foundation should be level so that the home sits properly.  This will prevent the mobile home from shifting and causing issues inside the mobile home.  Read our article on Why is My Ceiling Cracking for more details. 
Regular maintenance is important as well when it comes to a mobile home foundation.  You will need to ensure that the foundation is not cracking and there is no water under the mobile home.  These issues can lead to further damage down the road.  This is something that you would want to address as soon as possible. 

             Are Mobile Homes Safe in a Mobile Home Park

If you are living in a mobile home park and severe weather hits it’s important to have a plan in place.  Most mobile home parks do provide a shelter area for residents.  Make sure you discuss this situation with the park office, so you know where it is located. 
If you know that severe weather is headed your way have a plan.  Whether you live in a stick-built home or a mobile home it’s important.  Make sure you discuss plans with your family so there are no surprises.  Planning will give you time to get into the shelter area before bad weather hits.
If your mobile home park does not have a storm shelter get out of the way of the storm.  Call a friend or family member that lives by that has a place to shelter in.   Many stores also have shelter areas in place, knowing beforehand is important.  

Is there a storm shelter in your mobile home park?

         Where to Hide During a Tornado in a Mobile Home

If you discover too late that you are in the path of a tornado your best bet would be to get into the interior wall area of your home.  Another option would be to lie down in your bathtub.  If possible, pull a mattress over you to protect yourself from debris.  Staying low to the floor area is going to help to protect you.  Keep your hands over your head.  Try to keep your cell phone near you so that you can call for help once the storm has passed. 

       Is a Car Safer Than a Mobile Home in a Tornado

In high winds or a tornado, it is best if you can be in a large sturdy structure.  Wind can easily travel under a vehicle picking it up and flipping it over.  Being inside a structure such as a stick built home or mobile home would be your best bet in a tornado.  Again, it is best to plan for these types of emergencies.  This is especially true if you live in an area prone to severe weather. 

                 How to Build a Safe Room in a Mobile Home

If you are looking to prepare for bad weather or it is common in your area having a safe room might be of interest to you.  Building a metal reinforced structure that you can get under will help if debris is coming down on you. 
Another option is to have a pit under the steps to your mobile home.  Pits under mobile home steps are a great way to get below ground level.  A storm shelter under mobile home steps can give you and your family an area to get away from severe weather.  The cost to install a pit under your steps is much cheaper than putting a full basement under your home as well. 

                                        Weather Channel Alert App

A fantastic app to have on your phone is a weather alert app.  Just make sure you can get notifications in the event of bad weather in your area.  Many times, you can turn off the alerts on these apps.  When it comes to bad weather you will want to have them on.  This will give you minutes to prepare for anything headed in your direction. 
Making your mobile home safer is all about being prepared.  It’s about going the extra mile to make sure you and your family are safe.  It doesn’t matter what type of home you live in there will always be dangers associated with the weather. 

                               HUD Wind Zone Map

When it comes to safety, it’s essential to ensure that a mobile home is anchored to the ground properly.  Anchors help to hold the mobile home down in extreme winds. If your mobile home isn’t anchored or tied down property it could flip over in extreme winds. 
Read more here on our article Mobile Home Anchors. If you are looking to purchase anchors for your mobile home or mobile home shed visit this link 

  Hud Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards

Again, HUD standards are set per mobile home and it’s extremely important to follow them.  There is a little map inside the mobile home called a data plate that will tell you which area in the United States this home was meant to be set. This map should be adhered to, and your building inspector will enforce this rule.  This will make your mobile home safe. 
If you are purchasing a mobile home, you should be able to locate the map inside the mobile home.  This plate is usually located in a closet or under a mobile home sink.   Be sure to take your flashlight and phone camera to take a picture of this plate.  It is very important to have the information provided on this piece of paper. 


Hopefully this article has given you some ideas of how to make a mobile home safe.  Mobile homes are very affordable and a great way to live.  Are mobile homes safe?  Hopefully you know the answer to this question now and can make a better decision about where you want to live.  
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