Mobile Home Park for Sale

If you’re considering investing in a mobile home park for sale, there are a few things you should know.  Mobile home parks have become an increasingly popular investment choice over the years, and for good reason. They offer a stable source of income, low maintenance costs, and a relatively low barrier to entry.  


                              Mobile Home Park For Sale

Mobile home park investing can be a great way to make passive income.  While the economy is wildly up and down affordable housing in (bulk) or in a park has become a stability to many portfolios.  Typical returns on mobile home park investing range from 10 – 12 % on the low end.  

There are many things you need to watch for when purchasing a mobile home park.  So you want to educate yourself as best as possible as this is a large investment. Mobile Home Parks are backed by real assets so it makes this an amazing opportunity.    

However, before you dive into the world of mobile home park investing, there are some important factors to consider. In this article, we’ll explore what you need to know about mobile home parks for sale.

A large pine tree and some small pine trees next to a trailer

Location is Key

As with any real estate investment, location is key when it comes to mobile home parks. A mobile home park located in a desirable area with a strong local economy and a high demand for housing will likely perform well. Conversely, a mobile home park in a less desirable area may struggle to attract tenants and generate revenue.

When considering a mobile home park for sale, be sure to research the surrounding area. Look at factors such as local employment rates, median income levels, and population growth. This information can help you determine whether the park is located in a strong market.


           Can You Buy a Lot in a Trailer Park Instead of Renting?

In many trailer parks, individuals have the option to either rent a lot or buy one. If you choose to buy a lot in a trailer park, you typically own the land where your mobile home is situated. Keep in mind that each trailer park may have its own rules and regulations regarding lot ownership, so it’s important to carefully review the terms of the purchase agreement and any community guidelines provided by the park management. Additionally, you may be required to pay monthly maintenance fees or association dues for the upkeep of common areas and services in the trailer park.


           How to Find Out if a Mobile Home Park is for Sale

There are several ways to find out if a mobile home park is for sale.  The first way would be to check online listings for the park.  Websites like, Zillow or even BizBuySell can help to point you in the right direction. 

Another great way to find mobile home parks for sale is by networking.  You will want to network with like-minded individuals such as: brokers, mobile home park investors and real estate agents in general.  There are many online groups that you gain join that will put you in contact with these types of people.  LinkedIN is another great resource for finding these types of groups. 

A mobile home park that is for sale and has trees

TIP:  There are many local seminars hosted where the attendees would be a great benefit to you finding mobile home parks for sale as well.  Just keep your options open and continue to look. 


                    Mobile Home Park for Sale: Drive By

One great way to find a park for sale is to drive around.  Figure out the area you are interested in owning a mobile home park in and go explore the area.  Pull into the park office and ask for the contact information for the park owner.  You never know where this could lead.  Money talks and your ideal park owner might not know that he / she is interested in selling until you strike up a conversation with them. 

                               Local Real Estate / Broker Agents

 Working with a local real estate agent or broker might be just what you need.  If you are a busy person that doesn’t have time to hunt around for the property..then put someone to work for you.  A local real estate agent in the area you are interested in buying has many connections.  They even have access to many listings that haven’t even hit the market yet. 


                     Mobile Home Park Near Me for Sale

Lets say you are looking to purchase a mobile home park near you.  How about direct mailing the mobile home park.  This approach can be time consuming and may not get you immediate results but hey Rome wasn’t built in a day.  Many park owners will hold on to these letters for when the time is right to sell. 

Understand the Expenses

One of the biggest advantages of investing in a mobile home park is the low maintenance costs. Unlike other types of real estate, you don’t have to worry about major repairs or renovations to individual units. However, there are still expenses to consider.

Mobile home parks require regular maintenance and upkeep, such as landscaping, waste removal, and utilities. Additionally, you may need to pay for repairs to communal areas such as roads and playgrounds. It’s important to factor these expenses into your financial projections to ensure the investment is profitable.

A mobile home loan calculator can give you a rough idea of what your payments would be on a loan for a mobile home park.  Just remember the expenses will always cut into your profits.  

Tenant Management

When you invest in a mobile home park, you’re essentially running a small community. It’s important to have a solid tenant management plan in place to ensure the park runs smoothly and tenants are happy.


        Is Purchasing A Home In a Trailer Park a Bad Investment?

The decision to purchase a home in a trailer park depends on various factors, and whether it’s a good or bad investment can vary based on individual circumstances. Here are some considerations:

  1. Appreciation: Mobile homes typically don’t appreciate in value as much as traditional houses. This can affect the potential return on investment when you decide to sell.

