Doublewide Mobile Home

A doublewide mobile home offers amazing space for you and your family.  There are many types of manufactured homes and mobile homes available on the market.

                            Doublewide Mobile Home

A large doublewide mobile home with brownish orange steps

We are experienced in helping people to make the most of these kinds of assets.  Whether it is optimizing buying and selling processes for diverse types of mobile homes, we can help.  

One of the popular types of mobile home models is called the double wide. These can also sometimes be called “multi-section homes” depending on the design. This type of mobile home has a larger building footprint in order to accommodate more living space on a particular site plan.

So what do you have to think about when buying or selling a double wide?

Here are some factors.


                          Doublewide Mobile Home Costs

Having a double wide can push the costs of mobile homes up more than 50%.
On the other hand, the floor plans can be more versatile and expensive.

A gray doublewide with blue shutters and white deck

When trying to decide between a fixed width or double wide mobile home, think about your budget, and how much you want to sink into one of these homes as an alternative to more fixed real estate.


                                Resale Value of a Double Wide

There’s also the prospect of double wide mobile homes being easier to sell. It makes sense, because of the size and
layout of these homes. They are more spacious and less cramped than the traditional ones. 

A doublewide on private land will typically sell for much more than a home in a park.  Especially if the doublewide is set on a mobile home foundation.  

                                        Doublewide Trailer

There are a lot of efficiencies, too, that can be created by manufacturing one of these in a factory instead of on-site. The pre-built strategy saves a lot of money! It also creates a standard that’s hard to match with on-site building, in terms of consistency across multiple projects.

                                            A Quick Build

Unlike a traditional home, a double wide mobile home can be built in something like 2 to 3 months. Then it gets
trucked along the highway to its destination, and the new home is finished. As a way to cut costs and deal with the
logistics of new building, these types of manufactured homes can be an excellent option.

                              Doublewide Mobile Home: Features

You can fit a lot more into a double wide mobile home, too. The top manufacturers have a raft of features including home theater and entertainment options and additional bathroom and kitchen structures that appeal to buyers.


                                Used Doublewides For Sale Near Me

If you are looking to purchase a used doublewide mobile home you might try US Mobile Home Pros.  This site has many homes listed throughout the US and they deal mainly in used mobile homes.  

Another option would be to look through Zillow or Trulia for used homes.  You can often find used doublewides on land on these sites.  

Mobile Home Deck Plans is another great article that you might read to add living space to your doublewide.  Another great one is Mobile Home Back Porch Ideas

A doublewide mobile home sitting alone



In conclusion, if you are looking for a doublewide mobile home whether you want to buy or sell hopefully this article gave you some ideas of how to do both. 


                        FAQ’s: Doublewide Mobile Home

How much are most double wides?

The cost of a double-wide mobile home can vary significantly depending on factors such as size, location, and features. On average, a double-wide mobile home can range from $50,000 to $100,000 or more.

Is a double-wide the same as a mobile home?

A double-wide is a type of mobile home, characterized by being wider than a single-wide mobile home. While they are both types of manufactured homes, double-wides are typically more spacious and are transported in two separate sections, which are then joined together on-site.

What is the average lot rent for a mobile home?

Lot rent for a mobile home in Michigan can vary by location, but on average, it can range from $200 to $400 per month or more. Costs may differ based on the amenities and services provided by the mobile home park.

Can I put a manufactured home on my property?

Yes, you can typically place a manufactured home on your property, but you’ll need to comply with local zoning and land use regulations. It’s essential to check with your local government or zoning department to understand the specific requirements and permitting processes for installing a manufactured home on your land.

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