How Long Do Manufactured Homes Last

If you are wondering how long do manufactured homes last well, you have come to the right place.  Here we will discuss the construction and quality of the modern mobile home.  We will take a jog down memory lane to see how these homes have progressed over the years. 


        How Long Do Manufactured Homes Last: History

You might be surprised to learn that the first mobile homes appeared in the late 1800’s in the US.  The mobile units were moved by teams of horses and first appeared in North Carolina.  These units were a single piece, and they took some planning to move.  Later, stagecoaches were developed and were very similar to this structure.

A doublewide mobile home with a double roof

How Long Do Manufactured Homes Last: Over the Years

Stagecoaches, singlewide and travel trailers all competed for the same space during these times.  Consumers found a need to be able to take their belongings and family and move quickly.  Rather than purchasing a different home each time these units gave them flexibility to keep everything in one place. 

Manufacturers in the US started to realize that there was a group of consumers that used these units simply for vacation but then there were a large percentage that used these for living purposes. 

Manufacturers quickly separated the 2 industries and started to develop 2 products. One for living in that you could move around: singlewides / doublewides and travel trailers for leisure purposes.

It wasn’t until the 60’s that the first doublewide was manufactured.  It was made by the Roadliner Company.  These units really kicked off the frenzy of doublewide manufacturing in the US.  More and more people were purchasing doublewides for the added room as families grew. 

Here is more information on vintage mobile homes.


 How Long Do Manufactured Homes Last : Singlewides vs Doublewides

When singlewides and doublewides were first manufactured, they were made from less superior materials than a stick built home.  The homes quickly received a bad reputation for not lasting long and pieces of them falling apart.

Over the years however, manufacturers have studied the inside and outside of manufactured homes.  These units have made leaps and bounds and the construction is very similar to what you would find in a stick built home today.   


A gray doublewide sitting in a mobile home park

Today you can even customize your mobile home to fit your needs.  Granite countertops, hardwood floors and brick fireplaces weren’t available in earlier versions of these homes.  Now the industry is very customizable to your needs. 

         Manufactured Homes How Long Do They Last

So, all the information is great but just how long will your manufactured home last? It really depends on how well you take care of the home.  Just like a stick built home manufactured homes need repairs.

                      Manufactured Home vs. Regular Home

Whether you have a leaky roof that needs tending or have some holes in the wall that need patching.  All homes go through repairs, and some are more expensive than others.  The most important thing you can do to make your mobile home last is keep the repairs up to date. 

This is the same scenario with a stick built home.  You have to stay up on maintenance on your homes.  Don’t wait until things go bad before repairing things on your home.  A walk around your home a couple times a year and noting the repairs that need to be done will go a long ways.  You don’t want to wait for awful weather to make needed repairs.  Realize a repair needs to be made and get to it when it is nice out.  You will be much happier that you did.  

A beautiful window on the end of a doublewide mobile home

                   How Long Do Modern Mobile Homes Last  

Every year new ideas enter the mobile home industry.  Homes are built better and stronger.  Testing is done on a regular basis to test these homes for severe weather conditions.  Mobile homes are now designed to withstand higher windspeeds and some roofs are made to withstand bigger snowloads.  Building codes are set up to make sure homes with the right qualifications are put in the correct areas.  All these details help manufactured homes last longer.


How Long Do Manufactured Homes Last: Conclusion

In conclusion, a manufactured home when purchased at the right price can give you a solid home to live in for 40+ years if not longer.  Just be sure to keep up on the repairs and continue to take care of your home!

One last thing to consider is whether you are buying a used mobile home or a new mobile home.  Check out our article on Buying a Used Mobile Home for more information. 


        FAQ’s: How Long Do Manufactured Homes Last

Are there downsides to manufactured homes?

Manufactured homes have some downsides, such as potential depreciation in value over time, limited customization options, and a perception of lower quality compared to traditional site-built homes. Zoning restrictions and the need for proper maintenance are also factors to consider.

How long do most manufactured homes last?

Most manufactured homes have a lifespan of around 30 to 55 years. The longevity depends on factors like the quality of construction, maintenance, and the local climate.

How long will a manufactured home last on a foundation?

A manufactured home can last indefinitely when properly placed on a permanent foundation and well-maintained, as the foundation can help preserve its structural integrity over time.

How long does a roof last on a manufactured home?

The longevity of a manufactured home’s roof varies based on factors like the roofing material and climate. Typically, a roof can last between 15 to 20 years or more with regular maintenance and occasional replacement as needed.

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