Whether you already own a mobile home park or you are still thinking about owning one, you might be concerned about what your responsibilities are. After all, you are the landlord of a mobile home park or about to become one, so we have compiled a list of responsibilities you have to carry out as a mobile home park owner. Do enjoy the read.

Rent Collection in a Mobile Home Park 

This is the first thing that will come to your mind when you think of becoming a mobile home park owner. You will need to keep a record of tenants that have paid rent,  the ones that are yet to pay, the ones that paid late, and how long they were late. You also need to take note of missed payments, so you’ll know the next action to take.

Safety of the Mobile Home Park

You might there aren’t many safety precautions to be put in place in a mobile home park.  You would be surprised at the number of hazards that can occur in a mobile home park. Especially when there are children or toddlers in the park.

An example is trees, which can be dangerous if not properly taken care of. Branches can grow too big and drop on people, cars, or mobile homes near them. So it is your responsibility as a mobile home owner to ensure that the trees and every other safety precautions are put in place.


Keeping the Mobile Home Park Clean 

Different areas constitute a mobile home park as a whole. Although some areas in the park are more important than others.  Every area in the park must be kept clean at all times. So, it is the responsibility of the mobile park owner to ensure that every area is clean.  They need to make sure garbage collection is well planned.  They should also ensure that the tenants are aware of the schedule for the garbage collection.

Making sure you have connected utilities and they are functioning at all times

Electricity, water, good drainage, and gas are all necessary rights of your tenants.   Tenants are entitled to utility hook ups at all times but the tenants are responsible for the bills to them. So, a mobile park owner has to ensure that these utilities are functioning properly at all times.  The only time the park wouldn’t be responsible is in situations you can’t control.   You can’t control when natural disasters arise, and cause damage to the utilities. As the law gives the mobile park owner three days to repair these facilities when situations like that occur. 

Ensuring that the Mobile Home Park Buildings are in Good Condition

It is the responsibility of the mobile home park owner to ensure that every building and infrastructure in the parks are all in good condition. Infrastructures like roads or garages should be repaired whenever they are damaged.

  • Enforcement of Rules and Regulations

This is one area many mobile home park owners or even landlords, in general, don’t like. Not every landlord can be strict when it comes to rules enforcement and meting out punishments. So, this is why it is advisable to hire a manager if you can’t handle residents yourself.


Mobile Home Park Evictions: These Are Bad For Everyone Involved 

One thing that parks have to deal with is evictions as well.  Evictions are no fun for tenants or park management.  The park is forced to lose lot rent.  This results in having their revenue stream held up for a couple months while they start the eviction process. 

The tenant is now forced to find new housing.  Now the tenant has to worry about their mobile home that is setting on a rented piece of land and now the tenant is probably facing a mobile home park eviction


 In Conclusion: Keep In A Relationship with Your Park Office

Finally, ensure that you have an excellent landlord-tenant relationship with your tenants so that they won’t hesitate to reach out to you when they have issues affecting them. Although, you don’t have to be overly friendly.