Mounting a TV to a Mobile Home Wall

T.V.’s, better known as television sets have come a long way over the years.  Gone are the days of large box television sets sitting on shelves and taking up tons of room.  Now T.V.s are thin panels and hanging them on walls is a very popular idea.  In this article we will cover how mounting a TV on a mobile home wall will save you space. 


a tv mounted to a wall with a large dresser below it

                Mounting a TV to a Mobile Home Wall

When considering mounting a TV to a mobile home wall there are steps you will need to follow:

  1. First you will need to figure out which wall you want to attach the unit to.  Is it a wall that you can view the TV from multiple angles?

  2. You need to make sure it is a wall that doesn’t get a lot of traffic. When mounting a TV to a wall they stick out.  The last thing you want is someone bumping into the TV constantly.  So, choose a wall that doesn’t get foot traffic in front of it.

  3. Choose a wall that doesn’t get a lot of direct sunlight. Hot sun can ruin your screen over time.  It can also make it very difficult to view your TV during the time you want to view it. 

                       How to Find a Stud in a Mobile Home Wall

The easiest way to find a stud inside a mobile home wall is the same way you would in a stick-built home, with a stud finder.  These handy little units use sensors that detect different density behind mobile home walls.  When you slide the stud finder across the wall it will make a beeping noise telling you where the studs are located.  This unit is very cheap to purchase and worth its weight in gold.

                       Mobile Home Interior Wall Studs

While sliding the stud finder over the wall you will want to mark your interior wall studs with a pencil.  This will give you a rough idea of where you can put your tv brackets to hold your TV.  You want to make sure to put the brackets into a stud so that it can hold the weight of your TV.  If you miss the stud the drywall alone will not be able to hold the unit.  This is very important that you find exactly where the studs are located. 

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        Mounting a TV to a Mobile Home Wall: T.V. Mount 

Now that you have your studs marked out on the wall and you are confident in your bracket placement. It is time to find a TV mount for your mobile home walls.  Any of your local department stores will carry these handy units and they are quite affordable.  TV wall mount brackets come in many different sizes.  You will need one that has the capacity to hold your exact TV. 

When measuring your TV, you need to measure it from the upper left corner to the bottom right corner.  This diagonal measurement will tell you the measurement of your TV.  

Be sure when shopping for a wall mount bracket that you pick one that fits your exact measurement for your TV.  Picking one too small or too large could cause problems with the TV staying put on the wall. 

a couple bears on a teeter totters and a tv above them

              Installing Your TV on Your Mobile Home Wall

Now the exciting part, installing your TV on your mobile home wall.  Here are the steps you need to follow to mount your TV properly.

First, you will need help holding the TV up and having someone view it from the front.  Is it located roughly in the spot that you would like to hang it. 

Second, once you have the spot picked out have someone mark the very top of the TV on the wall with a pencil.  Pencil marks are easy to remove later.

Third, make sure you have a level line.  Take a long level and hold it up to the spot.  Draw the level line with a pencil.  Now you know exactly where you want to hang the TV. 

              Mounting a TV to a Mobile Home Wall:  Continued

Hold up your brackets to the wall and slide the top of the bracket right up to that level line.  You will want to make sure that you are on your stud line as well, vertically.  Now secure the bracket to the wall using long screws.  You do not want to use small screws that didn’t come from the manufacturer. Follow the manufacturers instructions and you should be able to secure these brackets well into the wall.

Finally, attach the other set of brackets to the TV.  These brackets will slide into the brackets on the wall.

Now, hang your flat screen TV up on the mobile home wall.  You can move the brackets up and down to get the unit exactly where you need it.  Make sure the TV is level and secured to the unit.

TIP:  Test the mount while still holding onto the TV.  Gently shake the unit to make sure it is locked in correctly and there are no issues.  It is best to test the unit while holding it rather than the unit falling off the wall.

           Hanging Heavy Things on Mobile Home Walls

Anytime you are looking to hang objects on walls whether they be small or large, light, or heavy you should take precaution.  Here are the things you want to keep in mind when handing things from your mobile home wall:

  1. Always check the wall construction.  Many walls in mobile homes are made from light materials. 

  2. Be sure to locate studs in your mobile home wall if hanging anything heavy. This will ensure that the object stays on the walls.

  3. Always use the right hardware to hang the object in question.

  4. Be sure to reenforce the wall if you are hanging a very heavy object like

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    How Much Weight Can a Mobile Home Wall Hold

The weight a mobile home wall can handle really depends on several factors. The thickness and quality of the materials used to build the walls in the home are important. 

Mobile home walls are not typically as strong as stick built homes.  Roughly mobile home walls handle 25 pounds per linear foot.  This means that a 10 ft section of wall can typically handle 200 to 300 pounds of weight, evenly distributed, and properly supported. 

So, when it comes to mounting a TV bracket and TV to your mobile home wall you should be fine.   

                                 Who Can Mount T.V. on Wall

If you cannot do this type of work yourself there are still ways to get the job done.  If you live a in a mobile home park there is typically a handyman or maintenance man that works within the park.  They can be hired to do odd jobs in the park.  

Another option is to hire someone.  Make sure you ask around and get someone with referrals that you can trust in your home and trust to do the work right.  The job should only take a couple hours to do, and you could be enjoying your new mounted tv without lifting a finger.



     Mounting a TV to a Mobile Home Wall:  Conclusion

In conclusion, hanging a TV from a mobile home wall will save you space.  In a mobile home area space is important.  Hanging the TV from the wall can save you many feet of living space in your living room or bedroom area.  Follow the steps above and you should be able to start using your new TV location right away. 

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           FAQ’s: Mounting a TV to a Mobile Home Wall

How do you know if your wall can hold a TV?

To determine if your wall can support a TV, you should locate wall studs behind the drywall or plaster. You can use a stud finder to identify these sturdy points to securely mount the TV bracket.

Can you mount a TV on a non-structural wall?

You can mount a TV on a non-structural wall, such as a standard interior wall, as long as you find and attach the TV mount to the wall studs or use appropriate wall anchors for added support.

Can my wall support a mounted TV?

The ability of your wall to support a mounted TV depends on the wall’s construction and the mounting method used. If you secure the TV mount to wall studs or use appropriate anchors, it should provide sufficient support for the TV.

How do you mount a TV on the wall without damaging the wall?

To mount a TV on the wall without damaging it, you can use wall mounts designed for minimal wall penetration. These mounts use methods like tension rods or adhesive strips to secure the TV in place without the need for drilling or creating large holes in the wall. However, the suitability of these methods may depend on your TV’s size and weight.

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