Selling a Mobile Home

Selling A Mobile Home? Look Out For These Scenarios. 

               Selling a Mobile Home:  On Property 

In selling an existing mobile home property, you’re dealing with a pretty large and diverse market.

All kinds of people
are pursuing these types of deals in different ways.
In our experience, working with mobile home owners and buyers, we understand how this can be a trying time.

Selling A Mobile Home

Maybe you have a timeline in mind for a sale. Be sure to pay  as much attention to who the buyers are, or what
they are offering.

We’re experienced in consulting with manufactured home and mobile home owners.  We try to make sure they get the best deal possible.

Here are some red flags to look out for if you’re in the process of trying to make one of these transactions.


                    Owner Financing A Mobile Home

In some ways, owner financing is all the rage these days, but you have to look out for situations where the buyer is going to default and you’re not actually going to get that money.

In addition, you have to use an attorney to draft the agreement, and some pretty important research comes into play there, too. You essentially have to be knowledgeable enough to know that the deal is going to go down the right way, and trusting enough of the attorney or stakeholders involved in the deal that you know they’re not going to cut

So owner financing introduces some additional wrinkles in the process and should be looked at very carefully.

                                       Sketchy Cash Deals

A cash deal can be great, but when people are promising things that are too good to be true, it’s important to look this type of gift horse in the mouth.

Some people present themselves as dealers, but come without any sort of actual credential or experience in the market. Some try to make a cash deal outside of the usual protocols, in order to leave certain important parts of the deal open to interpretation.

It’s in your best interest to stay away from these scenarios, too, as you strive to make a legitimate transaction and sell your mobile home.

Selling a Mobile Home

                          Chattel Deals Mobile Home

There’s also an additional component to mobile home sales having to do with whether you own the land or not. If
you’re only selling the mobile home itself, the deal will be structured differently. That is sometimes called a “chattel deal” in the business. It requires its own attention to detail.

Sell My Mobile Home

We have helped a lot of people deal with these realities and other parts of the mobile home sale process.

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Talk to Mobile Home Buyers about all sorts of mobile homes and manufactured homes, and look at our testimonials for how we have helped people in the past. We want to be there for you!

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