Mobile Home Awnings

Mobile home awnings look amazing added to any window.  There are so many benefits to adding a mobile home awning aside from the beautiful charm and uniqueness. 

A mobile home with green awnings over the window

                                   The History of Awnings

Back when they started many years ago they first originated in Africa and the Middle East area.  Africa and the Middle East experience temperatures that soar into the hundreds daily.  In fact, according to the Washington Post two Middle Eastern locations once hit temperatures of 129 degrees.  That is the record in the Eastern Hemisphere.  People in the Middle East / Africa area had to use all necessary resources to keep cool.  Residents to these brutally warm locations would hang mats and blankets over poles to stay cool and so started the term awning.

Over the Years

We now have more sizes, shapes and designs of awnings for mobile homes than we ever thought possible.  Technology has really helped to define this industry.  You can now order awnings in metal, acrylic & polyester.  Let’s not forget the ever-popular DIY projects for mobile home window awnings or better known as do it yourself projects. When you are trying to learn how to make window awnings yourself there are several online videos you can watch or read about.   Theses DIY projects are usually composed of wood.


First of all, mobile home window awnings are an  affordable way to protect your home.  Extreme heat that penetrates through your windows during the Spring and Summer months can do more damage then good.  Windows are some of the largest openings in your home.  It makes sense why you need to protect them. 

Think of a greenhouse, they are all glass.  The sun’s rays penetrate through the glass during the day. This causes the temperature inside to rise significantly.  The same effect happens in your mobile home.  The sun’s rays hit the windows causing heat to enter your mobile home.  Your mobile home is insulated well, and it tries to retain the heat.  This causes the temperature to continue to rise inside through the day. 

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A gray mobile home with white metal mobile home awnings

Awnings For Mobile Home Windows


The absolute best quality of window awnings is that it’s a one-time investment.  When it comes to cooling your mobile home an air conditioner will run up your electric bill month after month.  That is money that goes right out the window, pardon the pun.  With an investment in window awnings you will significantly block the amount of sun rays that enters your mobile home.

If you have carpet near your windows in your mobile home you may notice over the years that it starts to fade from the suns rays pelting onto the floor surface.  Window awning will also help to protect your carpet from fading.  If you consider how much it cost to replace carpet in your mobile home you may easily start to consider awnings.


Statistics Don’t Lie 

According to the Department of Energy awnings can reduce heat gain. It reduces heat up to 65% on South facing windows and up to 77% on windows facing East.


Types of Mobile Home Window Awnings

Here we will explore each type of mobile home window awning so you can make an educated decision of which one will work best for you. 

Just make sure you get an awning that matches your Mobile Home Siding well.  


Mobile Home Awnings: Aluminum


We will start with the most popular awning available for a mobile home metal aluminum mobile home awnings.  In the 50’s and 60’s when mobile homes really got their start almost every mobile home on the market had metal aluminum window awnings. They really were the thing that added class, charm and character to mobile home of this era. 

Let’s face it air conditioners weren’t invented for home use until 1953 and they didn’t work near as well as they do today.  In a time of just trying to keep food on the table they weren’t really thought of as a necessity like they are today. 


A window with red shutters and a white awning

Benefits of Metal Window Awnings 


  • They can typically withstand the weather. Rain, wind or extreme heat these metal awnings are designed to be sturdy and to hold up to current conditions.  These metal type are typically constructed of aluminum and that makes them very flexible when effected by high winds.

  • Metal aluminum are pretty low maintenance once you install these awnings they can last 20 to 30 years.

  • Metal aluminum window awnings are easy to paint & spruce up. If your looking to give your home a face lift changing the color of the metal awnings will do just that.  You simply pull down the awnings, scrub them down and add a couple coats of paint.

  • Metal aluminum window awnings are also one of the most energy efficient awnings available. It takes a lot for a small amount of the suns rays to heat or penetrate through the metal material as opposed to acrylic / polyester options. 

  • If you have an air conditioning unit adding awnings will significantly reduce the stress on your air conditioner unit as well. These window awnings could add years to your air conditioning unit because there is less need to continue to lower the temperate to your mobile home. In the long run this will save you money on electric bills each month. 


Aluminum Style Awnings : Benefit

A brown doublewide with an American flag in the yard

Once put up they don’t move like other materials.  If I were going to add mobile home window awnings to my mobile home I would use the metal aluminum window awnings.  I have had them in the past and I was amazed at how much heat and sunlight they kept out of my home.  It really helped to reduce my monthly cooling / electric bill by installing these. 


                                           Used Awnings

  If you are looking for used aluminum window awnings be sure to watch Craigslist.   You can sometimes find these on this website and all you have to do is paint them to match your home. 



