Mobile Home Kitchen Cabinets 9+ Affordable Ideas

Did you know that the kitchen is the number one room used in your home.  You cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner in your kitchen area.  You snack between meals and enjoy time with family and friends in this room. 


                    Mobile Home Kitchen Cabinets

This room is the most valuable room in your home so why not make it nice! In this article we will discuss mobile home kitchen cabinets and ways you can remodel them to look new. 

A mobile home kitchen with red walls

     Mobile Home Kitchen Cabinets: Replacement

There are a few things to consider when you are looking to replace your kitchen cabinets in your mobile home.  You need to take into consideration the size and style of the cabinets, as well as what material the cabinet is made from. 


Are you just replacing one cabinet or are you replacing the whole kitchen cabinet area.  If you are replacing the all the kitchen cabinets get a measurement of the room.  You will need this to figure out how many cabinets you need and where to place them.  Next you will want to go online to a cabinet company that can lay out your cabinets or you can visit a local hardware store. 

It’s amazing the programs available when it comes to kitchen layout. A professional will be able to put a whole diagram together showing your kitchen complete.  If you have a certain budget that you are trying to stay within, they can help you as well. 


                  How to Remove Mobile Home Kitchen Cabinets

Removing mobile home kitchen cabinets can be a challenge.  Not only is it a tough job to do if you are the only one doing it, it can be rather messy.  It is a doable DIY project, however, if you have the right tools and steps to follow.  Here’s how to start the process:

  1. Take plastic and tape off the kitchen area.  No matter how hard you try dust and dirt is going to be moving through the air when you do this type of remodel. 

  2. You will need to empty all the kitchen cabinets. Remove all the dishes, cookware, and food.  You definitely don’t want to try to remove a cabinet that is full of items

  3. Turn off all power to the mobile home kitchen area. If you have electrical outlets or switches you will need to turn off power to that area.

           Removing The Countertops Will Make This Job Easier

  1. Next you will need to remove countertops. If you have a cordless drill available this can come in handy.  There will be screws under the countertops and these will need to be removed to release the countertop from the cabinets.

  2. Removing any trim or molding using a small pry bar or chisel will help to free the cabinets from the walls as well.

  3. Now you will need to disconnect any plumbing lines or gas lines that travel through the cabinet area. Cap off any exposed lines to prevent leaks while you continue to work.

  4. Now you can remove the cabinets. Simply unscrew them from the walls and remove them from the kitchen area.  Beware that kitchen cabinets are very heavy.  It is best if you have someone who can help you remove these, especially the cabinets that are overhead. 

  5. Now you can patch the walls and get them ready for the new cabinets to arrive.

When removing kitchen cabinets it is always best to proceed with caution.  Be sure to wear the appropriate protective gear such as gloves and safety glasses.


Cabinets ripped out of a mobile home

Use a bucket to throw any screws or nails into.  This will help to prevent you from stepping on these items later, which could lead to a visit to a hospital.

At any time, you are unsure of an electric or a gas line it is best to contact a professional.  

                Affordable Mobile Home Kitchen Cabinets

If you are trying to stay within a budget and you need to replace your kitchen cabinets than you might consider RTA cabinets.  RTA stands for ready to assemble cabinets.  These cabinets are flat packed and are shipped directly to your home, ready for assembly.  These cabinets are often less expensive and they are pre-assembled and this can save you hundreds of dollars over regular cabinets.

Look how amazing they look and the quality is amazing as well!! 

New white mobile home kitchen cabinets

When looking for affordable cabinets it’s important to shop around.  Many cabinet companies have sales, clearances, and discounts throughout the year.  Check with your local cabinet makers or online retailer for the best deals.

Another way to save money on kitchen cabinets is to purchase stock sizes.  Custom size cabinets can cost nearly double the price of a stock cabinet.  If you can get stock sizes to fit this will save you a lot of money. 

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                                        Trailer Kitchen Cabinets

When looking to save money and purchase affordable cabinets for your trailer here are some more cost saving ideas.  Consider using good condition used cabinets.  Facebook marketplace is a great place to hunt for these types of bargains. 

A remodeled kitchen in a mobile home

Another great source is Craigslist.  You can find sellers who are looking to update their kitchen cabinets and will sell you used kitchen cabinets for a fraction of what you could purchase new ones for.

Habitat for Humanity is another place you could scoop up good deals.  Many contractors turn in unwanted materials to these types of stores and you might be surprised at what they have. 


                                     Kitchen Cabinets Peeling

When you purchased your mobile home, you might have saved money with laminate cabinets.  The problem with laminated cabinets is that they do not hold up well when exposed to moisture.  Laminated cabinets have a paper-like material that will peel over time.  Here are the ways you can fix this issue. 

                                    Just look at these newly painted cabinets below

A gray kitchen cabinet in a mobile home

                                Peeling Laminate Cabinets

  1. You will want to first remove the peeling laminate.  Do not simply paint over the laminate.  This will only cause the remaining laminate to eventually bubble and that will cause more issues with the cabinets.  Use a putty knife to gently remove the paper like material.  Be very careful not to dig down into the surface of the cabinet.  If you find that it is difficult to remove, try a heat gun to soften the area.

