Measuring a mobile home might sound harder than it actually is.  I get many calls regarding selling mobile homes and when I ask the question of size many people don’t know these figures.  This post will help you figure out who to measure your mobile home and give you some tips on how to make it easier.

When measuring a mobile home.  Measure from outside corner to outside corner do not include the overhang.  Your best bet is to get a 100′ tape measure from your local hardware store.  These tape measures are pretty affordable usually around $20 and do an amazing job if you are trying to measure the home by yourself.  You can also order these tape measures online and have them shipped right to your doorstep.


These tape measures feature a little claw hook at the end that you can latch on to the siding.  If you don’t have someone to hold the other side of the tape measure this little latch comes in handy to keep the tape where you want it. 

Another great tape measure is this one pictured below that you can roll and it will measure the distance as you walk.  If you have a mobile home that has alot of shrubs or items along side the mobile home this is a great tape measure to get a rough estimate of the length and width of the mobile home.

Once you have the width of your home measured which is usually 14 to 16 ft wide for singlewides and 24 to 28 for doublewides. You will want to run your tape measure down the length of your home again don’t include the overhang of the home hook that latch right on to the outside corner and pull tight.

If your home measures 56’7″ long that is usually rounded up to 57′. Any inch measurement above 5 would always round up to the next foot typically.    

                                                   FIGURING SQUARE FOOTAGE:

Now that you know your width and length of your mobile home rounded up to the nearest foot.  Just multiply the 2.

EXAMPLE:  If your home measures 14 ft. wide by 76 ft. wide just multiply the two numbers:​​

                          14 x 76 = 1,064 sq. ft.

 Or, if you have a home that measures 26 ft. wide by 64 ft. long 

                          26 x 64 = 1,664 sq. ft.

Better yet you can use this simple square foot calculator site and just enter in the information and it will do the figuring for you!


The data plate located usually inside the mobile home will tell you quite a bit of information about the structure of the mobile home as well.  The data plate will not tell you the measurement of the mobile home so it is important to know how to do that.  

When measuring your mobile home you may have structures, shrubs and bushes to deal with.  This can be very annoying…how are you suppose to measure a home that you can’t even get close to.  I always just try to do my best even if you have to stand a few feet away from the mobile home just make sure you are lined up with the outside corners and do your best.  Another possibility is to get a trimmer and cut some of the branches back so that you can get the tape measure in there and get an accurate measurement.  

A few times a week, I will also talk to sellers who are confused if they have a single or doublewide mobile home.  Singlewide mobile homes tend to look narrow and long from the road while doublewide mobile homes are more wide and typically shorter, the average length for doublewide mobile homes is approximately 56 ft. long.  which is shorter than singlewides which average 60 – 75 feet long.

It’s that simple….

FUN FACT:  Now some people experienced with mobile homes will ask you if that includes the hitch to the mobile home.  If you are measuring outside corner to outside corner than no that doesn’t include the hitch.  The hitch to the mobile home always adds roughly 4 ft to the length of the home…So if your home measures 64 ft long technically it’s considered 68 ft. long.  Most people will just want to know the measurements of the home itself!!

  Looking to purchase a mobile home

If you are looking to purchase a mobile home square footage is important. You have to pick out a mobile home that is right for you and your family.  How many beds and baths will you need?  Will you need an extra bedroom for an office or supply area?  If you are looking to move into a mobile home park having extra storage is important. Many times all your belongings will not fit into the sheds that are provided and having an extra room really can help.

Mobile homes come in many sizes, shapes and stories now a days.  You can custom order mobile homes to fit your every need.  If you are looking for something specific and you can’t find a mobile home that fits your needs set down with a new mobile home specialist and let them help you.

In conclusion, measuring a mobile home is quite simple.  It’s important to know the square footage of your mobile home when selling it.  Each square foot will make your mobile home typically worth more money, in that aspect they are a lot like stick built homes.  The more room you have the more they are worth.  Its simple!