Home Owners and Investors

Our friendly team at Urban Seed Projects will take you through all your options in an easy to understand process and provide you with the options that most suit your requirements. With the ability to package land all over Victoria, there is an option to suit almost all home owners.  


Whether you are buying to hold the property for an extended period of time or have other ideas on how to maximize the value of your investment, building with Urban Seed Projects will ensure you are getting the best quality build at competitive prices. All our properties are build with the home owner in mind, even for our investor buyers. After all, if you are an investor you want the best quality property you can buy within your budget. Better rents, first pick of tenants and most importantly the best chance of maximizing the return on your investment when it comes to sell.

Home owners account for approximately 70% of the market, with investors only making up circa 30%. Buying an investment property that is built specifically for investors, with low quality finishes and without the careful consideration to design including maximizing energy ratings, means you will only appeal to 30% of the market when you sell to realize growth or refinance to purchase more investments. 

Smart investors buy with the owner occupier in mind.


Home Owners

Building a home can be stressful and time consuming. Lets face it, for most people, designing and building a new home is completely out of their area of expertise. At Urban Seed Projects we work diligently, using our many years of expertise, to ensure that each home fits the land it is being packaged with as efficiently as possible. That is why at Urban Seed Projects, we take all that headache away and provide you with a packaged build and land maximizing the space available and providing a 6 star energy rating for all orientations.