Mobile Home Water Shutoff Valve

A mobile home water shutoff valve is probably the last thing you would ever think about.  That is until you need it. Having shut off valves in different locations throughout your mobile home is important.   It’s like ketchup you want to put these things on everything.  In this article we will discuss why its important to have them in different locations and why they are needed.


                    Mobile Home Water Shut Off Valve 

The first shut off value you should know about when it comes to owning a mobile home is the main one.  Now, if you have a mobile home in a mobile home park there would be two main valves.  The first one comes from the parks supply line from the crock towards the home.  The park maintenance person is usually quite knowledgeable about this line. 

A singlewide mobile home on brown and green grass

                   Mobile Home Water Shut Off Valve: Outside

This line that is the responsibility of the mobile home park it is typically called the outside water shut off valve.  If this were leaking or were to break it is the responsibility of the mobile home park to fix.  You need a way to turn your water off and on in case of emergency. 

                          Water Shut Off Valve in Mobile Home

In the event of a water emergency you can call the park office and they typically have an emergency phone line. This line will ring into the maintenance man who can respond quickly. It is best if you have this number available already before an emergency.  Post the number on your fridge and keep it stored in your cell phone.  A water break inside your mobile home can do tremendous damage rather quickly.  Seconds will count when you have an emergency so be prepared.  To order water shutoff valves directly to your doorstep click here now. 

Water Shutoff Valve with a large handle

                        Manufactured Home Water Shut Off

The second main line would lead from that supply that the park is responsible for into the bottom of the mobile home.  If you pull back the mobile home skirting also known as  underpinning mobile home, you will see this line.  Once it goes under the mobile home you should see a value to turn the water supply off or on. This line is where your responsibility would start.  This is called the second main valve. 

Many times, during cold weather this line will freeze because it is not buried, and it is exposed to the elements.    Frozen mobile home pipes are not fun.  It is best to make sure that this line has heat tape added to it.  For more details on this visit our article on Frozen Pipes Mobile Home.   


                                   Water Shut Off Valve Leak

Now the main reason that these shut off valves are important is because you need a way to turn the water off.  Its really that simple.  If you don’t have a way to shut off the water and you have a leak you can’t stop the water from being supplied to your lines that you need to fix.  When the water supply is not shut off you can literally have water spraying everywhere.

                      Water Shut Off Valve Mobile Home

One of the first things you should do when buying a new or used mobile home is to make sure that there are water shut off valves under every major water area such as the kitchen sinks, bathrooms sinks, the showers or tubs, the hot water heaters, the washing machine and also the water softener.  It sounds like a lot of work, but one leaky pipe and you will be glad to have these shut off valves. 

                         Mobile Home Shower Shut Off Valve

The mobile home shower shut off valve should be right behind where the water supply comes up to the shower itself.  Having a shutoff valve here is important to be able to fix a leaky handle or shower head. 

A shower that is framed in

You might discover that there is no shutoff value in this area because everything is built into the wall.  This makes fixing these units very difficult.  If this is the case, you will have to refer to the main shut offs to fix this area of the mobile home. 

Mobile homes showers are used often so they can spring leaks.  Many times, the leaks occur around the off and on handles or the head on the shower goes bad.  You will want a way to shut this area down so you can work on the tub or shower. 

                    Mobile Home Water Shut Off Valve: Heater

Nobody likes to replace a mobile home hot water heater.  Not only are they expensive to replace they can be difficult to replace.  The mobile home hot water heater is typically located in the master bedroom closet behind a piece of drywall.  If you look carefully in this area you will see screws in the paneling that can easily be removed.  You will find that it is not easy to work on these units while you are crammed in a small closet.

a hot water heater with a mobile home water shutoff valve on top of it

Mobile home water heaters have a water supply line that runs into the top of them.  This line should have a shut off valve on it.  Simply turn the valve and this should cut off the water supply to and from the unit.

TIP:  If you decide to drain the hot water heater and it is electric be sure you turn it off first.  Running a hot water heater dry can ruin it. 

                           Basement Water Shut Off Valve

If you have a mobile home on private land you may have a crawl space or a mobile home basement.  Depending on what type of foundation you have you will need to get under your mobile home to find the shut off valve.  You should have a pump in your mobile home basement, and this will be the area where you can turn the water off and on.   


                                     Sink Shut Off Valves

Sinks are another common area in the mobile homes to go bad.  Sinks are used everyday and this can cause a lot of wear and tear on them.  Just shutting the faucets off and on can loosen up the water supply that comes up underneath them.  You will want to make sure you have a shut off valve for the hot water and also the cold water supply. 

If you discover that your sinks do not have water valves underneath just visit your local hardware store.  They should be able to point you in the right direction.