  2. Resale Market: The resale market for mobile homes can be more limited compared to traditional homes, which may impact your ability to sell quickly or at a desired price.

  3. Land Ownership: If you own the land along with the mobile home, it could be a better investment as you have ownership of a tangible asset. However, if you only own the home and rent the land, it might not be as favorable.

  4. Monthly Costs: Consider the monthly costs associated with owning a mobile home, including lot rent, maintenance fees, and utilities. Compare these costs to the potential costs of owning a traditional home.

  5. Community Stability: Research the stability and reputation of the trailer park community. A well-managed and stable community may enhance the value of your investment.

  6. Lifestyle Preferences: Consider your lifestyle preferences. Mobile homes in trailer parks offer a different lifestyle than traditional homes. Ensure it aligns with your preferences and long-term plans.

It’s recommended to thoroughly research and understand the specific terms and conditions of owning a home in a trailer park, including any potential restrictions or rules imposed by the park management. Consulting with a real estate professional can also provide valuable insights based on your specific situation and goals.

A pine tree in the yard of a singlewide mobile home park

This may involve hiring a property manager or investing in software to help you manage tenant applications, rent payments, and maintenance requests. You’ll also need to establish clear policies for things like lease agreements, late payments, and tenant behavior.

This job isn’t for the faint of heart and hiring someone with experience will help you in the long run.  

          Mobile Home Park for Sale: Financing Options

Mobile home parks can be financed through a variety of methods, including traditional bank loans, private lenders, and seller financing. It’s important to research your options and choose a financing method that works best for your specific situation.

When evaluating financing options, be sure to consider factors such as interest rates, repayment terms, and down payment requirements. You’ll also need to ensure that the investment will generate enough revenue to cover the monthly loan payments.

                                 Mobile Home Park Broker

Finally, if you’re new to mobile home park investing, it may be helpful to work with a broker. A broker can help you find mobile home parks for sale that meet your criteria and guide you through the purchasing process.

Be sure to choose a broker with experience in mobile home park investing and a track record of success. They can help you navigate the complexities of this unique investment opportunity and ensure that you make an informed decision.


                               Mobile Home Park Valuation

A mobile home park valuation is an assessment of the value of a mobile home park as a real estate investment. The purpose of a mobile home park valuation is to determine the fair market value of the park, taking into account a variety of factors such as location, condition of the park, occupancy rates, rental rates, and potential for future growth and profitability.

Mobile home park valuations can be conducted by real estate appraisers, brokers, or other professionals with experience in the mobile home park industry. The valuation process typically involves an analysis of the park’s financial performance, including income, expenses, and cash flow projections, as well as an inspection of the physical condition of the park’s infrastructure and amenities.

The valuation process may also include a review of market data, such as recent sales of similar mobile home parks in the area, to help determine a fair market value for the park. Once the valuation is complete, the park owner or potential buyer can use the information to make informed decisions about buying, selling, or managing the park as a real estate investment.

                           Mobile Home Rent Collection 

This is the first thing that will come to your mind when you think of becoming a mobile home park owner. You will need to keep a record of tenants that have paid rent,  the ones that are yet to pay, the ones that paid late, and how long they were late. You also need to take note of missed payments, so you’ll know the next action to take.

                                          Lease Agreements

It’s important to have an attorney who can put together a well though out lease agreement for your tenants.  As a park owner you will want to make sure that it covers all details from the length of the lease, to the rules of the park, to the guidelines of what happens when you leave the park, just to name a few.  


                               Mobile Home Park Real Estate

No matter what the case, when purchasing a mobile home park, you are purchasing real estate.  Real Estate can go up and down in value but it is considered an asset.  The mobile home park can be improved.  New homes can be brought in to increase the value of the park.  Roads can be updated, new lots can be developed and park offices can be remodeled.  All of these will help to add value to a park setting. 

Just holding an asset like a mobile home park for a few years without doing many updates can give you millions of dollars in equity.  It all depends on the housing market at the time and the location of the park. 

Before buying a whole mobile home park you might try Renting a Mobile Home.  You can purchase land and rent these units or rent them in parks.  This article will discuss the ins and outs.  

                                 Safety In Your Mobile Home Park

You might realize there aren’t many safety precautions to be put in place in a mobile home park.  You would be surprised at the number of hazards that can occur in a mobile home park. Especially when there are children or toddlers in the park.

An example is trees, which can be dangerous if not properly taken care of. Branches can grow too big and drop on people, cars, or mobile homes near them. So it is your responsibility as a mobile home owner to ensure that the trees and every other safety precautions are put in place.