  2. Next you will need to sand the surface of the cabinet. You want to make sure the surface area is smooth.  This will also help to remove any adhesive that could be left behind. 

  3. You may need to use wood putty to fill any scuffs or holes in the cabinets. Putty can fill in any area and be smoothed out with a putty knife.  Once the putty has dried you will want to sand the area once last time to give it a smooth finish.

  4. Now it is time to paint the cabinets. It is recommended to use paint that is high quality and used for kitchen cabinets. You could also consider using a stain or vanish to complete the project. 

  5. Adding new updated hardware to the cabinets will give it a beautiful, updated look.

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            Mobile Home Kitchen Cabinet Doors Replacement

Many times, it is not the cabinet in the kitchen that is damaged, it is just the door.  Wear and tear can cause kitchen cabinets to come unhooked or even break in two.  This can make the kitchen area look bad.  Replacing cabinet doors all together or just one that is damaged can give your kitchen a fresh new look. 

A large kitchen with cupboards down both sides

Replacing Mobile Home Kitchen Cabinet Doors

  1. First remove the old cabinet doors.  You will need to remove any hardware so that you can use it for the new door.  A cordless drill works great for this purpose. 

  2. Measure the cabinet opening. Take a measurement of the width and the length.  This way you can be sure to get a door that will fit the exact area that you need.

  3. It is recommended to take a picture of the old door or to take it with you when ordering a new one. There are hundreds of different designs when it comes to kitchen cabinets, and you will want to find one that matches.

  4. Purchase your new cabinet door whether you go online or to a local hardware store. You should be able to find the same design or very close to it.

  5. Once you have the new door you will want to stain or paint it to match the other cabinet doors. Once it is dried it will be ready to install.   

  6. Install the cabinet door on the frame of the cabinet using the hardware from the old door. Installing the hinges and handles should make the door look like the rest of the cabinets.

  7. You may need to adjust the hinges to level the door and make it flush with the cabinet frames.

                      Remodeling Mobile Home Kitchen Cabinets

Having your kitchen cupboards refaced is another great option when it comes to remodeling your kitchen.  There are companies that will come to your home and reface the kitchen cupboards and the existing cabinet boxes.  This process involves removing all the doors and hardware, but you can literally save you hundreds of dollars and a lot of time over replacing the cupboards enterally. 

A kitchen with a large bar attached

                            Mobile Home Sink Cabinets

One of the number one places for water to leak is under a mobile home sink.  Daily use of the faucet will cause the pipes to loosen up and then leak. This is why a mobile home sink cabinet is the number one replaced cabinet in a mobile home kitchen. 

A double stainless steel sink built into a counter top

Many times, you won’t need to replace the whole cabinet.  If the cabinet sides aren’t damaged and it is just the inside floor of the cabinet, that can easily be replaced. Simply measure the area under the sink and cut a piece of plywood to fit the area.  You will want to first remove the damaged area from the cabinet. 

Moisture under your mobile home kitchen sink can cause mold and it can eventually cause issues to the subfloor of the mobile home. If you discover a leak you will want to fix it quickly.    

       Before and After Mobile Home Kitchen Cabinets Remodel

If you are looking for before and after kitchen cabinet remodel pictures here are a few.  One of the best apps to look at before and after pictures of kitchen area would be Pinterest. This app is loaded with remodeling pictures, and they have some amazing ideas. 

An before shot of a mobile home remodel in the kitchen
An after shot of a mobile home kitchen remodel

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                     How to Paint Mobile Home Kitchen Cabinets

If you are happy with the layout of your kitchen and the cabinets are in good condition one thing you could consider is just painting the mobile home cabinets.  This is a cost effective way to spruce up your kitchen area without the huge remodeling cost and mess that comes with replacing kitchen cabinets.  It is also a huge time saver and who doesn’t like that. 

A country blue kitchen cabinet

Painting Mobile Home Kitchen Cupboards

When it comes to painting the kitchen cabinets there are some steps you want to follow before you start. It’s highly recommended to place plastic around your kitchen area so that way dust and dirt doesn’t get all over the house when doing this process.

  1. First remove the cabinet doors from the cabinets and remove all hardware from the doors.  Having an electric drill will help to make this process faster.

  2. You will want to make sure you are starting with a clean surface. Take and clean the cabinets.  You can do this with a degreaser cleaner or you can sand the cabinets with fine grit sandpaper.  This will help to remove the glossy finish.  Removing any grime and gloss will give your cabinets a slightly rough surface that will help the paint and primer stick to it better. Be sure to do this to the cabinet doors and the cabinets that are still on the wall.   

  3. Take and prime the cabinets. You can brush or roll the primer onto the cabinet, but you will want to make sure to cover the entire surface evenly.  Let the primer dry completely before you start the painting process.

  4. Now it’s time to paint your mobile home kitchen cabinets. Apply a coat of paint to the cabinets using a brush or a roller.  You may need to apply a second coat once the first is completely dry. 