A leak under your sinks can cause damage to your cabinets and subfloor quickly.  If at all possible place a small towel down and then a bucket to catch the water.  This will give you time to fix the leak. 

                               Sharkbite Water Shut Off Valve

If you are looking for a quick fix, check out the new sharkbite water systems.  These handy little valves just twist on to the water line and can make your job a snap literally.   The biggest benefit of these valves is they do not require soldering, heat, or a flame to install. 

                                Mobile Home Toilet Supply Line

A leaky toilet is another major problem in mobile homes.  The daily use of the toilet slowly loosens them up and they can start to leak around the base.  This is a problem that you want to address ASAP.  Water on mobile home floors can cause them to weaken or warp quickly.  Mobile home floors are made with particle board and this does not do well with water. 

The supply line to the back of the toilet is where the shut off valve will be located.  Turn this valve and you should be able to drain the toilet and work on it.  If the valve is bad, you will need to turn off your main water valve to replace this bad one.

                          Washing Machine Shut Off Valve

Water leaks never come at good and convenient times.  They are always a hassle and that can really be the case if you have 4 loads of laundry to do.  You go to start the washing machine only to have water go spraying everywhere. Not only do you have to figure out the problem you know have a water mess to clean up. 

A laundry area with a washer and dryer

Water supply lines are located behind the wash machine.  You will want to pull out the washing machine and figure out where the issue is coming from.  Directly behind the machine you should be able to see the water shut off valve.  You know will have to figure out if you need a new line or if something is leaking from behind the machine further.

                                                       Mobile Home Water Softener

Mobile home water softeners are a nice addition to any home.  That is until you have a problem with them leaking or not working correctly.  In the event that you have to replace or fix your water softener you will want to make sure that you have a valve to stop water from coming into your softener.  The valve should be located near your softener, and you would just have to turn it to stop the water supply from filling the machine further. 

                                            Water Sensing Shut Off Valve

Technology has come a long way.  There are now water valves that will shut down when they detect water flooding.  These valves plug in and a great asset if you leave your mobile home unattended for long periods of time.  They do tend to a more pricy than regular valves.  These valves however could save you from a large repair bill to your mobile home wall or floor.    

        Mobile Home Water Shutoff Valve: Water Alarms

Another great technology that is out is water alarms.  If you have issues with water leaks than this might be the thing for you.  These little devices are very affordable and can be placed throughout your home in areas where you might get a water leak.  An alarm will sound when water is detected, and this can get you to the repair quickly before damage occurs. 

                                              Ball Water Valve

A ball water valve is another type of value that is commonly used in mobile homes.  This can be used to replace a bad or leaky valve in your home.  Ball valves do tend to be more dependable, and they stop the water when you need them to. 

                         Turning Water Back on After Shut Off

Once you have your water issue resolved you will want to turn your water back on.  If you have shut off the main valve under your mobile home, you will want to open your faucets in your home slowly.  Air gets into the line when you do fixes and this can cause the lines to chug and spray.  Start by turning on the sink faucets and then the shower faucets.  Let them run for a few minutes until they are running solid and smooth. 

                          How to Turn Water Back on Outside

You will have to contact the mobile home park if the maintenance person was the one who shut the water off outside.  Again they are responsible for the main water that comes to your home from the park.  Let them turn this water supply off and on. 

                                 How to Turn On Water Meter

A water meter is a device that measures the flow of water into your mobile home from a park of city supply.  The park or city personnel would be the ones responsible for this unit.  Be sure to contact them directly if you suspect there is an issue with the water meter. 


                           Mobile Home Water Shutoff Valve: Conclusion

Water leaks happen and they can easily be fixed if you prepare in advance for them.  When you own a home you will discover that they are part of maintaining a home.  Hopefully this article gave you some tips and tricks to make your water leak fix easier. Mobile home water shutoff valves are important and now you know why.  

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             FAQ’s: Mobile Home Water Shutoff Valve

Where is the shut off valve for water in a mobile home?

The shut-off valve for water in a mobile home is usually located near the water meter or where the main water supply line enters the home. It can also be found inside a utility compartment or a crawl space.

What size is the main water line in a mobile home?

The size of the main water line in a mobile home can vary, but it’s commonly 3/4 inch in diameter. However, the specific size may depend on the mobile home’s design and local building codes.

Is plumbing different in a mobile home?

Plumbing in a mobile home can be different from that in a traditional house due to the structure’s mobility and the use of flexible pipes. Mobile homes often use PEX or PVC pipes, and the plumbing system is designed to accommodate the home’s mobility and size.

How do I stop water from running under my mobile home?

To prevent water from running under your mobile home, ensure proper grading and drainage around the home. Installing skirting or underpinning can also help by enclosing the area beneath the home, preventing water from flowing underneath. Proper maintenance of gutters and downspouts can further contribute to managing water around the mobile home.

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