Mobile Home Sales and Some Major Factors

Real EstateMobile Home Sales And Some Major Factors

What’s it like to sell a pre-manufactured mobile home?

First of all, there are various categories of mobile homes, including homes that were meant to be assembled on site and left there, mobile trailers fashioned into homes, and large campers and towable vehicles.

But when you’re trying to sell a mobile home that’s a traditional manufactured design that sits on a piece of property, think about these considerations during the process.

Real Estate or Personal Property

              Real Estate or Personal Property

If your manufactured mobile home comes with the land that it sits on, then it’s a piece of real estate.

Otherwise, it can be sold as personal property, or as some people put it, ‘chattel’.

It can be much easier to sell one of these homes as personal property, but if you own the land, on the other hand, you have more of an asset to deliver to the real estate market.

Either way, be prepared for specific processes when going through the sale of a mobile home. If it’s real estate, everything else including title work, closing and settlement is going to apply.


                                   Who’s the Inspector?

Obviously, selling a mobile home involves knowing about the appliances and systems built into the home.

Mobile Home

Even a mobile home without land has complex electrical and plumbing systems or other infrastructure.  These systems will need to be assessed and maintained.

With that in mind, the inspection process is important, especially to the buyer. Think about who’s going to be doing the inspection and what their work processes like.


                      Skipping the Real Estate Process

If you do have a piece of real estate with a mobile home on it, you may be able to get around a lot of the busywork of a sale by pursuing a direct sale with a local homebuying company.

At Blue Diamond Home Buyers, we specialize in buying mobile homes, and that’s our part of the market!

So we know about the related processes involved in purchasing these types of assets.

Why does that make a difference? A knowledgeable buyer with cash in hand can make things worlds easier for a seller. Instead of trying to work with a market where everybody inherently distrusts each other, you can make a direct sale and go your way with money in your pocket.

Check the website for more details on how this type of mobile home buying process works. And read on the blog about all of the best practices you can employ for getting more for your mobile home, and a satisfactory result.

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