                        Keeping the Mobile Home Park Clean 

Different areas constitute a mobile home park as a whole. Although some areas in the park are more important than others.  Every area in the park must be kept clean at all times. So, it is the responsibility of the mobile park owner to ensure that every area is clean.  They need to make sure garbage collection is well planned.  They should also ensure that the tenants are aware of the schedule for the garbage collection.

                               Mobile Home Park: Utilities

Electricity, water, good drainage, and gas are all necessary rights of your tenants.   Tenants are entitled to utility hook ups at all times but the tenants are responsible for the bills to them. So, a mobile park owner has to ensure that these utilities are functioning properly at all times.  The only time the park wouldn’t be responsible is in situations you can’t control.   You can’t control when natural disasters arise, and cause damage to the utilities. As the law gives the mobile park owner three days to repair these facilities when situations like that occur. 

                        Mobile Home Park Buildings: Maintenance

It is the responsibility of the mobile home park owner to ensure that every building and infrastructure in the parks are all in good condition. Infrastructures like roads or garages should be repaired whenever they are damaged.

  • Enforcement of Rules and Regulations

This is one area many mobile home park owners or even landlords, in general, don’t like. Not every landlord can be strict when it comes to rules enforcement and meting out punishments. So, this is why it is advisable to hire a manager if you can’t handle residents yourself.

             Evictions: These Are Bad For Everyone Involved 

One thing that parks have to deal with is evictions as well.  Evictions are no fun for tenants or park management.  The park is forced to lose lot rent.  This results in having their revenue stream held up for a couple months while they start the eviction process. 

The tenant is now forced to find new housing.  Now the tenant has to worry about their mobile home that is setting on a rented piece of land and now the tenant is probably facing a mobile home eviction

                                 The Mobile Home Park Office

Finally, ensure that you have an excellent landlord-tenant relationship with your tenants so that they won’t hesitate to reach out to you when they have issues affecting them. Having a staffed office on the park premises open Mon-Fri 8a – 5pm is recommended.  If staff does have to leave be sure to place a sign on the door announcing when they will be back.  Be sure your back at the stated time so you can run a park that is timely and mindful of your tenants as well.  


                               Mobile Home Parks Near Me

The best way to find a mobile home park near you is to Google it.  Either using Google or Google maps is the best solution.  Simply type in mobile home parks near me and you should immediately find results.  

                           Mobile Home Park: 55+ communities

Some mobile home parks are just for residents that are 55+.  If you are interested in purchasing a mobile home park that has older residents that might be more responsible and have a more stable income this type of park might work well for you.  

I would recommend finding a city and state that you are interested in investing in and then driving through the parks in the area.  

Be sure to stop by the park office and grab a set of their rules and regulations.  If you are looking for a 55+ community the park office can probably point you in the right direction.  Most park offices are familiar with all the parks in the area. 


                                Mobile Home Park Investing

Many investors are turned off by investing in single family homes or apartment complexes.  Maintaining these types of investments can turn into a full time job.  

When it comes to mobile home parks you typically don’t own the home.  The residents in the park own the home and the park owner just owns the land.  So you just lease the land to the residents and you aren’t responsible for the furnaces, ac units, plumbing issues etc.  This gives the park owner great leverage because there are less expenses.  

A large singlewide mobile home park for sale

                                Mobile Home Park Maintenance

When you own a mobile home park it is best to have a maintenance person at the park 24 / 7 or at least available 24 / 7.  It is well worth the money to have emergency repairs fixed before they turn into something really bad.  Broken water lines and storms can cause major issues to the park.  These types of repairs need immediate attention. 

Make sure all the tenants have the phone number to the repair maintenance person.  This person should be easily accessible.  


                   Mobile Home Park For Sale:  Conclusion

In conclusion, investing in a mobile home park for sale can be a profitable and rewarding experience. However, it’s important to do your due diligence and understand the unique factors that go into this type of investment. With the right research and preparation, you can make a sound investment decision and enjoy the benefits of owning a mobile home park.

Afterall, finding out if a mobile home park is for sale requires a combination of online research, networking, and persistence. By using these methods, you can uncover potential investment opportunities and take advantage of the benefits of owning a mobile home park.


                        FAQ’s: Mobile Home Park For Sale

What is the best state to own a mobile home park in?

The best state to own a mobile home park depends on various factors, including market demand, regulations, and personal preferences. States like Texas, Florida, and Arizona have been popular choices for mobile home park ownership due to factors such as a growing population and favorable regulatory environments.

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