Mobile Home Siding

Are you looking at replacing your mobile home siding?  Curb appeal is important when it comes to your home.  Changing the color or appearance of the outside will not only improve the look of the home, but it can also improve its energy efficiency as well.  

                               Mobile Home Siding

Let’s look at the different types of siding options available for your mobile home: 


                           Mobile Home Siding: Vinyl

Vinyl siding has become the most popular choice when it comes to siding.  It’s easy to cut and install and very cost effective.  The siding also comes in hundreds of colors, and it also comes in different widths.  Vinyl siding is also available in vertical options as well, which has become quite popular over the last few years.

A stack of vinyl siding

    Choosing the Correct Mobile Home Siding

Choose the right siding for the climate and weather conditions in your area.  You will need to consider the cost and durability of different options. You will also want to consider the look and style that you want.  Drive around your local neighborhood to get a feel for style.  Take pictures and be creative. 

Pinterest is also an amazing app that can help to give you ideas on what siding to choose for your home. 

There are also apps that can change the color or texture of your siding by simply taking a picture of your home and uploading it. 


                     What is the Best Siding for a Mobile Home

 When choosing the best siding option for your home be sure you don’t overbuild. Using vinyl is going to be the best looking and the cheapest alternative.  You want something that is going to complement the area you live in but also make your home stand out.

Visit any building department store and you will find an array of different colors of siding readily available.  

A variety of colors of mobile home siding




                                Mobile Home Siding Before and After 

Just look at the new siding on this singlewide.  Its amazing the difference that this makes:

A singlewide with brown mobile home siding on a lot
A mobile home with new blue siding

Are you looking for mobile home siding made specifically for your mobile home.  You can have it shipped right to your home.  Visit mobile home siding today.  

Vinyl siding is also easy to maintain.  You can easily clean this siding with a garden hose, scrub brush and soap. 


                             Mobile Home with Wood Siding

Wood siding is beautiful to look at.  If you live in a wooded area wood siding can give you the rustic natural look that you might be looking for. 

If you have true wood siding the upkeep of it can be very difficult.  It is recommended that wood siding be treated at least once a year to reseal the wood.  This would involve staining or just painting the wood surface thoroughly, which can be a daunting task. 

If you have wood siding that has mildew or dark spots you might consider having the surface lightly power washed.  Once it has been power washed you can then consider staining the wood again and sealing the surface of the home. 

If maintaining the wood siding has become too much you might consider replacing it with vinyl or metal siding. Vinyl and metal siding is very easy to maintain and keep clean.   


                                Log Siding for Mobile Home

There is siding that mimics the look of natural log siding but its vinyl. This is a cheap way to give your mobile home a rustic wooded look.  The vinyl log siding is much easier to maintain over real logs.  Real logs need to be treated every year and resealed. 

When considering the log appearance check into the vinyl sided log it is also very inexpensive compared to real logs. 

                                       Metal Siding for Mobile Home

Metal siding is becoming more popular for mobile homes.  While metal siding may be more expensive it is much more durable, it’s low maintenance, and it can improve the overall appearance of the mobile home.  This type of siding comes in a variety of colors and can be ordered to the exact size that you need for the sides of your mobile home. 


                            Mobile Home Siding: Aluminum

Having aluminum siding on your home is a good thing.  Most sidings aren’t worth anything if you look to replace them. However, aluminum siding is worth money at your local scrap yard.  If you are looking to replace your aluminum siding, you can use the scrap money to put towards the new siding.

If your aluminum siding color looks bad but the siding is actually in good condition you might consider just painting the siding.  This has become very popular.  Metal siding actually is great for insulating your mobile home and replacing it with vinyl might not be as good a choice.  So, if you can restore the aluminum siding by simply painting it this might be a better option.  


                              Mobile Home Siding Panels

Siding panels are large, prefabricated pieces of material that are used to cover the exterior of a building. They are typically made of vinyl, aluminum, steel, or fiber-cement and come in a variety of colors, textures and styles. Siding panels are a popular choice for home exteriors because they are easy to install, low maintenance, and can give a home a fresh new look. They can also be used to improve the energy efficiency of a home.

Siding panels come in different sizes and shapes, some of them are designed to be installed vertically, others horizontally, and some of them are designed to look like individual boards or shakes. They are typically installed by attaching them to the exterior walls of the building, with a system of nails, screws or clips. The installation process is quick and easy, making it a popular choice for home renovation projects.

