Indiana Manufactured Homes


Indiana, known by locals as the Hoosier state is a great place to find a manufactured mobile home. Indiana has a total population of over 6.5 Million. Although Indiana looks like a large state it ranks as the 38th largest state in the US.

                             Manufactured Mobile Home Parks in Indiana


There are 1,400 mobile manufactured home parks in the state of Indiana. These parks range in size from very small mom and pop parks to mobile home parks with hundreds of units. You will want to pick a manufactured home park that fits your needs.

Now that you have decided on the city that you would like to live, it should be easy to find a manufactured home. Check out google for manufactured home parks near (your city) Indianapolis for example. You will see a map pop up with many options.

There are a few options that you can proceed with to find out more info on your ideal park. You can visit the website of the park to find out how big they are. Their website will list the amenities of the park. The manufactured park may offer things like: community buildings, playgrounds and pool areas.

Some parks are 55+ communities where they don’t allow small children so be sure to check out what each park has to offer.

Another option would be to take a drive thru the park. Getting to know your park before you commit to it will be important. Many park offices require that you sign at least a one-year lease. Before you move to your new manufactured home park you want to be make sure you will be happy.

                               Manufactured Home Prices in Indiana


Stick built homes in Indiana average cost is $185k. Mobile manufactured homes will save you thousands over stick built. Plus they provide much more affordable housing. You can buy mobile homes for a fraction of the cost of a stick-built home in Indiana. When it comes to new and used manufactured homes the savings vary .


              Buying Used or New Manufactured Homes in Indiana


New Manufactured Homes can cost you anywhere from $40k+ in Indiana. $40k would be the price for a new singlewide but would not likely include the cost to move it. Prices are going to vary depending on if the manufactured home is on land or in a mobile home park.

Manufactured homes that are on private land that come with land are going to be more expensive.

                         Used Manufactured Homes In Indiana

If you are looking for used manufactured homes to buy try or there are quite a few homes listed on both of these sites that we help you.  

When buying used manufactured homes in Indiana you want to make sure to contact the tax office. Before you sign on the dotted line you will want to make sure that all taxes are paid on the home. In

Indiana there can be up to 10 years’ worth of judgments hooked to the mobile home that you are looking to buy. Be sure to discuss this with the tax office especially if you are looking to move the home. You do not want to buy a mobile home in this state only to find out there is thousands of dollars in judgments

Judgments are usually old property taxes, credit card bills, or unpaid electrical bills. To pull a move permit in the state of Indiana they require that all fees are paid up to date.

Indiana Manufactured Home


                           Manufactured Home Dealers in Indiana  

If you are looking to buy a new or used manufactured home in Indiana try this link. Here you can find many affordable used homes and also contact Clayton’s new home outlet. Clayton is Indiana’s manufactured home builder of choice.

There are many floor plans to choose from and affordable financing with Clayton. They are a great choice to help you with your housing needs.

                           Financing for Mobile Homes in Indiana

Financing a manufactured home is not easy. Many banks will not finance a manufactured home these days. You are in luck if you live in Indiana because there are quite a few options. Look no further then filling out this application that will get your information looked at by hundreds of banks. They provide great rates and quick loan processes to their applicants.


                               The best cities to live in in Indiana

Indiana’s capital is Indianapolis with over 820,000 people living within the city. Indianapolis has so many things to do outside of your manufactured home. There is the Indianapolis Zoo which is amazing. It features a botanical garden and a very large animal park. The children’s museum is another great attraction in this city. White River State Park, is worth going to explore this beautiful park. There is over 200 acres to see here and it has endless possibilities.

State Park Indiana


                                           Workforce in Indiana

Like most states, Indiana’s leading job force is health care. You will find jobs from Surgeons, Pediatricians and Dentists. These positions also need assistants. This allows for thousands of jobs in the state of Indiana.


                                             Climate in Indiana

Temperatures and climates in the state of Indiana can vary. It depends on what part of the state you choose to live. This will be an important factor when deciding where to buy your manufactured home. The Northern part of Indiana tends to be cooler with stronger weather coming in from the Great Lakes. The Southern part of Indiana tends to have warmer temperatures as you get more near the Ohio River. The Southern part of Indiana also has some hilly areas. The further you go South you will get towards the foothills of Kentucky.

                                         Tornadoes, Earthquakes

Tornadoes are rare in the state of Indiana. During the Spring and Summer months it is a good idea to be aware of the weather outlook. Indiana has very few cases of bad weather and high winds.

Earthquakes in this state are very rare. Indiana does sit near a couple major fault lines but they don’t tend to be active like other states.

                                        Poisonous Pests in Indiana

If you need to get under your manufactured home you will want to watch for a couple poisonous pests. Although they are very rare to see Indiana does have a couple you need to be careful of. The black and brown recluse spiders can be quite harmful to humans.

Indiana Snake

Indiana has 4 poisonous snakes that you should be aware. These snakes are as listed: Northern Copperhead, Timber Rattlesnake, Massasau and the Cottonmouth. You would have the potential to run into these snakes under a manufactured home. If you notice that the skirting is away from the home you should be cautious. Coming face to face with one of these pests can be a dangerous situation.

In conclusion

The state of Indiana is an amazing state to call home. With affordable housing options and great employment opportunities the potential here is endless. So, what are you waiting for start looking for your new or used manufactured home in Indiana today!

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