How to Break Into a Mobile Home

Let’s hope that you are reading this article to be able to gain access to your own home.  Breaking into someone else’s home without authorization may lead to you being put in jail.  In this article we will discuss How to Break into a Mobile Home and how to protect your home from being broken into. 

                  How to Break into a Mobile Home

We have all been there, you are running out the door with a million things to do and you pull the door only to discover that you left your keys inside the home.  There really is nothing worse than this when you are in a hurry.  There are ways to get into a locked house. 

First, do you have a spare key hidden anywhere?  Or does a family member have one?  Second if you do not have an extra key you may need to jimmy the lock.  If your dead lock is not locked at it is only your regular lock, try a credit card. 


A credit card showing how to break into a mobile home

Simply slide the credit card into the crack of the door above the lock.  Then pull down on the credit card and pull the door handle back towards the hinged area.  This may take a few tries but does work. 

                   How to Break into a Mobile Home:  Locked Door

Another tip is to be sure to check your back door or your sliding door on your mobile home.  It is easy to assume that the door is locked.  However, you might be surprised that the other door is actually unlocked giving you immediate access to the home. 

                             Mobile Home Window Locks

If your mobile home dead bolt is locked another option would be to try a mobile home window.  It’s very easy to forget to lock all the windows in your mobile home.  If you peer into your windows, you may discover that a lock is popped open.  Simply use a screwdriver to pop the screen off the mobile home and then push the window up.  You will now need to climb through the window to enter the home. 

If you have high windows using a bucket or something sturdy outside to stand on well help you get up there. 

                          How to Break into a Trailer

If you discover that all the windows are locked there is another option.  If you have a thin putty knife you may be in luck.  Take the putty knife and slide it between the two windowpanes near where the lock sits.  Lastly, run the putty knife across the seam of the mobile home window to try to pop the lock open.  Many times, with a small amount of practice you will easily be able to get the lock to pop.

                           Locked out of House Locksmith

Locksmiths are not cheap.  Once you wait for one to show up at your home you will start to get more prepared. Being prepared will fix this issue from happening in the future.  It is much cheaper to get a couple extra keys than to pay for someone to help you break into your mobile home.  Further, this is a tough lesson to learn but it happens to a lot of us.

Pictured below is a secret key storage that can be found at many department stores.  There are hundreds of versions of this type of product.

A cast iron frog sitting on a deck
A cast iron frog flipped upside down to show a key area

            Ways to Prevent Being Locked of Your Mobile Home

One of the most obvious ways to prevent being locked out of your mobile home would be to have a spare key.  You could leave one with a trusted neighbor or a family member.  This way if you are locked out you know that you can easily get in using their spare key. 

Another great option is a keyless entry door.  These are quite handy and will prevent you from locking yourself out of your home.  Simply install the keyless entry system and enter a code in.  Each time you come to the door you won’t need your keys you can simply type in a code for entry. 


A keyless door entry pad

Hiding a spare key in a secret location is another great option.  Many hardware stores sell magnetic key holders. You can also find great key holders online in the shape of animals or rocks.  These are well hidden and only you will know where they are.

It’s not a bad idea to even keep a spare key in your car.  A magnetic key holder would work great for this idea.  Simply put one in the magnetic box and attach it somewhere inside your car.  This way if you ever get locked out you have it readily available. 

Key Media is a new key program that is available in most areas.  You simply walk up to a machine put a key in and presto you have a copy of it.  Further, the best part you can pay right at the Kiosk for the key.  This makes duplicating a key very simple.  

               How to Break into a Mobile Home: Room

Is there a room in your mobile home that you are locked out of?  Locks can easily get flipped especially if you have little kids.  The best way to get into a locked door inside a mobile home is with a credit card.  Simply push the credit card between the door casing and the door handle.  Be sure to go just above the lock area.  Next, slowly slide the credit card down between the lock and at the same time pull back on the door handle towards the hinges. 

In addition, another option would be to take the door handle apart.  If you have a screwdriver, you can pop the parts apart from the door and this should get you into the room. 

                      How to Break into Someone’s House

First make sure the person you are helping owns the home you are about to attempt to enter.  Entering someone else’s home without permission is against the law and can get you into a lot of trouble. 

If you are helping someone break into their home, follow the steps above.  Do they have extra keys, a keyless entry or a door or window that you can easily pop open.  Just follow the steps and hopefully you can help someone out today. 

                              Mobile Home Alarm System

Mobile home alarm systems over the years have become so affordable.  Alarm systems in the past needed to be fully wired in and then you had to pay for 24/7 monitoring.  Nowadays you can get wireless systems that you can monitor with your cell phone. 

A simplisafe key pad on a wall

Simplisafe is an amazing option when it comes to an affordable alarm system that works great.  Check them out.


TIP:  Be sure to contact your home insurance provider if you do install a mobile home security system as they sometimes will give you discounts for having one installed.

Are you looking for great insurance on your mobile home.  Visit our article Tiny House Insurance.  Our customers save $250 on average annually.  


                                      Mobile Home Break In’s

Any home can get broken into, not just mobile homes.  It’s important to do a check of your window and door locks if not daily then on a weekly basis at least.  During the warm months windows are opened frequently and its very easy to leave them unlocked.   


          How to Break Into a Mobile Home: Conclusion

In conclusion being locked out is no fun.  Even if you are trying to break into your own home someone may report you to the police.  Just make sure this is a home that you fully own and you can show the police that you are allowed to enter it.  Hopefully this article has given you some ideas of how to break into a mobile home the right way. 

Finally, kicking in a door should never be an option as it can injure you and then you will have a door to replace. 


                   FAQ’s: How to Break Into a Mobile Home

How do you get into your house if you locked yourself out?

If you’ve locked yourself out of your house, you can try several methods to regain access, such as calling a locksmith, using a spare key if you have one, or attempting to pick the lock (if you have the necessary skills and it’s legal in your area). It’s often best to contact a professional locksmith to avoid damaging the door or lock.

How do you unlock a house door without a key?

Unlocking a house door without a key can involve methods like picking the lock or using lock bypass tools. It’s important to note that attempting to unlock a door without proper authorization can be illegal and should only be done by a professional or in emergency situations.

How do most burglars break into homes?

Most burglars break into homes through unlocked doors or windows, using force to open doors, or by picking locks. They may also look for vulnerabilities in security systems or use techniques like bumping locks or using crowbars to gain access.

How do you break in when locked out?

If you’re locked out of your house, it’s best to seek professional help from a locksmith to regain access. Attempting to break in yourself can result in damage to the door or lock, which may be costly to repair.


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