Four Benefits of Adding a Deck to Your Mobile Home

In placing, installing and maintaining modern mobile homes, some little tips can go a long way toward helping you optimize the environment around your residence.  We’re active in helping locals to get more out of the mobile home experience. Whether it’s buying and selling, or fixing up one of these useful housing installations, we are active in the local area, consulting with property owners on the best ways forward. So how about upping the value and appeal of your mobile home property? One way to do that is to build an elegant wooden deck around areas of the mobile home. Here are Four Benefits of Adding a Deck to Your Mobile Home.  

Why is that a popular choice?


Here are some reasons that people often want to add this amenity to a mobile home.


            Decks and Access to Raised Doorways


Many mobile homes are built with a door some distance above the ground. Some of the most primitive setups for access include a simple set of wood or concrete stairs leading up to the door.


A deck, though, can add a lot to that. You can have an exterior deck that includes a ramp for ADA access, or an extended stairway further away from the actual entry door. All of this reinvents access to your mobile home. It can also add safety and utility to the outside area around the building.

                                  Indoor/Outdoor Spaces

People use covered or semi-covered decks for all kinds of additional living space – they might plant flowers, add outdoor lawn furniture, or otherwise equip these areas like patios or screened in porch areas, which adds space to your footprint and the space that you can enjoy when at home. You can even experiment with multi-level decking, while keeping in mind any safety issues, local ordinance or other limiting factors.


          Mobile Home Decks are Great for Fresh Air


A lot of mobile home designs used to be pretty dark and dreary. That’s changed a lot with modern design, but it’s also nice to have an actual space you can enjoy outside of the modular siding that contains your mobile home. The deck can also be an additional place to dry clothes or pursue outdoor hobbies.


                             Decks add Property Value

In a lot of cases, a nice deck that’s well maintained will increase the property value.

Talk to Blue Diamond Home Buyers about anything mobile-home-related: we know the market, and the logistics around caring for these kinds of properties, in a modern housing market where mobile home sales are often tied to some pretty significant efficiencies and opportunities.




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