How Wide Is a Single Wide Mobile Home

  When deciding if a mobile home is right for you will be faced with a few decisions.  Many people chose a single-wide mobile home because of its small size.  A singlewides standard size is 14 to 16 feet wide. Just how wide is a single wide mobile home?  Let’s find out.
In this blog, we’ll go over some of the most common questions about singlewides.  We will discuss the size of a singlewide mobile home, from its measurements to the price per square foot.
Hopefully, this blog will help you decide on which size of a mobile home is right for you.  Keep in mind that you can always make additions to your singlewide as well.

                How wide is a single wide mobile home

Measuring a Mobile Home


        How wide are these singlewides : Measuring

Most mobile homes appear quite large from the outside.  The difference between a singlewide and doublewide mobile home can be quite different in terms of layout.
When looking at options for mobile home sizes, it is important to know how they are measured. The common technique of measuring a mobile home is taken from its most outside corner to the other outside corner. Keep in mind that this is the dimension of the outside, not the inside livable space.
Park Model Mobile Homes are very small compared to a regular singlewide.  These little homes are really starting to become popular.  

         Figuring out the square foot of a singlewide mobile home

Figuring out the square footage of a singlewide mobile home is easy. If you know your measurements you can do it quickly.
You need the measurement of the width and the measurement of the length.
Then, you take those lengths and multiple them against each other.
So for example, you have a 16 feet wide mobile home with a length of 40 feet long.  This is how you would figure the square feet: 16 x 40 = 640.
You would get 640 square feet.
Here is more information on how to measure a mobile home. 


                    How big is a singlewide mobile home

Mobile homes, both singlewide and doublewide, can vary in dimension.  It really depends on the timeframe they were built.  It also depends on the company that designed them, and the purpose they serve.
Singlewide mobile homes can be anywhere from 14 feet wide to 16 feet wide.  They typically measure 48 to 76 feet long.
TIP:  A mobile home with a hitch will add approximately 4 feet to the length. This is especially important if you are planning to move your mobile home anytime soon.  Movers like to know the exact size of a mobile home.  

    Size of a doublewide vs. a singlewide mobile home

The biggest difference between a doublewide and singlewide mobile home is space.  A singlewide mobile home is generally between 600 and 1,330 square feet. Doublewide mobile homes are typically 1,067 to 2,300 square feet.
A singlewide must be no more than 18 feet wide and no longer than 90 feet long. A doublewide can be 20 to a whopping 32 feet wide and 42-60 feet long.
A singlewide can be defined as a trailer because it is one piece.  A doublewide is moved in 2 separate pieces, and is typically 28 ft wide.
Interestingly, both singlewides and doublewides can often be found in the 44 ft long range. A singlewide being smaller, it is usually rectangular shaped, whereas there are more options for a doublewide.
Both can be extended with a deck, although that will be additional money on part of the buyers. You get more latitude when you buy a doublewide mobile home as there is more space inside for the designer to create a layout.
Singlewides are generally about half the space of the site-built home for a family. Although they are perfect for anyone looking to downsize, who has a small family, or is trying to save money.


           How much does a singlewide mobile home cost per square ft?

Mobile homes, had their inception around 1870.  They came into popularity in America around 1926.  They have always remained a low-cost option for families looking to conserve funds and own a place of their own.
Singlewide mobile homes come in a range of cost per square foot typically 30 – 66 dollars per square foot.
It really depends on if the mobile home is used or new. If it has new and updated features such as an open floor plan and air conditioning. Regardless, you’ll be saving money compared to a site-built home. Mobile homes come from factory lines and therefore are more inexpensive to produce.

        How does one tell if it’s a singlewide or doublewide mobile home?

How wide is a singlewide mobile home

One can consider a mobile home doublewide if it is no less than 20 feet wide. A doublewide should have at least 600 square feet of living space inside.
Many are under the impression that a singlewide has to be 16 feet in width, but the industry actually only requires 14 feet.
Singlewide mobile homes are widely considered to be the most adaptable type of mobile home.  These homes are factory-built and have a range of design layouts.  With a singlewide you can have a relatively small footprint.  Some singlewide are only 400 square feet of living space.
This is a doublewide mobile home pictured to the right. 

                           How tall is a singlewide mobile home?

In 1980, many mobile homes were designed with vaulted ceilings.  Vaulted ceilings were slightly taller in the center of the room. For example, if the ceiling was 7 feet tall at the edge of the room, they would grow to 9 feet tall in the center.
In the 2000s, a new design came to popularity. Higher ceilings averaging 9 feet tall all the way across. So depending on what time your mobile home was built, you could see a big variety in ceiling heights.


           How easy is it to add on to a singlewide to make it wider?

Although it is not without difficulty to add on to a singlewide, it absolutely is possible and many chose to do so because they want a garage, storage room, deck, or a sunroom.
Adding an addition can give you more living space and great views of your yard.

                                                         Singlewide addition

You will have to get clearance within your local buildings’ code department, and you’ll either have to hire someone to do the addition or learn about how to build the extension yourself.
Knowing your measurements on your home will also help if you decide to do a mobile home foundation.  
Hopefully, this blog can help lead you to the exciting decision of buying a singlewide mobile home for you and your family! Now you won’t be asking the question, ” How wide is a single wide mobile home ?”

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