Mobile Home Awnings: Acrylic / Polyester

Now acrylic / polyester awnings are much in the same so we will group them together when we discuss this option of mobile home awnings.  There are 3 amazing features of these types of awnings.

  1. These awnings come in hundreds if not thousands of colors and patterns.  If you are looking for a unique style, there is nothing better than an acrylic / polyester window awning.  Many businesses use these types of window awnings simply because of the color schemes available and the fact that you can screen print names and logos on most options.  This allows businesses or home owners to add special character to their window awnings.  Example:  If you live near a lake you could have a seagull printed on the awning. These awnings are very flexible to higher winds and tend to do a pretty good job with keeping the suns rays off your windows, though not as efficient as the metal awnings.

  2. One of the biggest benefits to this type of awning is their affordability. Depending on your selection of fabric or design this awning could cost you much less than the metal awnings.

  3. Finally, these do come in retractable options. I am not sure how many times you would use the retractable feature in exchange for the added cost.  That would be something you would have to decide to see if it was worth it. 

When it comes to aluminum metal or acrylic / polyester they tend to be easy to install and there is very little assembly to them compared to the wood window awnings. 


 Where to Buy Online or in Stores

Probably the easiest place to buy either metal or polyester / acrylic windows awnings would be on the internet. 

This link here has a wide selection of these awnings and they can be shipped right to your doorstep.  


Another option would be a simple Google search.  It can provide many websites to choose from when looking to purchase these types of awnings.

Home Depot is a great store to consider for your mobile home window awning purchases.  Here you can sit with an associate and pick out the colors or fabrics you prefer.  You can pick out sizes and custom order these to fit your window.  If you still prefer to order them online you can visit Home Depot online you will be amazed at all the different options.  Just visit the Home Depot.  

As mentioned earlier you can sometimes find these used mobile home awnings on Craigslist.  Facebook Marketplace is another great place to watch for window awnings. 

A doublewide with metal awnings over the windows

Wood DIY Window Awnings

Another very sturdy option when it comes to window awnings if not the most sturdy is wood awnings.  While it has a number of benefits, we will also discuss the disadvantages to installing these awnings.

Awning will help to keep the sun off your home.  Read are our article on Mobile Home Gutters to help with rain water.  




  • With wood awnings you can build them to fit your window perfectly. The best part of building them yourself is you can pick the stain or paint that you would like to use to custom match other parts of your home

  • Wood awnings are very durable when it comes to different weather conditions. You can build these awnings with a shingled roof or a metal roof to help keep the sun, rain and snow / sleet off from your windows.

  • You can build these with family and friends. If you are looking for that perfect DIY project for the weekend this project will add amazing character to your home.  Doing the project yourself will add years of pride and memories as well to your home. 

Disadvantages of Wood 


  • One of the biggest disadvantages to wood mobile home awnings is the fact that they are not easily removed. These types of awnings tend to be used more on stick built homes because of that.  If you are looking to relocate your mobile home later on this could cause an issue when trying to transport your mobile home. 

  • They also tend to be a heavier awning which depending on the materials you use may not be suited well for your mobile home. There are lighter wood awnings available you will just need to look over your options. 

  • These types of window mobile home awnings are also not retractable.



In conclusion, you can use these awnings to spruce up your mobile home, make it more energy efficient or give it a retro look.  It is also a great way to keep your home cool during the warm Spring and Summer months. 

If you do appreciate a retro look when it comes to mobile homes be sure to read about Vintage Mobile Homes : restoring a vintage mobile home.  Depending on which awning you decide find the home that fits your needs.



                      FAQ’s: Mobile Home Awnings

What is the best awning for a mobile home?

The best awning for a mobile home depends on your specific needs and preferences. Retractable awnings, metal awnings, and fabric awnings are popular choices. Consider factors like durability, aesthetics, and how well it suits your mobile home’s style.

Can you attach an awning to a manufactured home?

Yes, you can attach an awning to a manufactured home. Proper installation involves securing the awning to the home’s exterior, and it’s often best done by professionals to ensure it’s structurally sound.

What is better than awnings?

There are alternatives to traditional awnings, including pergolas, patio covers, and shade sails, which offer different styles and features for providing shade and protection from the elements. The choice between them depends on your specific needs and preferences.

What are mobile home awnings made of?

Mobile home awnings can be made of various materials, including fabric, aluminum, or polycarbonate. Fabric awnings are often made of polyester or canvas, while aluminum and polycarbonate awnings are known for their durability and resistance to the elements. The material choice depends on factors like climate and desired aesthetics.


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