A brown tan piece of vinyl siding

                    How Much Does It Cost to Reside a House

The cost to reside your mobile home would come down to the type of material that you use. 

On average, the cost to reside a home with vinyl siding can range from $5,000 to $10,000, while the cost to reside a home with wood or cedar siding can range from $15,000 to $20,000. Factors such as the type of siding, the quality of the siding, and the contractor’s labor costs can all affect the final cost.

It’s also important to note that these are rough average numbers, and the cost can vary greatly depending on the region, and the complexity of the installation. It’s recommended to get a few quotes from local contractors to get a more accurate estimate for your specific project.

If you plan to do the work yourself, take the measurements of your mobile home.  This may help How to Measure a Mobile Home.  Take these measurements down to your local hardware store and ask them to figure the supply list out.  They will then be able to give you an exact quote and price range. 

There are many other items that go into siding a mobile home J Channel, F Channel, corners and starter strip.  You might be surprised how quickly it all adds up. 

Tip: Check Facebook Marketplace for siding.  Many times, contractors have extra siding or individual home owners order too much.  This is a great way to get siding at a discount for your project.  Just make sure you have enough to cover your project. 


                             Mobile Home Siding and Skirting

Replacing the skirting on your home is another great option.  This can add great curb appeal to your home especially if your skirting is all bent, or it has holes in it. 

The skirting to a mobile home is just as important if not more important than the siding on your mobile home.  Skirting helps to keep critters and weather out from under your home and this is very important. 

Skirting is often referred to as Underpinning.  Check out this article on Underpinning Mobile Home for more information on how to install and measure for this installation. 


                         Replacing Siding on an Old Mobile Home

There really isn’t anything that you can do better than to upgrade your siding on an old vintage mobile home to make it look newer and more modern.  As stated above you might consider painting the siding rather than replacing it.  However, if you are set up replacing the siding this can be a fun project.  Be sure to take before and after pictures of the process. 

Figure out what type of siding you want to replace it with and then get your measurements and start the process. 


Preparing for installation:

Now that you have decided which siding to replace on your mobile home its time to get to work.  You need to decide now if you are going to do the work to the home or have someone else do the work.

Remove any existing siding

Next, check for repair any damage underneath the home. You will want to fix any major damage to the structure.  Damage can let in termites and weather underneath your siding, and this can cause issues later on. 

Make sure the surface is clean and smooth and ready for installation of the new product

House wrap is a great idea as well if you are in a colder area.  House wrap can be added to your home to help insulate it and keep the cold weather out.  


Installing the Siding

Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer.  Measure and cut the siding to fit.  This process typically goes quite quickly.  You will slow down around windows and obstacles. 

When your siding is complete be sure to make the finishing touches.  Shutters on your mobile home add a nice touch and great curb appeal.  Caulk any open edges around the windows. 

                     Mobile Home Siding: Conclusion

Siding can give your mobile home a whole new look and make it look practically brand new.

Sometimes you don’t even need to replace the siding it may just need to be cleaned.  Check out our article on Siding Mildew to keep your siding looking fresh and clean. 

Mobile Home Siding: Final Tip 

Tips:  Be sure no matter what option you choose you keep some extra siding nearby.  You never know when you might break a piece or you might damage a piece you may have a tough time matching the piece later on.   Good luck and be sure to take your before and after pictures.  The change might just amaze you!

A gray mobile home with new siding



                        FAQ’s: Mobile Home Siding

What kind of siding is the best for mobile homes?

The best siding for a mobile home often depends on factors like climate, budget, and aesthetics. Vinyl siding is a common choice due to its affordability, durability, and ease of maintenance.

What is the cheapest building siding?

Among the cheapest siding options, vinyl and aluminum siding are typically cost-effective choices. However, the specific cost can vary based on factors like material quality, labor, and location.

How to replace the exterior of a mobile home?

To replace the exterior of a mobile home, start by removing the existing siding, inspecting the structure for any damage, and making any necessary repairs. Then, install the new siding material of your choice following the manufacturer’s guidelines and local building codes.

Can you put Hardie board siding on a mobile home?

Yes, you can put Hardie board siding on a mobile home. It can be a durable and aesthetically pleasing option, but it’s essential to ensure the mobile home’s structure can support the weight of the Hardie board and follow installation guidelines to maintain its warranty.

Are you looking for mobile home siding made specifically for your mobile home.  You can have it shipped right to your home.  Visit mobile home siding today.  

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