Pets Stains in Your Subfloor

Are you removing old carpet or tile from your home only to find damage to your subfloor area?  Pet stains in your subfloor can cause your whole home to smell of pet urine.  If the area is left untreated it can cause more damage to your subfloor and even soft spots.  It is best to fix this situation as soon as you are made aware.  In this article Pets Stains Subfloor, we will discuss the top ways to treat this area. 

Pets stains in your subfloor like this cause damage

                               Pet Stains In Your Subfloor

The first step you need to take in removing dog urine from a subfloor is to identify the affected area.  You can typically see a darker color in the subfloor where it looks like someone spilled water.  Also, the area may smell of urine as well. 

You will need to start by wiping up the area with a paper towel or a cloth.  Then it is recommended that you take a mixture of water and vinegar and treat the area lightly.  Vinegar has an acidic nature which will help to break down the urine smell and neutralize the odor.  It may smell worse at first because vinegar is quite potent, but the smell will subside. 

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A subfloor corner with wet stains

Scrub the area with a brush or sponge and then let the vinegar and water sit on the area for approximately 10 minutes.  Proceed with cleaning up the area with a clean cloth. 


                   Kilz & Pet Stains in Your Subfloor: Urine

After treating the area with vinegar and water if you notice the smell coming back the urine may have penetrated deeper into the wood, and you may need to try a specialized product.  Kilz Primer should do the trick. Just apply a small coat of this primer to the floor where the cat or dog urine is heaviest.  You may need to make a couple coats.  This will take care of the smell and help to eliminate the odor. 


               Pets Stains in Your Subfloor: Kilz Pet Odor

Kilz contains a high level of solids this helps this product to cover and seal porous surfaces effectively.  This is extremely important when you are treating smells.  The combination of ingredients in this product help to prevent molecules from escaping and circulating in the air. That is what makes the Kilz product so amazing. 

The primer is designed to be used as a base coat.  When it comes to subfloors they are typically covered with vinyl or carpet so one or two coats of just Kilz should do the trick.

                                     Dog Urine Subfloor

Making sure your dog has regular potty breaks can help.  You may find that once your animal urinates on the floor, they may want to do it again and again.  This is because it is natural for a dog to smell urine and to think that this is the area, he / she is allowed to go to the bathroom.  You will want to treat the area ASAP, pets stains in your subfloor can’t go untreated.  

A cute golden retriever on a wood floor

Dogs pee more than cats typically and make bigger messes. This can make a bigger spot for you to have to repair or clean up.


                                            Rotted Subfloor

Dog urine can damage a subfloor quickly and this will cause the subfloor to become spongy and soft in spots.  You do not want to keep a spongy subfloor.  Spongy subfloors will not support you as you walk over the floor, and you could fall through.  If left untreated the subfloor will rot over time so be sure to get the issue resolved. The quicker you fix the pet stains in your subfloor the better your chance of saving your floor.  

Pet urine can be worse than water damage to a subfloor.  The smell alone can filter through your whole home. 

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                     How to Get Rid of Pee Smell on Concrete

If you discover that you have a pet urine smell coming from a concrete area there are a few steps, you can follow to get rid of the smell. 

  1. Use a paper towel or cloth to remove any access urine from the area.  This helps to prevent the urine from soaking into the concrete surface further trapping the smell.

  2. Once the urine is removed and the area has dried you can mix up a mixture of water and white vinegar. It is best to mix equal parts and if possible, put it into a spray bottle.  You want to apply the mixture generously to the area.  If you have a stiff brush, you can scrub the solution into the surface of the concrete.

  3. If you find that the vinegar does not knock out the odor there are enzymatic cleaners and deodorizes that you can purchase that will help. These products help to break down protein in the urine by utilizing enzymes.  This type of product can usually do the trick in knocking out the bad odor.  Further, be sure to follow the label directions and you should be all set.  

A gray cat with dark stripes on a deck

                             Neutralizing Dog Urine

Neutralizing dog and cat urine isn’t easy, it can take some time and there is a drying period that should be adhered to.  You will want to make sure that you have the area fully treated before you put vinyl or carpet back over any area.

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                  Pet Stains in Your Subfloor: Conclusion


In conclusion pets are amazing.  However, when they urinate on your carpet, subfloor or concrete it can create a smell that can be nose piercing.  You will want to get ahead of the situation quickly and get the area treated as soon as possible.  Lastly, we hope this article Pets Stains in Your Subfloor has given you ideas on how to treat these areas of concern in your home.  

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                          FAQ’s: Pet Stains in Your Subfloor

Does Kilz get rid of dog urine smell?

Kilz is a primer and sealer that can help in covering up and sealing in odors, including dog urine smell, to some extent. However, it may not completely eliminate the odor if it has penetrated deep into the surfaces. Cleaning the affected area thoroughly before applying Kilz is essential for the best results.

How do you get urine smell out of particle board?

To remove urine smell from particle board, you should start by cleaning the affected area with an enzymatic cleaner designed to break down and eliminate the urine odor. After cleaning, you can use a sealant or primer like Kilz to further encapsulate any remaining odors within the particle board.

How do you get urine smell out of floorboards?

Getting urine smell out of floorboards requires cleaning with an enzymatic cleaner to break down the urine odor. If the odor has penetrated deeply, you may need to sand the floorboards to remove the affected wood, followed by sealing or refinishing the boards.

How do you seal wood floors from animal urine?

To seal wood floors from animal urine, apply a high-quality polyurethane or varnish specifically designed for floors. Ensure the floor is clean and dry before applying the sealant, and consider resealing periodically to maintain protection against urine stains and odors.


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