  5. Once the kitchen cabinets are completely dry you will want to reattach any hardware to the cabinet doors. Then you can simply reattach the doors to the cabinets. 

                     Amish Custom Mobile Home Kitchen Cabinets

The Amish are known for building quality wood items.  Their craftsmanship, durability and traditional designs are amazing.  Their wood furniture is handmade by skilled craftsman using woodworking techniques that have been passed down over the years.  Dovetail joins, mortise, and tenon joinery provide superior strength and durability to any piece of wood furniture.  It is hard to beat the quality of their furniture.

All Amish pieces are made from solid wood, such as oak, cherry or maple.  You can get these cabinets in a variety of wood stains as well.  Mobile home kitchen cupboards can be customized to fit your specific needs and the size and style you require. 

a heavy maple cabinetry remodel

Amish built cabinets might be a bit more expensive but the quality you get from these types of mobile home kitchen cabinets are amazing.


                                 Space Saving Kitchen Cabinets

Mobile home kitchens can offer little space.  You need to make the most of the area.  There are ways you can save space in your little kitchen area.  Here are some ideas.

  1. Use pull-out cabinets in areas that will fit.  Pull-out cabinets are a great option for small spaces, and they give you easy access to your items without taking up a lot of space. 

  2. Overhead cabinets are a must if you have a small space that you are working within. Overhead cabinets will help to maximize the vertical space in your kitchen.  What is great about overhead cabinets is that they can be installed all the way up to the ceiling.  These cabinets are great for items that you want to keep but are not used regularly.

  3. Corner cabinets are another great option. This is another place to store items that aren’t used regularly.  The biggest benefit of a corner cabinet is that they have rotating shelves and pull-out drawers, and this can give you easy access to items in the back part of the cabinet.

  4. Narrow cabinets have really become popular over the years. These are perfect for tight spaces but they can also give you that extra storage space that you need.  If you have a small area, consider placing a narrow cabinet, you might be surprised at the space it will give you.

  5. Under cabinet storage. Don’t forget all the space on the underside of your kitchen cabinets.  The underside is a great place to install racks, hooks, or even magnetic straps. This area is great for holding knives, utensils, and pot lids. 


mobile home kitchen cabinets with a nice island

Space Saving Cabinets Something to Consider

When considering installing space-saving cabinets, it’s important to prioritize your storage needs.  Small space saving cabinets can really pack a punch when it comes to increasing your storage area.

                          Kitchen Cabinet Renovation Ideas

Looking to spruce up your kitchen area but you don’t need to replace your kitchen cupboards.  Here are some ideas for renovation ideas:

  1. Replacing kitchen cabinet hardware such as pulls and knobs can have a big effect on your kitchen area.  Adding greenery above your mobile home cabinets or simply putting a few plants in your kitchen area can really spruce up the look.

  2. Are you a coffee drinker? Adding a coffee bar might be something to consider. Having a nice area for your coffee pot, coffee grounds and creamer can make your mornings more enjoyable. 

  3. New hand towels can add a pop of color to your kitchen area. You can find many options for hand towels at a local craft store or your nearest dollar store. 

  4. Spice racks or adding flour containers are very popular nowadays. Check out options online or at your nearest department store.  These items can give your kitchen a new modern look.

  5. Install new lighting: Adding new lights to your room can really improve the look.  Under the cabinet lighting is also amazing and can showcase your cabinets.  There are a variety of different options when it comes to these types of lights. 

  6. Consider adding open shelving to your kitchen area. Especially if you have a nice set of China. Open shelving really is a modern look for many kitchen areas, and it can be just what your kitchen needs.

Mobile home kitchen cabinets that are heavy oak

            Mobile Home Kitchen Cabinets: Conclusion

In conclusion, it is important to choose a kitchen cabinet that not only fits within your budget but one that is durable and will withstand the daily wear and tear.  Whichever design you choose make sure to take before and after pictures of the kitchen area.  You will be surprised at what difference new mobile home kitchen cabinets make.


                            FAQ’s: Mobile Home Kitchen Cabinets

Can you install regular cabinets in a mobile home?

Yes, you can install regular cabinets in a mobile home, but it’s essential to ensure they fit the available space and are securely anchored to account for the potential movement of the home during transportation.

What are mobile home kitchen cabinets made of?

Mobile home kitchen cabinets are typically made from materials like particleboard, medium-density fiberboard (MDF), or other lightweight options to keep the home’s weight within legal limits for transportation. They may also have a vinyl or laminated finish.

How do I upgrade my mobile home cabinets?

To upgrade your mobile home cabinets, you can replace the cabinet doors and hardware for a fresh look, add new countertops, or refinish the existing cabinets. Consider hiring professionals or using DIY methods based on your skills and budget.

Is it cheaper to build or buy kitchen cabinets?

In most cases, it’s cheaper to buy pre-made kitchen cabinets, as building them from scratch can be time-consuming and may require specialized tools and skills. However, custom-built cabinets may be necessary for unique spaces or designs but can be more expensive than stock cabinets.

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