Mobile Home Deck Plans

Adding a mobile home deck to your home can be difficult.  Especially when you have no idea what it might cost to build the deck.  A mobile home deck plan will help you.  A deck can be built in all shapes and sizes and can feature stairs or ramps depending on your needs.  Keeping within your budget is important but we are here to help.  

Decks can add enjoyable living space to your mobile home.  It will give you space to entertain family and friends.  Decks can also add value to your home.  They will also provide curb appeal.

A yellow doublewide with a wooden deck at the door

                      How to Build a Deck for a Mobile Home 


It is important to know how to build a deck.  Your local county building office will require permits for you to build a deck.  Be sure to check with them first before you start any project.  If your mobile home sits in a mobile home park you will also want to check with the park office.  These are just a couple of the things you want to check off your list before you start building.


        How to Build a Mobile Home Deck Step by Step 

Once you have squared away the building requirements with the county building office and your park office, you can start building your deck.  Many mobile homes sit approximately 3 ft off from ground level.  Mobile homes will usually sit on piers or on a block or poured wall foundation. 

If you are looking to build the deck yourself and you are looking for a simple design that is sturdy that will get you up into the home, look no further.  Here is a basic design that can be built with wood or composite / treks wood.

TIP: Make sure if you are building the deck with wood you use treated wood.  Wood that is exposed to weather will only hold up well if you use treated. 

A 3d print of wooden mobile home deck plans

This deck is a basic deck that can be added to a singlewide or doublewide mobile home. 

A drawing of a blueprint of a deck and measurements

                      Mobile Home Deck Plans: on A Budget 

This is a great deck that serves the purpose needed to get you and your family safely into your mobile home.  If you are on a tight budget and just looking to build a small deck that will do the job, this is the deck for you.

A drawing of a blueprint of a deck and measurements

                                       Mobile Home Deck Kits 

There are mobile home steps that can be purchased at supply stores.  These steps are made of fiberglass, and they have an aluminum handrail.  There is one pictured here.  These deck kits come preassembled and can be added to your mobile home quickly. 

They should not require a permit to install as well because they are mobile and can be moved. 

Deck lights for mobile home decks

Are you looking to spice up the look of your deck.  Check out these deck lights sure to make your deck look fantastic this year.  

A doublewide mobile home with a concrete slab

                                 Small Deck for Mobile Home

So, either building the deck as pictured above or purchasing this plastic type deck from your local supplier would be your best option for a small deck.  These decks would take the minimal amount of effort and cost you the least.

                               Mobile Home Front Deck Ideas

Whether you are looking to install a deck on the front of your mobile home or the back these plans will work for either.  If you are looking for ideas for Mobile Home Back Porch Ideas read more here.  


                                 Mobile Home Covered Deck

Having a covered deck for your mobile home gives you time to enjoy your deck even when the weather isn’t great.  A covered deck can protect you from rain and snow, giving you more time to enjoy yourself outside.  Pictured below are some ideas of covered decks for your mobile home. 

A gray singlewide with a covered large deck

                    How to Build a Roof Over a Deck Mobile Home

Adding a roof over an already existing deck is definitely a possibility.  If you have no building experience this task can be very difficult.  It is best to consult with a local builder to see if they can help you.  However, if you have building experience this could be as simple as adding a few 4 x 4’s and a few header boards to start your roof.  Enclosing your deck will give you more days out of the year that you can use it and it will help to protect you from the sun as well.


                                Mobile Home Deck with Ramp

Many times, stairs can be difficult to get up.  Stairs can become your worst enemy.  If you have any type of injury or health condition, it can be impossible to get up.  You may need a ramp to get into your mobile home, especially if you are in a wheelchair.  Ramps take up quite a bit of room and they can be costly to install.

