Rodents or Pests Under Your Mobile Home

Do you have pests living under your mobile manufactured home? You may have more to worry about than the noise or mess they make. Rodents and pests can cause considerable damage to your mobile home if you don’t get them out quickly.  Check out our top tips to get rid of rodents or pests under your mobile home.   

Rodents or Pests Under Your Mobile Home

Depending on the type of animal under your mobile home, you could set traps, just make sure they are of appropriate size. For example, if you have possums, don’t set a trap meant for rats or squirrels. Possum can get their arms stuck in the trap and run off with it.

                                      Animal Under Mobile Home

Worse yet, you could end up getting a skunk caught up in the trap. You would be the talk of the mobile home park by one spray from these little guys.


a set of two skunks laying in the grass

Poison and traps a bad idea

Also, don’t put poison in the trap to lure the animals in – the poison could be harmful to your pets or kids. There’s also the added risk of the animal dying under your home, which creates even more problems as you would then have a horrendous smell and the task of removing a dead carcass from underneath your home.

                           Sprinkle Chili Flakes Around the Mobile Home

If you know you have animals digging underneath your mobile home, sprinkle chili flakes in the area. If you have smaller rodents, such as roaches, sprinkle boric acid. Both substances will stop the pests from digging underneath your home.

This helps keep them more accessible, increasing your chances of catching them in a trap and moving them to safety. The idea isn’t to kill the rodents, but rather prevent them from getting further down into the dirt and making them hard to remove.

                   How to Get Rid of Cats Under Mobile Home

If you discover that you have cats under your mobile home you may have a couple options.  A local rescue may have traps that you can use to get them out from under the home.  Many times these rescues will take these cats and find them good homes.  

Another option would be to trap them yourself and to take them to the local shelter or humane center.  

If the cat / kitten is not too wild you might even want to give the animal a home yourself. You may also know someone who is looking for a pet to give a good home to.  Cats and kittens make great pets for the family.  

                                     Rats Under Mobile Home

Rats under your mobile home can do a lot of damage quickly.  These pests carry disease and their feces can smell very strong.  If you discover that you have rats under your mobile home you will want to get rid of them as soon as possible.

One of the quickest ways to get rid of rats is with traps from your local hardware store.  You can also order these online.  Get the trap and get it set.  Rats can breed quickly and you do not want this situation to multiply.  

If you discover you have mice under mobile home read our article on Mice and Your Mobile Home.  

                                   Rats In Mobile Home Walls

If you do not get rid of the rats quickly they will get into your mobile home walls.  Rats can do extreme damage quickly to a home.  Set traps, put down bait and remove of these pests quickly.  

Make Noise and Shine Light

Wildlife animals don’t like noise and light. Make plenty of noise, especially at night to keep them away. Installing motion sensor lights to shine underneath the home may also help. Animals typically run away from the light, rather than toward it, keeping them out from under your home.


One groundhog with brown fur

Moth Balls Under Mobile Home

Another option to get rid of any type of animal under your mobile home would be moth balls.  A box of moth balls is very affordable and might do the trick.  Moth balls carry a terrible odor that animals do not like.  This odor will help to drive the rodent / pest from under your home.  Once the rodent has moved out make sure to secure the spot where they were getting under the home.  

                  Rodents or Pests Under Your Mobile Home: Fogger

The local hardware stores also sell foggers.  These handy little devices can be placed under the home and they emit a fog that smells.  Similar to bee spray, once you press the button on the fogger these devices continue to spray out a mist.  This mist will typically drive out anything under your mobile home. 

Just be sure you only use 1 or 2 of these at a time.  I would also make sure you don’t have any pets inside the house at the time.  The fumes could travel up through the vents of your home.  



Install or Fix the Mobile Home’s Skirting

Once you know underneath your mobile home is pest-free, install or fix the skirting also known as underpinning. Read our article on Underpinning Mobile Home for more help.  

A mobile home’s skirting is what keeps pests out from underneath it. If you have skirting, inspect it. Are there holes or cracks that small rodents can get through? Repair or replace the skirting immediately. Skipping skirting or not inspecting it is like inviting animals to come underneath your mobile home and get cozy.

Rodents Under Your Mobile Home

Animals love debris. Make it a habit to walk around your home every few days, looking for trash and debris. Don’t forget about your garbage cans too. If they aren’t sealed or cleaned, pests will be more attracted to the area around your home.



Call the Professionals

If your tactics fail, don’t be afraid to call  pest control professionals. The right company can apply a barrier treatment that prevents pests from coming near your property. Discuss your options with the professionals, though, if you have children or pets, as you need to ensure their safety too. Many times these professionals will also work with you to just relocate the pest.


Two raccoons caught in wire traps

         Rodents or Pests Under Your Mobile Home: Conclusion

No matter what type of animal you discover under your mobile home you will want to get rid of it fast.  Animals can do damage to a home quickly.  Relocating the animal is the best option and then make sure you secure the area under your mobile home.  This will make your home a much safer place.  


         FAQ’s: Rodents or Pests Under Your Mobile Home

What animals will live under a mobile home?

A variety of animals can potentially seek shelter under a mobile home, as it provides a relatively protected and enclosed space. The types of animals that might live under a mobile home can vary depending on the location, climate, and specific environmental conditions. Some include: skunks, raccoons, opossums, feral cats, and groundhogs just to name a few. 

What is underneath a mobile home?

It’s important to note that the specific components and features under a mobile home can vary depending on the design, age, and construction of the home, as well as local building codes and climate considerations.  Items such as ductwork, pest barriers, utility connections, insulation and support structure are typically under the mobile home.  

How do you deal with rodents under your house?

Dealing with rodents under your house, including mobile homes, requires a combination of prevention, removal, and maintenance measures. Popular ways are to seal off entry points, trim vegetation and set traps.  




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