Can I Put a Mobile Home in My Backyard

A large mobile home with white skirting and green grass

Are you considering the idea of putting a mobile home in your backyard? It’s a way to save money on housing and enjoy the nature well. However, before you start construction, it’s important to look into local regulations and zoning laws. In Montana, for example, there are plenty of plots of land where you can […]

Sealing Mobile Home Ductwork: Benefits & Cost

Ductwork run into a few different directions

Are you tired of feeling like your heating and cooling system is constantly working overtime, yet your mobile home still feels uncomfortable? The culprit may be leaky ductwork.  In this article Sealing Mobile Home Ductwork we will discuss sealing your mobile home duct work and all the benefits that come with it.         […]

Replacing Mobile Home Window Sills: DIY Guide

A bedroom with a window and white curtains

Are you looking to improve the energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal of your mobile home? Look no further than your window sills. These often-overlooked features are essential for any mobile home’s exterior, providing a barrier against the elements while enhancing its overall appearance. In this article Replacing Mobile Home Window Sills: DIY Guide we will […]