Lost Mobile Home Title

If you are looking to sell your mobile home this might be the time that you discover that your mobile home title is missing.  Having the title to the mobile home is important.  It is just like a car title and gives you the ownership of your mobile home. Therefore, if your mobile home is on private land you may want to make sure that you have a mobile home title vs. deed to the land. 

Lost Mobile Home Title

Sometimes you just simply misplaced the title but you know its in your name. You can go down to your local Bureau of Motor Vehicle or the Secretary of State, depending on what it is called in your state and request a duplicate title.

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                       How To Get a Lost Title for a Mobile Home

When you go to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.  You will need your drivers license for identification and you simply request a duplicate copy.  In most states it will take 7 to 10 days to get the duplicate title. Some states offer a speedy title. 


              Lost Mobile Home Title: How to Get a Duplicate

Getting a duplicate title is as easy as mentioned above.  Just visit your local Bureau of Motor Vehicles or Secretary of State.  

TIP:  Be sure to check to see if your state offers a speedy title. If you need it quickly because you can get it in approximately 3 days this way.


                          Mobile Home Title Vs. Modular Home Deed

A mobile or manufactured home will have a title that looks just like a vehicle title.  However a modular home has a property deed.  These two items are different.  Many times it is difficult to figure out if your home is a mobile or modular home.  Moreover, this should help to clear this up.  

To learn more about these types of homes visit our article Modular Home vs. Manufactured Home.  



Lost Mobile Home Title: Not Recorded in Your Name:

This can be tricky.  If you remember getting the title and having the previous owner sign off from the title but, you do not remember recording it in your name then you will probably have to track down the previous owner.  This can be difficult especially if you have no idea where the previous owner went.  That is why it is important to record these titles in your name once they sign off. 

If you can’t find the previous owner that can be a problem. Than you may need to get the advice for a lawyer of file for bond, which is available in only select states. In cases where you just need to find the previous owner try tracking them down using Facebook. You could also hire a private investigator or skip tracer that can help you locate the person.  This should help you figure out how to replace the lost mobile home title.


Mobile Home Title in Owners Name That Passed Away 

If you have a relative that recently passed and they signed off on the title its easy.  You can simply go down and record the title in your name. Just make sure there aren’t other siblings that are going to stake a claim against the mobile home.  


Lost Mobile Home Title : Replacement Deceased 

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In some cases the title is not signed off from and is in the name of the deceased. You will probably want to consult with an attorney that does probate cases.   In probate court you will be asked if you are the only descendant of the deceased. Therefore, you will typically receive papers that you can take to the motor vehicle offices to transfer title or to file for a lost mobile home title.  

This process could take a month or two to complete.  Many titles have the wording FULL RIGHTS TO SURVIVOR on them.  This will help when trying to file this title in your name.  If you have siblings you may have to proof to the courts that they have a right or don’t have a right to the mobile home.

Mobile Home Title with Lien: Lien not Valid

When looking at your mobile home title you may see a lien recorded. If this is the case you will have a bit of leg work to do.  If the lien has been released on a title you will see a signature under the lien area on the title. 

However, if there is no signature than you might have an addition paper that goes with the title.  This paper will state that the lien has been released or paid in full.  If you have neither than you will want to contact the bank mentioned on the title and explain your situation.  Further, they should be able to provide you with a letter stating the lien has been released.

Sometimes just meeting with the bank directly can point you in the right direction.  Many times banks get sold and this can be a messy situation if you are trying to get a lien removed on a bank that has been sold.  Just try to speak to a manager or someone in charge and they should be able to help you.  

                        Lost Mobile Home Title: Cost to Replace

Getting a duplicate lost mobile home title in your state should cost around $20 – $30.  In addition, if you just Google lost title you can request a duplicate online from your states offices.  

                                  Mobile Home Title Search

Sometimes you just have no idea where the title to the home went and whose name it is in. If you can find the data plate to the mobile home you can get the serial number.  With this information you can go to your local Bureau of Motor Vehicles or Secretary of State and get a title search. This will tell you the name of the current owner.  

                                            Title Burned in a Fire

If you have a title that has been destroyed or has been damaged with water don’t worry.  If you have the title you can take it down to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles or Secretary of State and have it replaced.  Furthermore, it will not cost much and you will need it in good shape to sell the mobile home. 

                           Corrections on a Mobile Home Title

If there are any major corrections on the title you will need to get this fixed.  If you visit your local motor vehicle department of state they can take a look at the title and decide if you need a correction form.  These are simply attached to the title and they help to correct any errors on the title.  

Lost Mobile Home Title: Conclusion

In conclusion, titles are recorded and taken care of through your motor vehicle offices.  Be sure to visit the nearest one to see if they can help you if you are missing a title.    

Moreover, in worse case scenarios if you are confused as how you can get your mobile home title consult a real estate attorney so they can help.  Furthermore, they should be able to point you in the right direction.

                      FAQ’s: Lost Mobile Home Title

Do mobile homes have deeds?

Mobile homes typically do not have deeds. Instead, they are often considered personal property and have titles, similar to vehicles.

Do mobile homes have titles?

Yes, mobile homes have titles, much like vehicles. The title serves as a legal document proving ownership of the mobile home.

Does a mobile home have a title?

Yes, a mobile home has a title, which is used to establish ownership and can be transferred when the home is sold or otherwise conveyed.

What if I can’t find the VIN number on my mobile home?

If you can’t find the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) on your mobile home, you should contact the manufacturer or a local agency responsible for mobile home registration to seek guidance on locating or verifying the VIN. Also, the VIN is essential for proper documentation and ownership records.


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