Mobile Home Leveling

Mobile home leveling is not a term that most people are familiar with.  When you find that your having issues inside your mobile home with cracked ceilings or cracked drywall you may discover it is because your mobile home has settled.


                                Mobile Home Leveling 

You might be surprised at the cost to level a mobile home therefore depending on how bad the mobile home is positioned, this can make this a big or small job.  In some instances where the mobile home has sank far into the ground the mobile home will have to be moved and repositioned.  However, it is quite rare that a mobile home would have to be completely moved to fix the situation.  Most of the time this situation can be fixed by simply using a level, a few jacks and some bricks. 

A white singlewide that needs mobile home leveling

                      What is the Cost of Leaving a Mobile Home

So, just how much does this process cost?  The cost of leveling a mobile home varies depending on several factors such as the size of the home.  Also the type of leveling system used, the complexity of the job, and the location. On average, the cost can range anywhere from $2,500 to $10,000 or more. It is recommended to get quotes from multiple contractors to compare prices.  This way you can ensure you get the best deal.

Keep in mind that the cost of permits and inspections may also need to be factored into the final cost.

                                          Mobile Home Leveling Jacks

If you are looking to level the mobile home by yourself you might consider using mobile home leveling jacks.  Mobile home jacks are hydraulic or screw-operated devices.  They are used to level and support mobile homes. They are placed under the home’s piers. Typically they are placed at the corners and along the centerline.  This can be used to raise or lower the home to level it on an uneven site.

The jacks are adjusted until the home is level.  Then the wheels are chocked to prevent the home from moving. Mobile home jacks come in different types.  These include screw jacks, hydraulic jacks, and pneumatic jacks.  Each with its own pros and cons. It is important to use the correct type of jack for your specific mobile home.  You want to use them properly to ensure the stability and safety of the home.

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                                      Mobile Home Leveling: Wedges

A mobile home leveling wedge is a type of shimming device.  It is used to level a mobile home on an uneven site. The wedge is placed under the legs of the home at jacking points.  Then it is used to raise or lower one side of the home to level it. The wedge is designed to be used in conjunction with other leveling equipment, such as jacks or shims.  This helps to make fine adjustments to the level of the home. Leveling wedges are made of durable materials, such as plastic or metal.  They come in various sizes to accommodate different types of mobile homes. These are a useful tool for making small adjustments to level a home.   They also help to ensure that it is stable and secure.

The underneath of a mobile home with a metal beam

                        How to Use a Line Level for Mobile Home Leveling

A line level is a tool that is used to determine if a surface is level. It is commonly used in construction and home improvement projects, including mobile home leveling. Here’s how to use a line level for mobile home leveling:

You will need to attach the line level to a string or rope. First, tie one end of the string or rope to the line level.

Then place the string or rope along the exterior of the home.  You want to position the string or rope along the side of the home that needs to be leveled. Make sure that the string or rope is straight and taut.

Check the level with the line level be sure to observe the line level while it is hanging from the string or rope. If the bubble inside the line level is centered between the two marks, the string or rope is level.

Repeat the process on other sides of the home.  Then just repeat the process on other sides of the home until the entire home has been checked.

Along the way adjust the jacks or shims. If you find the home is not level just use jacks or shims to raise or lower the low side of the home.  Keep doing this process until it is level.

Check the level one last time. Using the dot in the middle to make sure the home is now level.

By using a line level, you can accurately determine if a mobile home is level.  This way you can make the necessary adjustments to level it. It is an important step in ensuring the stability and safety of the home.

Once you have your home level you may want to use mobile home anchors to secure it down.  

                         Mobile Home Leveling: Near Me

If you decide that mobile home leveling is just too much to handle, then hire a professional to do the job.  Simply Google Mobile Home Leveling Near Me.  This should pop up quite a few companies that can help,  They will probably be able to give you a rough estimate of the job over the phone.  

The contractor may need to know the measurements of your mobile home.  Learn how to measure a mobile home here.  So be sure to know this first before you make calls.  

                        Re Leveling an Older Mobile Home

Leveling an older mobile home is very similar to leveling a newer home.  You would simply use the same process.  The only difference is many of the materials inside the older mobile home are well…old.  You will want to take your time to ensure the stability and safety of the home.  Making small adjustments and then checking inside the home will save you in the long run.  You don’t want to do more damage to the inside of the home than you already have. 

A ceiling in a mobile home with a crack

A small crack in your drywall as pictured above is normal but if you find that there is a big separation in the line that can cause issues. 

Having one side of the crack sit much higher than the other is a true sign that your home is not level.  

If you are looking to move our mobile home you might be interested in our article How to Move a Mobile Home for Free.

                        Mobile Home Leveling: Conclusion

In conclusion, mobile home leveling can be a difficult job depending on how unlevel your mobile home is.  The cost can really vary depending on how much work it takes to get the home back in place.  No matter if you decide to do the job yourself or you hire the work done it is a process that will help your home.  Just be sure if you hire a contractor to do the job you get references and you shop around for the best prices.   

                            FAQ’s: Mobile Home Leveling

How hard is it to level a mobile home?

Leveling a mobile home can be a moderately challenging task that requires some skill and the right equipment. It typically involves lifting the home and adjusting its foundation to ensure it’s on a level surface. While it can be done by experienced DIYers, it’s often best left to professionals to ensure safety and compliance with local regulations.

What is used to level a mobile home?

To level a mobile home, hydraulic or screw jacks are used to lift it, while shims are placed underneath to fine-tune the leveling. Bubble levels and, in some cases, advanced instruments like laser levels may be used to ensure both horizontal and vertical leveling.

How often should you level a mobile home?

The frequency of leveling a mobile home depends on several factors, including the home’s age, soil conditions, and how well it was initially installed. Generally, it’s recommended to check and, if necessary, re-level a mobile home every 1 to 3 years. However, if you notice signs of uneven settling, such as doors and windows not closing properly or visible structural issues, it should be leveled as soon as possible to prevent further damage. Regular inspections and maintenance can help identify when re-leveling is needed.

How do you level a floor in a mobile home?

To level a floor in a mobile home, follow these general steps:

  1. Identify the low and high areas of the floor using a straightedge or level.

  2. Lift the mobile home slightly using jacks, typically placed under the main support beams.

  3. Insert shims under the low areas to raise and level the floor, adjusting as needed.

  4. Use a bubble level to ensure the floor is even and make further adjustments if necessary.

  5. Secure the shims in place, remove the jacks, and ensure the floor remains level.

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