When it comes to finding a value on your mobile home you might find that there is limited information out there.  The stuff that you do find just seems to take you around in circles and doesn’t really tell you much of anything about your home.  

You need answers and you need to know what your mobile home value is?  I get many calls everyday from sellers looking to sell their mobile home and they just have no idea what the home is worth. 

They might have owned the home for years or maybe they just inherited it and that is why they are looking for a value for the mobile home.  I also get calls from attorney offices and realtors looking to get a value on a mobile to settle and estate for probate court.  

Mobile homes vary in price depending on a number of things:  if the home is a singlewide vs doublewide, the model, make and features such as: windows, kitchen cabinet style, to how many beds and baths the unit is ..One of the biggest factors that play an important part when it comes to your mobile home value is: is the hooked to private land, is it in a mobile home park or does it need to be moved from private land.  

Whatever the reason is that you are looking for a value for your mobile home there are ways to find out what it is worth.  

The very first question to ask: is the home in a mobile home park or is it on private land?  If it is in a park and you are just looking for a resale value there is a report that you can get here that will help to tell you what other homeowners have asked for their mobile homes in your particular area.  

If the home is on private land there are a number of different things that can have an effect on the value of the mobile home.  First do you have title to the mobile home.  If there is a title to the mobile home and the home needs to be moved that can significantly affect the price of the home.  If you find that the home is worth $25,000 and it needs to be moved…you are going to have a tough time finding someone who will give you $25,000 for the home because they also have to pay to remove the home from the land.  The cost to move these mobile homes can be anywhere from $4k to $12k depending on the size and how far the home has to move. So realize that that does affect the amount of money that can go towards the mobile home.  

If you do not have a title and you purchased the mobile home with the land then there may be no title.  You may check at your county courthouse to see if the title has been abolished (destroyed).  If the title has been abolished the home would be considered an affixed mobile home.  When mobile homes are affixed to a foundation they tend to be a bit tougher to move. 

You would have to file for a new title through your courthouse or you would have to sell the home with the land.  If you are looking for a mobile home value with the land attached and there is no title you might just check with a local real estate agent in your local area for a value on the home.  These type of homes are treated just like a stick built home and they tend to be worth more.  (realtor.com)

I do get many calls from sellers and they are trying to figure out if they should move the mobile home off from the land or sell it with the land.  Even if it is small tract of land …not the full parent property they usually are worth more than if you were to pull the mobile home and try to sell it.

Now we do have some sellers who are selling their mobile home off from the land to build on the existing foundation or crawl space.  If you do not have title to the home you need to talk to your local county courthouse.  Ask them if they show a record of the title being abolished.  If they do then ask how you can reinstate the title.  This will probably require some work on your end and some paperwork.  Typically, it is not unheard of for it to take 2 to 3 months to get title reinstated to the mobile home.  Once you have title you can move the mobile home from the land.  Now if you are having a hard time figuring out if you have a mobile home deed or a title to the mobile home you can learn more by clicking on the blue area.  

Many people want to hire appraisers to find out what their mobile home is worth and many times they are not specialized in mobile homes …they are more suited to tell you what a stick built home is worth. 

If you have a mobile home that is attached to the property (the title is abolished) a appraiser might be able to do a pretty decent job of giving you an appraisal on your mobile home. 

Realize that if you have an appraiser or a real estate agent tell you what your mobile home is worth they are going to appraise it with the value of the piece of property as well.  They typically will not separate the 2 to give you an idea of what the mobile home is worth by itself.  That is why it is hard to even get an appraisal for a mobile home that sits in a mobile home park.  You do not own the land obviously in a mobile home park you just own the home.  The land in a mobile home is rented. 

My business partner and I were tired of the fact that there was no real easy program out there to obtain a value report on your mobile home.  So we designed and built a program that can give you just that.  Click here to get your report mobile home value reports . 

You simply fill in the information about the mobile home and it will generate a full color report.  This report typically will tell you what others have asked for their mobile home in your area and also on a national level so you can compare the 2 prices to get the best one that will work for you.  If you click on wholesale information it will also tell you what the company will buy your home for right now.  This report is a live report so as the years continue to tick by you can refer back to that report to see how time has affected your mobile home.  Below is an example of just part of the graph report that you will receive on your mobile home value report. 

In conclusion, do your homework and find out what your home is worth.  Don’t just sell the mobile home on a hunch you could be selling yourself short.  

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash /  Photo by Fabian Blank on Unsplash