5+ Ways to Make the Mobile Home Connection

Whether you are thinking of selling a mobile home or looking to buy a mobile home there are many things to consider.  In this article 5+ Ways to Make the Mobile Home Connection.  Furthermore, we will discuss tips and tricks to buying or selling a mobile home. 

A blue singlewide with white shutters and skirting

           #1 Mobile Home Connection: Buying a Home

First, you need to decide are you looking to purchase a new home or a used home.  This is a big factor, and you can literally save hundreds if you decide to purchase used.  There are many good used homes still on the market and just waiting to be scooped up. 

For great used homes visit Realtor.com, Trulia or US Mobile Home Pros for great deals on used units.

Looking to buy a new unit.  Just Google new factory mobile homes near me.  Many times, you will find factory units right by your doorstep.   

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                   # 2 Making the Mobile Home Connection

Tell your friends & family that you are looking to purchase a mobile home.  Many times, friends or family know someone looking to sell their homes and can help you out.  Again, pass the word along, you might be surprised by what you discover.

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                   # 3 Connecting Online for a Mobile Home

There are hundreds of groups online that sell mobile homes.  Be sure to try out Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace.  You are sure to find many used or new units on these sites.  Don’t forget to post on your personal page that you are looking for a home.  You might be surprised at who contacts you to give you a good lead.

TIP:  Another great option is posting in groups online.  You will be surprised at the number of people that want to help you find the perfect home.


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 # 4 Hanging up Flyers to Make a Mobile Home Connection

This may seem old school, but many people still read flyers.  If you know what area you are looking to relocate, then this is where you need to start.  Put together a flyer stating you are looking for a good used mobile home and put your phone number on there.  Hang these flyers at restaurants, grocery stores and even your local pizza place.  Be sure to include on the flyer that individuals can text you with the information as well.  There are many homes that are not on the market, yet that people know are coming up, get ahead of the game.

                       #5 Call the Park Office – Connection

Are you looking to live in a mobile home park.  Just pick up the phone and call the park office.  They know what is happening with each home in their park and they speak with their residents often.  You may be shocked to learn of all the homes available that are not on the park website. 

However, if the park does not have any homes available be sure to leave your phone number.  Things change often and they may not have a home when you call but they may have one come up later that day. 


A white small singlewide with red shutters and green grass

If you are 100 percent set on living in this park fill out an application ASAP with the park manager.  It can take a few days to get the approval of the park, if you do that now it will put you in first place to get a home if it becomes available.

           #6 Making a Mobile Home Connection with a Realtor

Realtors are a great source of information.  If they don’t have a mobile home currently in their inventory, they can be on the lookout for you. Realtors typically meet up and discuss different homes that they have available and coming to the market.  These could be homes that haven’t hit the MLS or their agencies websites yet. In addition, be sure to leave your name and number with a local realtor and tell them what you are looking for. 

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                Mobile Home Connection: Conclusion

Lastly, making a mobile home connection is important to securing your home quickly.  Be proactive about pursuing your home and you will be living in it shortly.  Moreover, just remember mobile home living is the best.


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