The Average Electric Bill For a Mobile Home

Hey, budgeting your bills and knowing what you need to pay each month is smart.  Otherwise, you are just guessing how much you need to make to cover your expenses.  Having a plan in place will help you to sleep better at night.  In this article we will discuss the average electric bill for a mobile home and tips on how to budget and save. 



                     The Average Bill For a Mobile Home

So just what is a mobile home electric bill.  It’s the amount of money you as a mobile homeowner will spend each month to provide electricity to your mobile home.  Your electricity is what powers your appliances, lighting, the heating and cooling systems, and a hot water heater, among other things. 
Without electricity your mobile home would be in the dark and you would have little amenities to enjoy.  It’s easy to take electricity for granted until it is taken away, then you realize how much you use it.
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  Average Electric Bill for a 2- or 3-Bedroom Mobile Home

It is very difficult to determine how much an electrical bill will go up based on the number of bedrooms that a home has.  However, the more bedrooms in a home the more people that are typically living in a home.  Each person in the home tends to use more power.  You use more electronics, more appliances and more things that consume energy. 


Larger mobile homes tend, having more bedrooms, this tends to use more energy because there is a bigger area to heat. 

           Average Electric Bill for a Single Wide Trailer

The average electric bill for a single wide trailer will vary greatly.  It really comes down to the size of the home, the location of the home geographically, the time of the year, and the energy efficiency of the appliances within the home. 
Mobile homes do tend to be more energy efficient than their counterparts, stick built homes.  This can lead to lower energy bills.  However if you have a vintage mobile home they can be less efficient and cost more to heat. 
Different regions tend to use more heat or cooling systems throughout the year to obtain a decent temperature within the home. 



          Average Cost of Electric Bill for a Mobile Home

The average cost of a mobile home bill tends to run around $100 – $150 per month.  However, energy bills are constantly on the rise and this number can fluctuate greatly given the current economic circumstances. 
One thing to consider as well is the average number is taken typically from a home where the husband and wife both works.  Being away from home for hours a day can save quite a bit of money on your electric bill. 

                           Tips to Reduce Electric Bills

Here are our top 5 ways to save money and reduce your electric bill.  If you and your family are trying to save money these might help:
  1. One way to save money on electricity is to use energy efficient appliances.  If you have an old washer/dryer, refrigerator, stove or dishwasher it may use quite a bit more energy than a newer unit.  Replacing an old appliance could save you in the long run.
  2. Turn off the lights and electronics in a room if you are not using them. Leaving a computer on or plugged in when not in use can add to your electricity bill.  Lights that are on that are not being used will also pick away at your electrical savings.  Turn them off and save some extra money.
  3. Discovering that you have a drafty room is a bad thing. While sitting in your mobile home if you feel air moving about this can cause your electric bill to go up.  Your furnace and air conditioning unit will be working overtime to keep your home at a steady temperature.  Figure out ways to make your home more energy efficient and less drafty.
  4. Adjust the thermostat to your mobile home furnace or your air conditioning unit. Just changing the temperature a few degrees can have a big impact on your home and electric bill.  Put on a sweatshirt in the cooler months or a pair of shorts during the warm months to save energy.
  5. When it is possible try natural lighting in your home to save yourself money.  Open the curtains and blinds to your home and bring in the natural lighting.
  6. Do you have chargers or electronics plugged in that you don’t use much. You might be surprised at the amount of energy these units consume even while not being used.  Unplug these units and only plug them in when being used, it will save you money.
  7. A new technology that can save you quite a bit of money, especially if you work out of the home, is a programmable thermostat. These handy little units can save you and are very easy to use from your cell phone. 
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          Electricity Discount for Seniors, Disabled or Pensioners

Are you an elderly senior, disabled person or considered a pensioner?  Many electric companies have a program set up just for you.  You simply need to call your provider and tell them you are looking for discounts and they can help to see if you qualify for any of their programs.  These programs provided by your electric company save many people hundreds of dollars each year. 
There are also programs through the Government that can help you save money and help to keep your electricity on if you are facing back payments.  Check out help with utility bills for more information.  
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      The Average Electric Bill For a Mobile Home: Meter Readers Estimate or Exact Readings

Have you received an electric bill that seems high? It may be higher than you expected it to be.  Check your bill to see if you have an exact reading or if it is an estimate. If you are unsure, you can always call your provider. 
They will help you to determine why the bill is higher. When you are in doubt about your bill it’s always OK to question the bill.  Your provider is familiar with getting calls like this and they should be able to work it out.    If you are not happy with your average electric bill for your mobile home, there should be a way to make it work better for you. 

               Energy Savings Plans Through your Provider

An electric company provider can do an annual savings program with you.  This is where they take an average of your bill and spread it out over the year.  Let’s say in January-March your bill is high $150, but April – June your bill is approx.  $70 per month.  Your provider can average this out where you pay roughly $110 per month each month.  This can help you to even out the high bill months with the low bill months.  Again, it is worth talking with your provider and trying to work out the payment rather than being late on a payment.
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                     Solar Energy and My Mobile Home

Many people think that solar energy is not for mobile homes.  However, mobile homes are very similar to stick-built homes.  Depending on where your home is located you should be able to hook up solar panels and save money on your electric bills.  If your home sits in a mobile home park you may want to speak with the park office before you decide to commit to solar energy. 

             Why is My Mobile Home Electric Bill So High?

If you still feel your electric bill is high your best bet is to discuss this with your electric provider.  Have them come out and test your electricity to see if something is happening that is drawing energy inside your home. 
Discuss your bill with neighbors and see if it is running high compared to their bill.  Another option would be to see if you can find another provider for electricity in your area, this may save you money.  


             The Average Electric Bill For a Mobile Home: Conclusion

Further, it’s important that your mobile home energy bill is something that you can afford.  If you find that it is getting too expensive hopefully this article will give you some ideas on how to save and make it more affordable.  It’s the little tips and tricks when it comes to energy bills that can save you. 
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