A doublewide mobile home with a wheelchair ramp

                         Singlewide Mobile Home Deck Ideas

Whether you are looking for a deck for a singlewide or doublewide you will want to have some type of plan.  Plans are important to have so that you can provide them to your builder or county office.  They will also help you stay within your budget.  A deck can be small or large for a singlewide or doublewide home but coming up with a plan is the best idea to start. 

Here is a picture of singlewide with a mobile home deck near the entrance door and back door. 


A mobile home with a fiberglass deck

                               Doublewide Mobile Home Decks

Since singlewides are typically just as long as doublewides the size of your deck can really work for either home.  Doublewide Mobile Home sometimes feature decks built on the front of them.  Most decks, however, are built near the entrance or rear doors to the home. 

Doublewides will sometimes have sliding glass doors off from their family or living rooms.  This is a great place to add a deck to enjoy the scenic views. 

                     How to Attach a Deck to your Mobile Home

The easiest way to attach a deck to your mobile home is to first attach a 2 x 10 treated board to the side of your home.  This will give you a surface to then attach your mobile home deck to.  Measure the full length of your deck and then cut your 2 x 10 to match up to that length.  Attach that to your mobile home first.  You may need to remove some siding to accomplish this.

Trying to hook the deck into siding isn’t a good start and that is why removing it will give you a solid secure area to work with.  A  2 x 10 securely fastened to the side of the mobile home adds security to the mobile home deck. 


                                      Mobile Home Deck Railing

Adding railing to your mobile home deck is fun.  Not only does it mean you are close to being finished with your project, it also adds security to your home.  Railings are made to protect you or your animals from falling off the deck unexpectedly.  They can provide beautiful detail to your already new deck.  Railings have come along way over the years.  They are now available in plastic, metal or wood.  They also come in a variety of sizes and shapes. 

TIP:  Go to your local hardware store and pick out a couple different railings that you like.  Bring them back and hold them up.  This will give you an idea of which railing matches best with your home and which one you like.  Once you have one picked out figure out how many you need to complete your project.

Click here to get more ideas for railing for your mobile home deck.  These railings are shipped right to your doorstep and come in a variety of patterns at hard to beat prices. Plus these are in stock, most hardware stores are special order and can take weeks to get.   

                                        Mobile Home Steps

Adding steps to your mobile home deck is important.  Whether they are patio steps leading up to the deck or the steps that lead you up onto the deck.  Mobile Home Steps are important.  

                                  Screened in Porch Mobile Home

A screened porch is another great way to enjoy the outdoors when conditions aren’t ideal.  They are especially amazing if you live in an area that tends to have a lot of mosquitos and bugs.  Screened porches are great for entertaining and can give you protection from outside critters.  Screened porches help to add value and when done correctly add great curb appeal to your home. 

A park model mobile home with an enclosed porch

                    Mobile Home Deck Plans: Conclusion

In conclusion, adding a deck to your mobile home will give you years of enjoyment.

Decks can add value to your mobile home.  If you are wondering How Much Is My Mobile Home Worth visit our article.  

  Decks are fun to decorate with your favorite potted plants and welcome mats.  Make sure you have a plan in place before you start your deck and it will save you a lot of trouble in the long run. 


                   FAQ’s: Mobile Home Deck Plans

What is a good size deck for a mobile home?

A good size for a deck for a mobile home is typically around 8 feet by 10 feet or larger, depending on your space and needs. This size provides enough room for outdoor activities, seating, and enjoyment while complementing the size of a mobile home.

What material is used for mobile home decks?

Materials commonly used for mobile home decks include pressure-treated wood, composite decking, and vinyl or PVC decking. Pressure-treated wood is a cost-effective choice, while composite and vinyl decking offer durability and low maintenance, making them suitable for mobile home decks.

Can you attach a deck to a manufactured home?

Yes, you can attach a deck to a manufactured home, but it’s essential to follow local building codes and ensure proper attachment methods to ensure structural integrity and safety. Many manufactured homes are designed to accommodate attached decks or porches, and it’s advisable to consult with a professional contractor who is familiar with local regulations for guidance on the project.

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